The Emo and The Girly Girl

Chapter 20

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The gang finished settling on stage. Riku had told the host that they were ready to play. They stood on their designated spots; Riku in the center in front of the microphone, Zexion on the far right corner, Sora in the far left corner, and Roxas in the back.

"Now for our next performance, give it up for our last band for the evening" the host began, "The Emo Hearts!"

After the host was finished, the velvet, red curtains slowly rise. As soon as the curtains were high up, the audience cheered loudly, louder than Seifer' band had received.

"Let's rock" Roxas said to the others.

"That sounds stupid for a reason" Zexion said.

"Well you try and think of something" Roxas said.

Sora and Riku couldn't help but laugh. Riku nodded to the others, that was the cue to begin. Zexion began by playing a couple of soft notes, then followed by Riku. Sora waited until it was his turn to play. Sora look out to the crowd, he seem to know a few of the faces from school. Sora listened to the song and began playing rapid notes along with Roxas' drum beats. They continued playing this verse until Zexion began playing rapidly. Riku stop and began to sing.

Sora and the others continued playing. Riku stop singing and they began on the bridge.

The crowd kept cheering. Sora smiled, they probably have a chance on winning. Riku began singing again. Sora readied himself for the upcoming guitar solo he was about to play as soon as Riku stop singing again. Sora started on his guitar solo when Riku finished. The audience cheered louder than ever. Riku look at Sora and smiled. He laughed when he saw Seifer with a smirk when he saw Sora playing. Riku look out at the audience. He searched for somebody. Roxas banged on his drums five times and Zexion, Sora, and Riku played, Riku still singing.

Sora saw Seifer storming out and he smiled. They played two more verses and they finished playing. The audience again cheered loudly, making the band smile.

"Give it up for the Emo Hearts! I think I know who will win tonight! But now its time to collect the results from the judges after this break" the host said and thus he left back stage. Sora and the others went back stage.

"That was awesome! The rush!" Roxas said.

"I'm like so hyper!" Zexion said, "we are gonna win this!".

"They liked us!" Sora said.

"Yeah" Riku said.

"Yeah right" Seifer approach them.

"Hey look it's the guy who has a band that sucks!" Roxas said.

"We'll see who will win" Seifer smirked.

"I have the results" the host said, "now will the bands come on stage".

They went on stage followed by three other bands that played earlier.

"The winner of tonight battle is" The announcer paused.

Everyone were anxious. Sora forgot to breathe until Riku elbowed him.

"Thanks" Sora whispered to Riku.

"No prob" Riku said, "I don't want you to die before your surprise".

"what surprise?" Sora asked.

"The Emo Hearts!" the announcer said.

Everyone cheered, Seifer groaned.

"Woo hoo!" Roxas cheered.

"We won!" Zexion said.

"What?!" Sora and Riku said.

"Give it once more for the Emo Hearts" the announcer said.

The audience cheered louder than before.

"I knew it!" Riku said.

"In your face!" Roxas and Zexion said to Seifer who stormed off along with his two friends.

Roxas, Riku, and Zexion were cheering. Sora grab his electric guitar and went back stage. He put his guitar in his case. Sora sighed. He felt depressed.

"Sora, what's wrong?" he heard.

Riku stood behind him. Roxas and Zexion was on stage, holding the trophy.

"We won! You can't be sad!" Riku said, happily.

Sora gave Riku a small smile then frown.

"Yeah, I know, but I still lost" Sora said.

"You still haven't seen your surprise" Riku said.

"Okay, what are you talking about?" Sora said.

"Sora!" they heard a familiar voice.

"Turn around" Riku said, smiled.

He grab Sora and turn him around. Sora immediately smiled when he saw Kairi walking towards him.

"Kairi?" he said.

Kairi quickly hugged him, tight. She let go of him, Sora still smiling. He got a good look at her. She was wearing a pink shirt and a black skirt with pink and black stripe leggings. Black and pink skulls earring, a black pick as a necklace. Black, plastic bracelets on both of her arms. Her nails were painted black and she had pink eyeshadow on.

"Wow, you look hot" Sora said.

Kairi giggled, "your not bad yourself".

"I better leave you two alone" Riku said and joined Roxas and Zexion on stage.

