The Emo and The Girly Girl

Chapter 1


The sun was shining brightly in the town of Twilight Town. The birds chirping, children laughing and playing. Everyone was happy except for a 16 year old brunette. He was wearing a black shirt with the words, "My Chemical Romance" printed on it. He was also wearing long, black, tight pants and black and white converse. He had black eyeliner under his eyes; black nail polish on his fingers. He was also wearing silver skull earrings, neckless, and rings. His lips were pierced. Yes people, he's an Emo! The brunette was walking up a steep hill, he was heading to his high school.

"Hey Sora" a voice called from behind.

The brunette turned around and face the person who was calling his name.

"Hey Riku" Sora greeted as a silver haired teen came up to him.

Riku is a 17 year old, green eyed junior. He was dress in black jeans with a black Hawthorne Heights shirt, and a black jacket. His lips were also pierced, but instead of both of his ears, his right ear was only pierced. He was also wearing a black leather belt with a black and white star as the belt buckle.

"I see that your carrying your guitar" Riku said as he notice Sora carrying a guitar case.

"You know that I always carry my guitar around" Sora said, "anyways I got to practice the Battle Of The Bands".

"Dude, we're going to win the battle" Riku said.

"But dude, The Emo Heartz need to practice more" Sora protested, "I heard that there was this band that plays pretty good".

"And who might this band be?" Riku asked.

"I don't know who they are, but they're called EROX" Sora said, "Sounds stupid".

"Don't worry, we're going to win the battle" Riku said.

"Well I'm still going to practice" Sora said.

"As usual" Riku said.

"Whatever" Sora said.

"Your such a goody toot shoe" Riku smiled.

Sora punched Riku's arm.

"Ow!" Riku winced in pain as Sora laughed at him.

"So how was your date with that chick last night?" Riku asked.

"It was alright" Sora replied, "I broke up with her".

"why? That's like the third one this month" Riku said.

"I wasn't into her, she wasn't...perfect" Sora replied.

"You always say that" Riku said, "that girl was hot. She seems perfect to me".

"your so picky with girls" Riku sighed.

"Whatever" Sora said.

They stood in front of their school. They heard the school bell ring.

"We're late again" Riku said, "Mrs. Morris is going to be bitching about it".

"I don't care, she's need anger management" Sora said, "Big time"

Riku laughed. They entered the building and head to their class.

Mrs. Morris's First Period English Class,

"Sora! Riku! Your late!" Mrs. Morris scowled.

Mrs. Morris was in her mid 60's, she has short white hair which was tied in a tight bun. Her blue eyes were hidden by a thin rim glasses. She wore a long brown skirt with a white long sleeve blouse.

"Really? We haven't notice" Riku said, sarcastically.

"Man, she's wearing a skirt" Sora whispered to Riku, "you could totally see her wrinkled legs"

"Ew" Riku whispered, laughing.

"What are you two whispering about?" Mrs. Morris asked.

"We could see your wrinkled legs, ew!" Sora replied

Everyone began to laugh.

"Silence!" Mrs. Morris scowled, "why are you two late?".

"because we had some business to do" Riku replied.

"What matter of business?" Mrs. Morris asked.

"Our business to be lazy" Sora replied.

"Laziness is not an excuse" Mrs. Morris said.

"No, but that's the only excuse we could think of" Riku said.

"You two have detention after school" Mrs. Morris said.

"Like wow" Sora said, "sarcastically.

"Both of you sit down on your desk" Mrs. Morris commanded.

"Aye! Aye! Captain!" Sora and Riku said at the same time.

They walk toward the back of the room and sat down in their desk.

"Hey you two" said a blonde, blue eyed, 16 year old dress in a black Avenged Sevenfold T Shirt and blue jeans. He sat in front of Sora.

"Hey Roxas" Sora greeted.

"Why were you two late?" asked a 17 year old who sat in front of Riku.

"Hey Zexion" Riku greeted.

Zexion has silver hair, darker than Riku's, he was dress in a black Funeral For A Friend T shirt and black jeans.

"Because we wanted to be late" Sora replied.

"Or you where busy with your girlfriend?" Roxas grinned.

"He broke up with her" Riku replied.

"Again?!" Zexion and Roxas said.

"That's like the third one this month" Roxas said.

"Ok what's the big deal if I broke up with a girl?" Sora said.

