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Summer in the South


The sun was a bright glare on the shiny window of the black Lamborghini. It drove along the red gravel road and turned a corner and had the four boys sitting on an old brown fence stare over in wonder.

Two were leaning against a sign that said 'Welcome to Edgebrook' and the other two were sitting on the fence.

The boy on the right side of the sign had brown hair in a ponytail, arms crossed over his chest, and his chin rested on his collarbone. He was watching the car pass with one eye open. The one on the left had messy red hair, jewel green eyes, and the tattoo for love on his forehead.

The two sitting on the fence looked similar. One had spiked brown hair, light brown eyes and a white dog on his shoulder. The other had messy blonde hair, blue eyes that could bring the sky to shame, and three scar marks on each cheek.

"Holy shit!" The brown haired boy gasped, hopping off the fence.

"Who the hell is that?" The blonde asked, pointing to the sleek black car.

"How should we know?" The redhead snorted, glaring at his blonde friend, then at the lazy-looking one to his right. "You know everything Shikamaru, who are they?"

The lazy one looked up and sighed, "They rented the old Miller house at the edge of town. Happy now, Gaara?"

The redhead nodded, then looked back at the blonde and brunette, "Naruto? Kiba? You get that?"

The other two boys nodded, grumbled, then hopped off the fence and started walking down the road.

"Where do you think you're going?" Gaara hissed.

Naruto shrugged and stuffed his hands in his ripped jeans pockets, "To welcome the rich family."

"Yea!" Kiba thrust a fist into the air and grinned wolfishly. "I bet it's a family of ugly rich people."

"That's rude Kiba." Shikamaru snorted, pushing off the town sign and following the two idiots down the road. Gaara just rolled his eyes and followed his friends.

The constant chirping of birds was annoying the hell out of Sasuke Uchiha. He was currently sitting in the back seat of his parents black car and praying that he was asleep. This town was a freakin' trash bin. Run-down houses, long grass. Not to mention the four boys that his mother had pointed out when they passed up the sign.

The boys definitely fit the background of the run-down city. Small shops, almost no cars. People where riding horses and tying them up to telephone posts for goodness sake!

"Where the hell are we?" Sasuke hissed, his dark eyes narrowing at his father's head.

"Didn't you read the sign little brother?" his older brother Itachi asked, lifting an eyebrow. "Edgebrook."

"Even the name sounds trashy." Sasuke snorted, shaking his head and blowing a strand of black hair out of his face.

His mother sent him a glare from the rearview mirror and sighed, "Oh Sasuke dear, it's just for the summer."

Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest, "I'd rather have spent it in a New York City trash can."

Itachi covered his mouth to keep from laughing and their father Fugaku just sighed with his wife. Sasuke went back to looking out the window and glared when he spotted the four teens walking a few feet behind them.

"We're being stalked." He growled.

"Maybe they know how to get to the house?" Mikoto asked, glancing at her husband, who nodded and rolled down the window.

The blonde boy stepped up and lifted an eyebrow. "Need some help mister?"

"Yes." Fugaku replied with a nod. "How do we get to the old Miller estate?"

The blonde glanced at his friends, shrugged and smiled. "Down yonder." He pointed in the direction they were already heading, "you'll see an old stable, the roads on the other side of it. Miller Road. Just keep going till ya reach the house. "

The Uchiha's had to keep from gaping at the young boy. Down yonder? Okay, maybe Sasuke was right. Who the hell said yonder anymore?

Sasuke noted that the three boys behind the blonde were trying to suppress fits of laughter.

"Thank you...uh..." Mikoto began.

"Naruto." The blonde smiled, blue eyes shining. "Naruto Uzumaki. And that's Kiba, Gaara and Shikamaru." He pointed out his friends. "Welcome to Edgebrook."

"Thank you." Fugaku said. "I'm Fugaku Uchiha, My wife Mikoto, eldest son Itachi." Said eldest son waved from the back seat. "And my youngest son Sasuke."

"Hey there." Naruto waved to the two in the back. "Ya need any help, just holler. We're never far away." He stepped back and faintly heard the young Uchiha groan.

Naruto watched the expensive car drive down the road and snickered, proud of himself. A hand patted him on the back.

"Good job. They looked like their jaws would drop off." Kiba smirked, his dog Akamaru barking from at his feet.

"Or worse." Shikamaru snorted, "You do realize no one says yonder anymore."

"The old pervert does!" Naruto hissed, pointing a finger at his lazy friend.

Gaara rolled his eyes yet again. "You're all stupid. They'll hardly last a day here. Their life seems to be pretty extravagant."

Kiba whistled, "You can say that again."

Naruto laughed, "I can't wait to get under that Sasuke guys skin. He looks like he hates the idea of being down here."

"I bet he does." Shikamaru sighed. "With you in town."


Itachi sighed as his brother's nose wrinkled at the state of the old two-story house. It had a nice view of the lake, but the house wasn't exactly in perfect condition. It was built out of Ceader, which was turning black from weather. The windowpanes were falling off and the porch looked like it would collapse at any given amount of weight.

It felt like it too.

As soon as Mikoto stepped onto it, the old porch creaked under her weight and made Fugaku grabbed her by the arm.

"This place is a wreck." Sasuke snorted as his father fumbled for the keys to the old cracked door.

"But it has a nice view." Mikoto smiled, trying to coax her son into liking something. Itachi pushed his brother into the house and growled under his breath.

"Mother wants to have a vacation. Don't ruin it with your bad attitude."

Sasuke almost, almost lunged at his brother, but thought better of it. He'd have plenty of time to feed him to the fishes.

The inside of the house wasn't nearly as bad as the outside. The door lead strait into a large living area with a blue sofa, matching recliner and an oak coffee table. A small TV was sitting on a wooden entertainment center and to its left was the walkway into the kitchen. Which was average sized. A fridge, stove, microwave, a table and a door to the back yard.

Sasuke wrinkled his nose once again when he looked outback. There was an old dog house with a chain attached to it. He followed the chain to the collar and made a face. Bones of a dead dog. How long had this place been abandoned?

He turned back into the living room, noted a small hallway to the left of the front door that lead down to the master bed and bath. It looked like his mother and father had already headed down there. So he turned to the stairs and once again wrinkled his nose.

Would he even make it to the third step alive?

He did, thankfully and even got to the top without feeling as if he would fall in. It looked as if Itachi had claimed to larger room to his left so he turned right and stepped into the smaller room.

It looked innocent enough.

There was a twin bed at the far corner of the wall, bare of sheets. A ceader dresser was seated at the foot of the bed and a small nightstand at its side. The closet was nice size too. He hadn't brought many clothes anyway.

"Like it?" Itachi asked, leaning against the doorframe.

Sasuke snorted and glared at the cracked window. "I'd still rather the trash can."


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