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Tennis Practice

"Is she asleep again?" Gakuto asked Oshitari.


Midori was sitting on a bench, asleep. There was a huge pile of papers beside her.

"You know...she reminds me of Jiro. She's always sleeping these days..." Ootori commented.

"Yeah, she's falling asleeping class too." Gakuto shrugged. "The teachers are beginning to get pissed off."

"Hey, Midori-chan, wake up. Practice is over." Oshitari shook Midori awake.

"Hmm? Wha?" Midori slowly opened her eyes. "Practice is over already? I haven't even finished half of what I have for homework!" She grabbed a piece of paper from the pile and started scribbling answers down.

"We only have one page for homework!" Gakuto exclaimed, staring wide-eyed at the pile of papers.

"Yeah, you do. Lucky you..." Midori mumbled as she finished the first sheet.


Midori grabbed another sheet from the pile. "Shit...I can't finish all these today..."

Oshitari narrowed his eyes. "Aren't those two worksheets the same thing?"

"Hey! All the worksheets in this pile are the same!" Shishido exclaimed as he shuffled through the papers.

"And how did you get so many bruises on your arm?" Oshitari continued to fire questions at Midori.

"Uh..." Midori shrugged. "Don't trouble yourselves over this problem...ok?"

"What problem?" Oshitari demanded.

"Nothing. There's no problem at all!" Midori insisted.

"Don't lie to us, Midori-chan." Wakashi said suddenly. "It's the fan girls."

Oshitari put his shand on Midori's shoulder. "Is that true?"

Midori looked away and nodded. "Yeah, ok...it's the fan girls. I'm only doing their homework so that I can spend some time with you people." Her blue eyes darkened. "They told me they'd make sure that I'd never see any of you again. They told me that they'd make my life a living hell."

Oshitari tightened his grip on Midori's shoulder. "Don't listen to them!"

"Yeah! We'll make sure that your life won't be a living hell!" Ootori said.

"Ore-sama insists that you don't do any more homework for the fan girls. You have bags under your eyes!" Atobe added.

"I know! We can see a movie!" Jiro suddenly announnced. "That will cheer Midori-chan up!"

"Oh! Yeah! I've been dying to see that new movie that came out!" Gakuto exclaimed. "Come on! Lets go!" He grabbed Midori's hand and proceeded to drag her along.

"Eh?!" Midori tried to stop Gakuto.

"Yeah! We should!" Ootori grabbed Midori's other hand and helped Gakuto drag her to where Atobe's limo was.

"Ore-sama agrees." Atobe slid into the passenger seat.

Shishido, Wakashi, Jiro, Kabaji, and Oshitari sat in the back of the limo. Oshitari was smirking. It was funny. Midori was protesting, so Gakuto and Ootori had trouble pushing her into the limo.

At The Movie Theater

"What?! NO!!! I refuse to watch this movie!" Midori insisted.

"Come on! Horror movies are the best!" Gakuto looked at her on disbelief.

"So?! I hate horror movies! And especially the ones where there's sappy romance in them too!" Midori turned and tried to walk away.

Gakuto sighed and grabbed Midori's jacket. "No way! You're going to see the movie with us, and you're going to like it!" With some help from Kabaji, he managed to drag Midori into the theater.

Midori closed her eyes. The movie was at the part where the people died, screaming in pain and agony. Midori tried to think about happy things. 'Think HAPPY thoughts...think HAPPY thoughts...' She thought to herself. Suddenly, the people in the movie screamed as the monster attacked them. Midori's eyes shot open and she jumped. Her popcorn flew out of her hands and landed on the head of the person in front of her, who was unfortunatly, Atobe. "Oops..." Midori grinned sheepishly as Atobe turned around to glare at her. Suddenly a skeleton appeared on the screen. Midori immediatly closed her eyes and accidentally spilled all of her soda on Wakashi.

"Midori-chan!" Wakashi spluttered as he got up quickly. "You spilled all your soda on me!"

"Is the skeleton gone yet?" Midori asked, not listening to Wakashi.

"Yes." Shishido lied.

Midori cautiously opened her eyes and looked at the screen. "EYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! IT'S STILL THERE!!!!! YOU LIAR, SHISHIDO-KUN!!!!!!!!!" She screeched as she dove underneath the seats.

The other people in the theater turned around to see who had screamed so loudly. Some of the very pissed off people threw trash in the direction of Midori's scream.

"Don't hit Ore-sama with your trash! I'm not the one who screamed!" Atobe scowled as he got hit in the face with an empty bag of chips.

In response, someone accurately threw an empty carton of popcorn, that landed in Atobe's head, like a hat.

"Midori-chan...the skeleton is gone..." Oshitari muttered to her as he pulled her up onto her seat.

"I don't believe you." Midori muttered back.

"It is gone! Trust me!" Oshitari insisted.

Midori looked at the screen. It was true...the skeleton was gone...but in it's place were the dead people and mummies..."You idiot!" She squeaked. "I'm going to have nightmares tonight!" The movie theater filled with the sound of screeching people and mummies and ghosts moaning. Midori screamed and hugged Oshitari.

Atobe rolled his eyes. "Shut up, Midori-chan! I'm the one getting trash thrown at because your so loud!" As he said that, a banana peel hit him on the forehead.

"Is it gone yet?" Midori's voice sounded muffled.

Ootori and Shishido turned around to see why. Ootori grinned and Shishido muttered a "Way uncool". Midori was hugging Oshitari. She had no idea that Oshitari looked uncomfortablely uncomfortable. There was a slight tinge of pink to his cheeks. "O.G.O.T.D.M. is working!" Ootori whispered.

"Yes, it's gone..." Ootori said convincingly.

Oshitari shot him a glare. "No, it's not gone."

"Yes, it's gone!" Shishido insisted.

Midori looked. "AUUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YOU FUCKING LIARS!!!!!" She hugged Oshitari tighter.

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP BACK THERE?!" The angry people pelted their trash at Atobe.

After the Movie Ended

"Gee...Monkey King how'd you get so dirty?" Midori asked innocently.

"Ore-sama got so dirty because he got blamed when YOU screamed..." Atobe growled angrily.

"Oh well...who cares...?" Midori shrugged. "Oh...Wakashi-kun...sorry for spilling the soda on you...I blame Monkey King..."

Gakuto bounced around. "Wasn't that movie great?! Do any of you want to see it again?!"

Midori hissed. "I'll smack you with a frying pan if your not careful..."

Gakuto looked shocked. "Huh?! What did I do?!"

Oshitari simply smirked.

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