Breaking Away

Summary: Deidara was chased out of Iwa for a reason unknown to him, a certain snake after him. Soon after an unlikely group of outlaws pull him under their protection. (Before Deidara is part of Akatsuki, and before Sasori turns himself into half a puppet)

Chapter One- Unexpected Help

Deidara woke up early morning by a river bank with the birds chirping, fish splashing water into his face and the sun drying the water which was splashed onto him. He sat up his long blonde hair looking like a living rats nest from the previous nights' sleep. He groggily stood up and walked over to the river putting his head under water then pulled it out using a small plastic comb to brush out his hair before sticking his hair up a portion of his bangs covering his left eye. It had been four years since he was chased out of Iwa and two years since a certain snake named Orochimaru had began chasing him. Deidara was hoping that he would be able to find a village whom could help, because so far no one has been able to. He pulled on a pair of no finger gloves then set out to find another village by following the river. Every now and then Deidara would dump a cup of water into his clay bag so it wouldn't dry up he noticed he was beginning to run out and that he was close to broke. Sighing the blond came to the decision to bum for some cash so he could stock up on clay and find a decent hotel to stay at for a couple of nights. By noon the blond came to a village and nearly jumped with joy; the village was crowded so he knew it would be hard for Orochimaru to locate him. For most of the afternoon he searched for an inn all the while bumming for some cash as well. It was nearing early evening and the search was beginning to annoy him.

"Damn it, where is the bloody inn! I want a nap, un!" Deidara complained when he suddenly ran into someone the two falling backwards.

"YOWCH! Oops sorry about that, un!" Deidara said helping the guy stand. The guy had red hair with brown eyes and wore a black cloak with red clouds stitched onto it. The guy barely came up to Deidara's chest and looked about 15.

"It's alright…Are you lost?" The guy asked dusting himself off.

"Sort of…I can't find the inn un." Deidara said yawning, the blond noticed the red head gave him a bit of an odd look. "...what is there something on my face un?" Deidara asked.

"You're standing in front of it!" The guy said pointing to the building on the left of him. Deidara began freaking out saying how stupid he was and began hitting his head on a light pole. The guy just stood there in sweat drop. "I'm a fucking moron for being born a damn blond un! Why can'y I be smarter and more observant un!" Deidara wailed, people began starring at the two. The red head felt a little embarrassed

"HEY! It's alright, it happens to all of us!" The guy said glarring at the people who would just stand. He walked over to and patted Deidara on the back to calm the blond down since he really didn't know what to do.

"Thanks…Uh I'm Deidara un." Deidara said now blushing of embarrassment.

"Sasori…Well see you around Deidara." Sasori said and walked off giving the blond a quick wink, Deidara shrugged it off before running into the hotel getting a room on the second floor with windows to the front of the building so he could keep a lookout just in case Orochimaru showed up. When he got there he set his bag of clay down and laid in front of the windows falling asleep instantly. It was very late when he woke up again from the sounds of fighting. He crawled to behind a wall that was near the window and looked out to see Orochimaru fighting this group of men wearing cloaks like the Sasori guy he had met. Deidara scanned the group and spotted the red head controlling a puppet. The blonde gasped when Orochimaru summoned one of his snakes the snake wrapping around the group trapping them. Snatching up his bag he pulled his gloves off and starred at the mouths with a sigh. He smirked and stuffed one into the bag of clay and evil glint in his eyes.

'Alright hands do your magic!' He thought creating millions of tiny spiders the spiders crawling out and climbed onto Orochimaru's tongue which wasn't touching the group. Orochimaru's eyes widened in pure excitement the others just starred.

"Katsu!" He whispered holding up to fingers to his mouth; the spiders exploded destroying the snake.

"I was right, you are here Iwa trash!" Orochimaru called out, Deidara keeping his back to the wall and carefully put his gloves back on shacking in fear.