"You guys were awesome!" Kairi exclaimed.

"Why are you here?" Sora asked.

"Cause I wanted to see you" Kairi replied.

"But I thought you were mad at me" Sora said.

"Sora" she sighed, "I'm really sorry about all this. I didn't know, please forgive me. I now know the truth of what happened. Someone told me that it wasn't your fault, it was Seifer's".

"Seifer?" Sora said, confused.

"You see, Seifer told Selphie to kiss you in front of me so I would break up with you" Kairi said.

"Seifer, did this?!" Sora said.

Kairi nodded.

"When I see him, oh ho, ho, he is so dead!" Sora said, making a fist.

Kairi grabbed his hand, Sora stop and look at Kairi. He smiled, he missed that smile so much. He sighed.

"I'm sorry too" Sora said, "for how I've been acting".

"I forgive you" she said.

Sora hugged her. Riku noticed Sora and Kairi and smiled.

"Tell me, who told you this?" Sora said.

"Riku" Kairi replied.

"Riku?" Sora said, confused.

"Yes. He told me everything. I thought he was lying but he kept telling me and telling me" Kairi said, "you see he told me to come tonight and he would give me evidence that Seifer was behind this".

She took out a cell phone; Riku's cell phone. She press a button. They heard Riku's conversation with Seifer.

"Riku did all of this?" Sora asked.

Kairi nodded, "He cares about you".

Sora look at Riku, who was talking with Roxas and Zexion.

"Kairi, I thought you wouldn't talk to me after what happened, but thank god, that I have you in my arms tonight" Sora said, "Everyday without you was a nightmare".

"Kairi, I love you" Sora said.

"Sora, I love you too" Kairi said.

Sora lower his face to Kairi's and kissed her lips. They stop and gaze at each other.

"Hold on" Sora told Kairi. Kairi nodded. Sora went over to where Riku was.

"Yes?" Riku said.

Sora quickly hugged him, "thanks for everything".

"Hey, all this was a part of my fault and I hate to see you being emo everyday" Riku said.

Sora let go of Riku and smiled.

"I can't believe you did this" Sora said.

"Hey its what friends do" Riku said.

"Hey we help too" Roxas said, feeling ignored.

"Yeah" Zexion.

"Thank you too, Roxas and Zexion for being there for me" Sora said.

Sora look at Kairi and mention her to come over. Kairi obeyed and walk next to Sora.

"You guys, this is Kairi, my girlfriend" Sora said, "Kairi these are my friends, Riku, Roxas, and Zexion".

"Hey you guys" Kairi greeted.

"Hey" they greeted back.

"I'm sorry, Sora, but Kairi, your hot!" Roxas said.

Kairi giggled, "well too bad, I'm his girlfriend".

"yeah, what she says" Sora said, wrapping his arm around her.

"Kairi, Sora, I would like to tell you that I'm sorry" Riku began, "for being a total ass to you too".

"don't apologize" Kairi said, "without you, I wouldn't be here with Sora today".

"yeah, we would like to say thank you" Sora said.

Riku smiled, "Sora, I was wrong. She is different. She's cool".

"Told you" Sora said as he tighten his grip around his girlfriend.

"I'm so hungry! Let's go eat" Roxas groan.

"Let's go to the Dine" Riku said.

"Riku's buying!" Zexion said.

"What?" Riku said, confused.

"Don't worry, I'll help pay. It's the least I can do" Sora said.

"Thanks because well I only have 5 dollars" Riku grinned.

"And your not going to get ice cream" Kairi said to Sora, "after what I've heard you've been munching on 5 bags of candy".

"ah come on, who told you this?" Sora groan.

"Nope sorry and Riku told me" Kairi replied.

"Curse you, Riku" Sora said.

They laughed except for Sora.

"She got you on a leash, dude" Zexion said to Sora.

"So? I like a little assertiveness in girls" Sora grinned.

"Well she's the perfect match for you" Riku said.

Sora smiled. He was glad that his friends are cool with Kairi, his dad was treating him better, he was going to beat up Seifer, and most of all he had Kairi back.

Even though the won the Battle of the Bands, Sora felt more victorious than ever.

The End!

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