Title: Mutual Curiosity
Prompt: 100 - Hidden (Writer's Choice)
Word Count: 137
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Wow. The last drabble. I hope it doesn't disappoint! Thank you for all of the kind reviews, and thank you for reading!

She keeps herself hidden in shadows on Wednesday evenings, knowing that no one will discover her. But even if someone does, it hardly matters: she's a Prefect, and everyone knows she'll be Head Girl next September. This is the key. Draco is also a Prefect, and so they can sneak away at any time they desire to do so.

But they don't. It's not just any time. It's Wednesday nights at eleven-thirty-seven, because that's when the staircases shift and doors appear that won't be there but for another hour. And it's through these doors that they go, together only because of a mutual curiosity that they both possess and he despises more than he despises her. That's why it works, and will continue to work until someone discovers that they don't really have Prefect duties on Wednesdays.