Hey bitches I am back! I am here to announce that the Sequel to "Deidara Breaking Away" Is about to come out! Its going to be called "Through The Looking Glass" and I hope you enjoy it. Here's a little sneak peak:

"You know just because I can't see you doesn't mean you are permitted to make fun of that fact." Miolana said seriously crossing her arms. Sasori chuckled watching Hidan clench his fist and gritt his teeth.

"You know you're pretty cocky you little brat!" Hidan snapped standing from his seat glarring at the girl.

"I may be cocky but I was not always blind. So I have came to respect other people who have been blind their whole lives. So do yourself a favor, shut up and sit down before you end up embarrasing yourself teme!" Mio hissed at Hidan her eyes narrowed and bore into him.

'Its like she can actually see me, yet though she actually can't.' Hidan thought sitting back down and just ignored her.

and there you have it see you soon.