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"Mother…please…Don't make me go! I don't want to go to Hyotei!" A young girl with pale blue-green hair protested as her mother gripped her arm and dragged her into the looming building. "Please! I want to go to any school but Hyotei! I don't fit in! Enroll me in Rikkaidai! Seishun! Any school but Hyotei!" She pleaded desperately.

"None of that, Midori! You're going to Hyotei and you're going to like it! Your father would have wanted you to go to Hyotei. I've had enough of your nonsense about not fitting in with rich people. You ARE rich and you WILL receive the excellent education that Hyotei has to offer." Her mother hissed as she pushed her daughter into the schoolyard.

Midori sighed as she walked into the school, dragging her feet. She hugged herself as she felt the eyes of the many students on her.

"Ah, are you new here?" A girl with red hair asked her loudly, attracting the attention of many other people in the school grounds.

"Hai. I'm new here." Midori answered with a soft voice.

"Let me warn you, don't try to seduce MY Atobe-sama. He's mine!" The red head stared down Midori while poking her in the forehead.

"I don't even know this Atobe-san you are talking about!" Midori protested.

"Ahn, what's this? Did Ore-sama just hear that someone does not know of him?" A smooth voice sounded out behind the bemused girl.

She turned and saw two young men standing behind her. One had an interested shade of purple-silver hair and the other had plain black hair cut in a nondescript haircut. "Oh…just another rich kid, I guess." Midori sighed as she turned to go find the main office.

Atobe turned to Kabaji. "Did she really not know who Ore-sama is?"

"Usu." Kabaji grunted an affirmative.

Midori sighed again as she walked out of the office. "This school is too big. I wonder where my student guide is…"

"Na, are you the student that Ore-sama is going to grace with his presence?" The same boy from earlier walked up.

"Umm…does that mean you're my student guide?" Midori looked up at him with confused eyes.

"You are Honda Midori, yes?"

"Ah. Yes."

"Follow Ore-sama, please." The boy turned with a flourish and strided off.

"Say, why does Atobe-sama have to show HER around? She's only a peasant and she's soooo ugly! She probably only got here on a nerdy scholarship!" A few girls were protesting.

Midori cringed. She didn't like this school already. All she wanted to do was be anywhere but here.

"Atobe-sama is soooo hot! He's soooo good at tennis and he can beat EVERYBODY in the whole wide world. Ahhhh, he looked over. I'm going to faint!"

"Geez, this guy probably has the biggest ego around town." Midori muttered.

The same red head from earlier turned to her with a nasty look and said, "Look, new girl! Atobe-sama is God's gift to us! He's made of sexiness and perfection! He's so talented at tennis and never loses! You don't know who you're talking about!"

The blue-green haired girl decided to glared back. "I don't care if he's God's gift! Just because he's supposedly "hot" and can play tennis doesn't mean he's perfection. He's probably just another egocentric pig because of all the unnecessary attention you all are lathering on him! Just because he's rich doesn't mean he's great." Then she realized that she was snarling at a random girl she didn't even know and shrunk back. Midori didn't notice that the boy that was supposed to be her guide was the famous Atobe-sama.

"Eeeeh?" Most of the girls around Midori were staring at her with wide eyes. "She insulted Atobe-sama! How could she?"

Midori turned back to her guide and saw that he was joined by two other boys and they were talking.

"Ah…new student…I believe…" Oshitari muttered to Gakuto.

"Yeah. She's only been here for about 7 minutes and she's already angered more than half of the school." Gakuto answered. "I think she's in your class. How long do you think she'll last? The other girls that didn't worship Atobe didn't have a very good time during the duration of their short stay at Hyotei."

"Ah. Let's see if Atobe needs help guiding her…" Oshitari smirked.

"Yeah, it looks like he's kinda pissed that she's insulting him…" Gakuto chuckled at the look of anger on his Buchou's face.

"Hey! Who do you think you are? Talking about Atobe-sama like that?" A large crowd of girls had surrounded Midori.

"I-I…" Midori trembled. She didn't know what had gotten into her. She usually didn't insult others, but rather kept to herself.

"What? Not so tough now, are you?" The same red head brought up a hand to slap her.

"Kimi-san, I wouldn't slap her if I were you." A velvety voice suddenly sounded behind Midori.

"Oh! Oshitari-sama!" All the girls hurried off to consol their beloved Atobe-sama.

"U-um…thanks." Midori timidly said as she turned around and bowed to an amused Oshitari.

"It was no problem." Oshitari answer her in his velvet voice. "You do know that your guide is Atobe, right?"

Midori gasped. "Uhm no! I'm sorry! I didn't mean what I said! I don't know what got into me!" She turned to her guide. "I'm sure you're a very nice person. I just hate it when girls obsess over a boy excessively."

"Ore-sama will forgive you. It's not your fault you're peasant and didn't know who Ore-sama is." Atobe answered.

"I'm not a peasant!" Midori protested.

"Na, Atobe. You don't have to antagonize the poor girl. At least she isn't squealing in your face like Kimi-san is." Oshitari said smoothly.

"Did you know that you're like, the only girl that's not swooning over Atobe?" Gakuto asked the flustered girl.

"Hmm…I guess…I mean, they were practically groveling at his feet…" She murmured. "But this probably means that all the girls in the school hate me now…I didn't mean to make them all hate me…

"Yeah. I think they do." Gakuto answered cheerfully.

"Eh, no matter. I never did have much friends anyways." Midori smiled.

Oshitari quietly observed this and thought that she very much resembled a tiny lost kitten. He smirked to himself as the image of a blue-green kitten with huge watery blue eyes popped up in his mind. "Let's get you to class, Midori-san, was it? Can I call you Midori-san?"

"Ah…um…Yes." Midori timidly smiled at Oshitari.

A/N- Currently, this is the only chapter that I have rewritten. As the old readers will notice, Midori is now very timid as opposed to her old, witty, and immature character. But she won't stay timid forever. As soon as she warms up to the Hyotei students, you'll be able to see some of her old character popping up now and then.

Rewritten : 02.27.2011