Welcome to Vertigo: An SPD Re-Imagining. This is a twisted, more realistic and
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differently. Originally this started out as an epic fic, but with my lack of time as of late, I've
decided to shorten it.

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The Prologue

During the past two decades since the Earths first successful human colony, Terre Venture, was deemed a success, Earth has progressed farther than the human mind imagined. Space travel and colonization was one of humanities greatest feats. Gigantic space colonies are stationed throughout the Galaxy; the largest orbiting Jupiter, which by using the extreme unlivable conditions that the planet hosts for thermal energy to import back to Earth; the planet's solution for the energy crisis it suffered during the earlier half of the century.

Along with space exploration and colonization, so too where alliances made among other civilized life forms outside of the solar system. With the successful immigration of peaceful human colonization to other planets, Earth also welcomed its borders to Alien immigrants from a nearby Galaxy, searching refuge from growing power of the Troobian Empire, lead by a vicious humanoid alien known as Gruumm.

Amongst the immigrants were those who controlled a powerful militant organization, known in its own galaxy as Space Patrol Delta. They were able to seal off the Milky Way Galaxy off from the rest of the universe, through a protective energy barrier to prevent anyone without special SPD clearance to pass through. With the Galactic Alliances approval, funding to the organization started anew, and Space Patrol Delta became the official defenders of the Milky Way Galaxy. Bases were placed upon all suitable planets within the Galaxy, one in each solar system, including one on Earth. The new comers not only brought their customs and ways of life to their new home, but their technological genius as well.

However, despite all of the advances science has made to make life better for all, the simplest things can still take away all that greatness that was achieved. Prejudice. Hate. There were those who did not kindly take the newcomers to Earth or human-mutants that were born from exposure from radiation that originated from an accident involving reverse engineered alien technology. Those who would not put aside their hate, who felt their very lively hood threatened by the Alien immigrants as well as the sudden spawn of mutant children born, act with hate and violence…

It is now, April 22, 2099, the dawn of a new century. The sounds of police sirens, ambulances and fire-trucks blare throughout the city as the occupants of the vehicles rush to an emergency response that was called in. A large mansion in the wealthiest most part of Newtech City, home of one of Space Patrol Delta's Academy Bases to train new recruits, sits in a blaze of fire, dark clouds reaching high into the sky, darkening the already afternoon sky. The first of the arrivals are neither, Medical personal or Fire Fighters, but rather three SPD Cadet's that were in the nearby vicinity.

"Dru, call in for back-up," a tall, dark spiky haired Caucasian man yells to one of his comrades. He is dressed in a dark gray and black uniform, with a shiny SPD badge pined onto his uniform over his right breast pocket. His name is Schuyler Tate. "Bridge, I need you to give me a reading! Can you tell me exactly how many people are inside?"

"Already on it Sky," a shorter male with black hair responds from inside their Jeep. He is an alien-humanoid, who resembles closely to a Caucasian male, other than the indentions on his forehead. His alien name, like many other alien natives to the planet, cannot be spoken by the human tongue, so he simply goes by Dru.

The other, sports a wilder appearance, with an unshaved face. He is the black sheep of their Squad; the geek. But despite that title, he is also the heart of their Squad, the who keeps them all together. He shares similar characteristics to his Squad Captain Sky, only slightly shorter with shaggy brown hair. He is Bridge Carson; resident genius and computer junkie.

"I'm getting only five energy readings from inside," Bridge looks up from his scanner. "But they are fluctuating. We need to get them out of there!"

"Backup is already on its way," Dru remarks getting out of the jeep. "Local Medical personal and police are already on the way."

"I can hear them drawing closer," Sky notes. "Okay, we don't have time to wait. We need to find a way in and locate those five people in there!"

The three Cadets, supposed the best three of the Space Patrol Delta's C-Squad, the third ranking position from active Power Ranger status, rush forward. Sky pulls his Delta Blaster free from his side holster and blasts the front door down, clearing an entrance for them. The motion also allowed any extra excessive heat that the door may have been blocking to escape, but it is still to hot for the three to enter.

"Damn it, it is to hot," Dru swears as the three places some distance between them and the house once more. "Sky man, maybe we should wait for the Fire Department! Listen to those sirens; they aren't even a mile away!"