"Sora! Riku! Roxas! And Zexion! Is there something you four want to share with the class?" Mrs. Morris scowled.

"No" Sora replied.

"Then quiet down" Mrs. Morris said, returning to her teachings.

"Sora, what's wrong with you and girls?" Zexion asked.

"The girls I've dated are nice, but they don't seem right for me" Sora replied.

"Your so picky" Roxas said.

"Shut up already" Sora said.

Third Period Physical Education

In The Boys' Locker Room, the gang were changing into their P.E. clothes. They were the only ones in the room because they were late, again. Sora began to remove his shirt.

"Hey Sora" Riku said.

"Yeah?" Sora said.

Riku walk up to Sora and grabbed his left arm. Roxas and Zexion were starring at them. Riku turn his arm around, there were several cuts around Sora's wrist.

"Are you stupid enough to cut yourself?" Riku asked.

Sora look down at his wrist.

"Is it because of your dad?" Roxas asked.

"You know how it is, Rox" Sora said, "your uncle, my dad is always blaming me for everything".

"I hate it when he yells at you, ever since you know" Roxas said.

"Me two, but hey what am I suppose to do?" Sora said, "please, don't talk about it right now".

"Sora, you don't have to cut yourself because your depressed or hurt" Zexion said.

Riku let go of Sora's arm, "don't ever cut yourself or else, I'll beat you up".

"We have your back, you can talk to us" Roxas said.

Sora smiled at them, "thanks, guys".

"Come on, let's go before Coach yell at us about how girly we look" Zexion said.

They finished changing into their P.E. clothes and exited the locker rooms.

"Why are you four late?" a portly middle aged man also known as Coach said.

"Because we were busy" Roxas said.

"Busy putting on make up? Why do you four put make up?" Coach asked.

"Because we look sexy!" they all said, striking a pose, making the girls in the room to giggle and blush.

"You four! Run 5 laps around the gym" Coach snarled at them.

They began to moan.

"Do we have to?" Riku moaned.

"Now!" Coach yelled.

They started to run around the gym.

"I like it when he gets pissed" Roxas said, "he makes funny faces when he's mad"

They laughed.

"Stop laughing and hustle ladies!" Coach commanded.

"Yes Mam!" they laughed.

Lunch Time, The gang were outside on the school's courtyard. Sora was practicing on his guitar under the tree. Roxas was skateboarding as usual and Riku and Zexion were leaning against the tree listening to Sora play. Sora was playing the tune of Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine.

"Hey losers"

Everyone stop and look up at the 17 year old blonde dress in jeans and a black shirt with the words, "Volcom", printed on it.

"Seifer" Roxas snarled, "what are you doing here?"

"Just walking around" Seifer replied, "I see that your practicing on your guitar"

"yeah so?" Sora said.

"So you guys are going to compete in the Battle Of The Bands?" Seifer asked.

"Why you wanna know?" Zexion asked.

"Because you guys are going down" Seifer replied with his thumbs down.

They laughed.

"My band, EROX, rock out loud!" Seifer said.

"EROX?" Sora asked.

"Yeah and we are gonna win this battle" Seifer said.

"My ass!" Roxas yelled, "The Emo Heartz are gonna win the battle!"

"Whatever, later losers" Seifer said as he left and gave a who cares wave.

"We're gonna kick his ass!" Riku said.

Sora continued playing, Roxas sat next to him.

"We're gonna have a new student in third period" Zexion said.

"Really?" Riku said.

"Yeah" Zexion replied.

"Do you think it would be a girl or a guy?" Roxas asked.

"A hot chick for Sora?" Riku grinned.

"Stop with the girl crap, you guys" Sora said.

"Well we'll see in next period" Roxas said.

Mr. Castro's fouth period Biology

"Hello Students" a black haired, slender young man greeted as he walk into the class.

He was dress in a long white sleeved shirt with jeans and a navy blue tie.

"Hello Mr. Castro" the students greeted.

Sora, Riku, Roxas, and Zexion were sitting in the back of the room, Riku and Sora in one table, Roxas and Zexion in the other.

"We have a new student today" Mr. Castro said.

"Like wow" Sora said, sarcastically, he was playing with his pencil.

"Well this is it" Riku said to the others.

"Maybe a hot chick for Sora" Zexion said.

"Or a guy" Roxas laughed.

"Whatever" Sora said.

"Please give a warm welcome to" Mr. Castro began.

End Of Chapter!

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