AN: alright, here it is, the ending...i'm not entirely happy with you will read, cause i think i lost the character a bit in the second paragraph, but hey, such is the life.

That night, the Winchesters relaxed. Dean got his Amsterdam fantasy, Sam just sat. He talked with his college buddies, amazed at how their lives had changed in just two years. Tim was getting married, and Bec was moving to Los Angeles and earning a 6 figure salary. Most were moving on with life, leaving Stamford behind. As they told him their stories on AIM, there was a mixture of joy and sadness. He lived vicariously through their lives, imagining what could have been. THe funny thing is, the good out weighed the bad. While Sam knew any chance of that life had long been destroyed, something Rebecca said touched him deeply. She said, Sam, if it weren't for you and Dean, I couldn't have gotten this job, I wouldn't be alive. I thank you for my life." Sure, it wasn't eloquent, and Dean said the same thing all the time. But something about seeing the aftermath of his incredulous life turned into a positive just made it...worth something. Sure, the demons will come, the visions will stab, but maybe, just maybe, Sam would make an imprint on the world he longed to be a part of. THe hunt with Herne taught him one thing: each life has a value, each life effects another. If he had become part of the hunt, Sam wouldn't be able to help people like Bec. No, he would be doing the opposite. He chuckled, then again, with a bulldog for a brother...

So life wasn't so bad. Sam stretched his aching back, pulling at the bandages. One hunt, I'd love to be the one without a scratch. He rolled his eyes and caught something in his sights. Miss Texas was peering up at him between her lashes, inviting Sam into her world. He grinned, deciding that he too, deserved a vacation.

They boarded the plane, Sam sensing the tension in Dean, "Dude, want sleeping pills?"

His elder brother shot him a venomous look and shoved his bags into the overhead compartment.

"Sir, try not ta break mah compartments," drawled a light southern voice. A young flight attendant stood in the aisle behind Dean.

"Ah, don't worry, I'm gentle." he winked.

Sam fought the urge to bring his palm to his forehead and settled for rolling his eyes from the window seat.

"Well sir, please take yuh seat as we are about ta take off."

Dean tipped an imaginary ten gallon hat and slipped into his seat, buckling himself while the attendant stood smiling. He flashed her his patented smile and watched as she turned to check on other passengers.

"Ya know, I may like flying after all." He grinned at Sam, whose eyes were once again rolling. Nevertheless, as the plane started up, the tension returned, turning Dean's knuckles white and his breath short.

Sam refrained from laughing, turning his head at the window instead, watching Amsterdam fall away. In all, for their particular family, it was a good vacation. "Hey Dean," his brother grunted in response, "remind me why you wanted to fly us here again?" He grinned.

"Shut up, you're just jealous I got all the female action."

Sam laughed outright, wishing he had a halo, "Sure man, you got all the action."

All fear of the plane vanished as Dean gaped at his brother. "You didn't!" Sam just looked out the window again, chuckling.

The pilot turned off the seat belt sign and the flight attendant gestured to Dean, disappearing into the bathroom.

"Excuse me, I have to go join the Mile High Club."

Sam could only shake his head and be thankful for the family vacation.


next: Pine Box. Dean is missing, leaving Sam tired and frustrated. oooh, the angst:D