"I'm now only reading three energy readings," Bridge yells as he reads out the new output on his device. "Whatever we decide to do, we better do it now, because I don't think those last two have much time left!"

"Decision is made then," Sky narrows his eyebrows as he unzips his uniform jacket and tosses it to the ground after removing a large handkerchief from its interior pocket. He quickly ties it around his face, covering his mouth and nose. "Give me your Scanner Bridge. I'm going in."

Snatching the device from Bridge, Sky darts inside the raging inferno. Bridge yells out to him to be careful, but before the words can exit his mouth, the entrance to the house explodes, sending Bridge and Dru flying back onto the grass.


A rather muscular human rests against his prison cells bars, watching the Academy's Cadet's and Officer's go about their daily operations. He has a dark brown complexion, and shoulder length dreadlocks. He is wearing a torn white jacket and a red t-shirt underneath it. On his lower half, he wears black combat boots and camouflage cargo pants. Sighing, he walks away from the solid metal bars and retreats back to the small cot inside his current housing.

"Blast it, I got sloppy," the African American rests his face in the palm of his hands. "If only that creep didn't stun Z, then we both could have gotten out without being captured…"

A large shadow drapes over him, but he does not see it for his face is still covered by his hands. But that does not stop him from knowing that the new arrival is staring directly at him. "What do you want?"

The bars to his cell slide upward, allowing the Commander of Earth's SPD Delta Base to enter. Behind him are three Officers', carrying large laser rifles know as Delta Enforcers; one of the standard weapons that an active on-duty prisoner Officer carries. The Commander, is a large blue scaled reptilian-canine, known to may within SPD that share the same rank as he as, the Hellhound, a nickname he earned in combat, but to the rest of the police body that is SPD as Commander Anubis Cruger. Cruger waves his right paw to the three Officers motioning them to stand outside the cell. Upon doing so, the cells bars return upward.

"I wanted to let you know that upon more recent investigation, another charge has been added to your rap-sheet."

"Oh really," the dreaded haired man lowers his arms to rest in his lap. "What else could you possibly add?"

"Having sex with an underage minor," Cruger grunts. "Which only adds icing to the cake, to have a mutant such as yourself deported off this planet."

"WHAT," the prisoner jumps to his feet. "What are you talking…"

"You do realize that your partner; Miss Delgado, is only seventeen right," Cruger continues.

"Yeah, your point being?"

"From our DNA test of your blood-work, we have determined that you are twenty-one human years," Cruger states, crossing his arms. "That makes it illegal."

"And I told you creeps that I didn't know my real age! Hell, I don't even know my real last name," the prisoner points his finger at the Commander. "Besides, since when does the law care about two homeless people? I can recall being harassed by SPD since I was a kid living on the streets! You bozos never cared about Z or I before, why do you care now?"

"I will not lie to you Mister Manners," Cruger begins. "The DA is pushing this because you are a mutant."

"Z is a mutant too in case you haven't noticed," Manners snaps. "That is why both she and I are homeless! The orphanage we were both placed in kicked us out when they found out that she and I were X-gene active!"

"I do understand your frustration Mister Manners," Cruger sighs. "Even though SPD is the largest space patrolling organization in this Galaxy and is roughly fifty-percent non-human in its ranks, there is still prejudice against its alien ranks from humans. In time, the whole of humanity will see the error of their ways, just as they will to your kind as well."

"My kind," Manners sneers. "I am human! Hell, I'm better than a human!"

"It's that kind of ill-rational thinking that has humans concerned about human-mutants," Cruger growls.

Manners sighs as he slumps back down onto his cot. "What… what is gonna happen to Z?"

"Elizabeth Delgado will become a ward of the state until her eighteenth birthday in November. I can make her criminal record disappear only if she register's with the SPD Academy immediately. But…"

"Yeah, there is always a but to these things…," Manners sighs. "But what?"

"I can erase the knowledge of her being a mutant from our databases. Since she is a mutant as well, she would not be allowed to enroll into the Academy, since mutants are banned from serving in this Base. But she will have to plead that she was only following your lead," Cruger closes his eyes momentary. "Which basically closes the door on your case."

"Basically finalizing my sentencing," Manners rubs his forehead. "Jesus… okay. Okay then, do what you have to do. But… can I see her once more? Before my sentencing?"