"Come out, there's no use hiding!" Orochimaru said smirking evilly. Before the Snake Sanin could walk towards the inn, Sasori used his puppet stopping Orochimaru.

"Your people never learn!" Orochimaru yelled disappearing and reappeared behind Sasori punching him into a wall which had given Deidara time to escape his room unnoticed running down the stairs and out a side door leading to an alley, a blue man with the group saw him and appeared behind the blonde who crashed into him when trying to run off.

"Oh shit, un." Deidara said then turned to run out into the road but a man with orange spiky hair and redeyes with spirals in them appeared which caused Deidara to run into him. Making it his third person that day.

'PLAY DEAD!' Deidara thought and pretended to faint the two into sweat drop. Deidara yelped when something slimy wrapped around his ankle and he was flung into a wall which caused him grunt in pain his eyes shooting open seeing it was Orochimaru who was now walking towards him.

"You thought you could escape me didn't you Iwa trash? Guess again, you're mine now!" Orochimaru said grabbing Deidara by his hair and pulled him up to his face.

"You'll die soon enough, but first I'll take that body of yours, hehe." Orochimaru laughed going to punch the blond but something caught his hand.

"Don't you fucking touch him!" Sasori growled starring at Orochimaru with murderous eyes, his chakra puppet strings attached to Orochimaru's arm making him release Deidara who scampered away and took a run for it into the woods.

"Well isn't this interesting! You took a liking to the boy in a matter of seconds. That is so like you Sasori...keep him if you can my old partner." Orochimaru snickered teasingly, Sasori moved his wrist slightly sending the snake slamming into some stone wall and then released his puppet strings.

"Let's go retrieve that blonde kid." The orange haired man said the others nodding and followed Deidara's trail. It was early next the morning when Deidara made it to the next village, he hadn't stopped running a second the night before. Sitting against a wall by a ramen shop with no shirt on he began making clay birds not noticing a little girl had ran up.

"Hey mister can you make me one?" She asked causing Deidara to look up then smile.

"Okay what would you like, un?" Deidara smiled, the girl cheering out frog. Most of the morning Deidara made animals and bugs for kids every so often one of the parents coming back and paying him for the service. It was noon when he ran out and went searching for an art shop, and luckily found one. He bought four pounds of clay for only a fourth of what he had earned.

"At least I have enough to last me lunch and dinner for a week." Deidara said putting the money in his pocket and sticking the clay in his clay bag.

"BLONDY!" Someone yelled, Deidara looked and saw the blue man waving at him from down the street with the other men he saw last night.

"….!" Deidara screamed beginning to run away all of them going into sweat drop. Sasori sighed using his puppet strings and caught Deidara slowly dragging the resisting blonde to them.

"I DON'T WANT TO BE EATEN!" Deidara yelled then got hit in the head by the blue man.

"We aren't going to eat you!" Sasori said in disappointment as the spiky orange haired man sat on Deidara.

"We're here to offer you a proposal." The man sitting on Deidara said who had stopped flailing about.

"We will protect you from mean old snake man if you help us kill him even if you have limited ninja skills." The blue man said Deidara looked to everyone who were nodding in agreement.

'They know so little about me…which is good.' Deidara thought then sighed nodding his head yes to them.

"Can you trust us?" Sasori asked holding his hand out to Deidara once the man got up from sitting on him. Deidara nodded and grabbed the red heads hand and stood up.

"Yea new blood!" The blue man cheered, a guy with red eyes and long hair rolling his eyes.

"Shut up Kisame you're too loud!" He said then everyone began arguing except for Sasori and Deidara.

"So, do you like art?" Sasori asked and regretted asking once Deidara began rambling about art. And thus this how a new friendship started.

That's chapter one I hope you liked it! Please comment and I know people were a bit OCC but that's how it's suppose to be I guess…I'm trying to keep their personalities the same but it won't work as good but there will be places when they will…Well until Chapter two!