"I'll do what I can," Cruger promises. "But with this new charge added to your file, along with grand theft, things do not look promising. You are looking at a long sentence."

"I just want to see Z," Manners looks up at him. "Promise me that?"

"Okay," Cruger nods. "I will make it happen."

Manners grows quiet for several moments. "You know what; I never thought it would go down like this, you know? I mean, I can phase my body through anything. Everything… or so I thought. And I can make my skin as hard as stone. I could bash through these walls as if they were paper… Whatever you have this room laced with is pretty damn good."

"Energy dampers," Cruger states. "Built to contain the strongest and deadliest evil space creatures."

Laying his head back against the metal wall behind him, Manners looks up at Cruger. "Everything I did, everything thing I ever stole, was always for survival. For Z, for myself… for a few other's that were homeless like us. Is it such a crime to feed someone that is just hungry? Does that make me deadly?"

"If it was just SPD jurisdiction, I would drop the charges young man," Cruger tells him. "But this is Earthling law, and even though I am a citizen of this planet now, I have no authority to challenge that law."

"The hell with the law," Manners finds himself growing angry as he stands to his feet. The Cell Guards outside the cell jump to action and point their rifles at him through the bars. "You want to know a crime? How about a law against punishing someone who was born different? Born… special? It's not my fault that I was born with my… my gift! Nor Z! If anyone should be thrown in jail it should be those people who abandoned their children just because they were born a mutant!"

"Humans are hypocrites at many things," Cruger nods as he turns around. "But who am I to question on how humans govern their own? I am not one."

"According to the rest of humanity, neither am I," Manners lowers his voice, as well as his head. "I'm a mutant."

The cell bars rise up and allow the Commander of Earth's Delta Base exit out of the cell. "Get some rest; your sentencing will not be long."

As the Commander and the three Guards walk away from the cell, Manner's walks up to the bars and grabs a hold of two of them. His shoulders sag as he slowly allows his body to slump to the floor, onto his knees. Still holding onto the bars, his shoulders begin to shake in sorrow.


"I don't know how he does it," Dru shakes his head amused, "but he always seems to amaze me."

Bridge agrees as he watches Sky hand one of the two individuals that he rescued to several medics. They gently slide the man off his shoulder and down onto a stretcher. His clothing is ragged and burnt, and his face and arms are covered in smut. He is coughing fanatically. His wife, Alyssa Drew, is quickly to his side, holding onto his hand. She is only a little worse for wear herself.

"Sydney," Alyssa asks, looking up at the Cadet. "My daughter… is she…"

Sky slowly squats down so that two more medics can take the other victim off his left shoulder, though a lot more carefully. Her arms, legs and face are slightly burned and covered with scratches. Her blond curly hair is burnt in several patches, and there is blood all over the back of her head where she was struck.

"Careful now," Sky tells the medic as they place her down onto a stretcher and load her into an ambulance.

" Sydney," the man coughs, reaching out to his daughter. He continues to heave harshly, fighting for clean air.

"We'll do everything we can to help her sir," the medic in front of Richard Drew tells him. "But you will not be any use to her unless you relax and let us help you as well."

Behind them, the Firemen rush to put out the fire which has claimed nearly the whole estate. Bridge and Dru walk up to Sky; Bridge is carrying a small SPD gym bag with a clean white t-shirt in it for Sky to change out of his now burnt and blood-soaked shirt.

"Man, you never cease to amaze me with these stunts of yours," Dru shakes his head. "You keep on pulling saves like this; you'll be up to B-Squad ranking in no time. Just make sure that you don't forget about your good ol pal's Bridge and Dru when you make it to B-Squad Red Ranger!"

"Whatever," Sky remarks, suppressing a smile at the thought of one day ascending to the rank of Red Ranger. It is something that he has always strived for, and hopefully one day, he will get his just deserves. "Bridge, have you learned anything about the occupants of this residence."

"Yeah," Bridge remarks as walks the two back over to their jeep. "I ran the address of this place into our network aboard our onboard laptop. Seems that this is the home of the pop-star Sydney Drew and her parents Richard and Alyssa Drew."

"A pop-star," Sky turns and looks at the ambulance that the blond haired girl was loaded in. The ambulance can be seen pulling out of the estate and its sirens being to wail as it rushes down the street, making its way to the hospital.

"Hey now," Dru slaps Sky on the back. "If she survives, maybe she'll reward you! And when I say reward you, I do mean reward, if you catch my drift. Wink, wink!"

"Dru, don't be an ass," Sky snorts. "She may not even make it to the hospital. Her injuries were rather life threatening. Show some respect."

"Hey man, I was just joking," the humanoid raises his hands surrendering the argument to his Squad Leader and best friend. "Trying to get the edge off, you know?"

"Guys," Bridge interrupts the two. "I… I think we should report this to the Commander so he can process this to the local PD."

"Why is that," Dru asks. "Sky here saved the day!"

"Well," Bridge swallows nervously. "As you know, SPD only handles affairs that deal with the criminal element that is not human-related. Alien immigration, stolen technologies from off-planet and such."

"Get to the point Bridge," Sky snaps. He is already still pumping adrenaline from rescuing the last two remaining victims of the burning rubble that was once a grand mansion. And to top it off, Bridge is known for his long, senseless rambling.

"I think that this was attempted murder, not an accident," Bridge states. "Richard Drew is a mutant civil rights activist. It's a good chance that this was a hate crime against those who are trying to aid the Mutant Civil Rights Act. This is outside our jurisdiction."

Hearing this, Sky's eyes narrow. "A mutie-lover, huh? Well, if that is the case, then it would probably be better if I left him to die in there."

"What," Bridge's eyes widen. In all the six months that he has known Sky since his promotion to C-Squad, he had never heard such a comment come from his Squad Captain. He would have never guessed that Sky Tate, the most famed and well-high ranking Cadet in the Academy would say such a thing. "What do you…"

"Bridge," Dru places a hand on Bridge's shoulder. "Don't."

Sky removes his blood soaked shirt and throws it in the back of the Delta Jeep near the spare tire and quickly slides into the clean one. He then grabs onto his uniform coat and slides in his arms into the sleeves and then proceeds to button it up. "No… he has a right to know Dru."

"A right to know what," Bridge almost screams. "I joined SPD to get away from all the mutant-haters out there in the city! I thought SPD Cadets and Officers were above mutant hating!"

"You know my father was Red Ranger Bridge," Sky remarks. "The best that has ever served within SPD's Earth Division."

"Yeah, but what…"

"My father was murdered by his own Squad's Blue Ranger. Mirloc. A class 2 mutant. Since then, all mutants have been banded from registering with SPD and rightly so. Mutants can't be trusted. They are sneaky and dangerous and they all should be kept on a leash."

Bridge is beyond words. "I… I just… can't…"

"I know you can't understand why I feel this way Bridge," Sky sighs. "But I do understand why you are shocked. You are Jewish and your people suffered through one of the most terrible things to ever happen in human history."

"The holocaust," Bridge nods. "But… the same can be said about the Africans brought from Africa during the slave trade two hundred years ago, or the Native American population that was almost decimated. Ill-rational thinking, like you are doing know, is what caused those things to happen in the past! Humans should never treat each other like they did in the past!"

"Mutants are not humans," Sky buttons the last button on his jacket. "They are an abomination to our species. A fluke. A scientific miscalculation. That is all they ever will be."

"Hey now, you two can continue this some other time, human-mutant relation debating?" Dru cuts the two off. "Right now, we should offer any assistance that we can to the local PD."

"Whatever," Sky huffs as he turns around and walks away.

Once Sky is ear-shot away, the humanoid turns toward Bridge. "If I were you buddy, I'd never bring this up again. He gets rather… terrible to be around when he gets riled up like that. There is no changing his mind about the issue."

"I just… I never thought…" Bridge shudders.

"I know," Dru looks away, toward Sky's retreating backside. "I know."


"Okay, let's get her stabilized," one of the male medic's replies as he places a ventilator over the pop-star's mouth to begin pumping air into her lungs. "We don't know the exact extent of her injuries, but let's keep her alive long enough for the doctors to have a go at her."

"My god," a humanoid alien female mutters. She has blue hair and matching eyes with large pink freckles that sport her cheeks. "Look at her arms. They look almost unsalvageable."

"She is a mess," the male medic nods. "More worse off than her father or mother in the other ambulance. Her lungs may also be shot. Here, hold this. Keep pumping air into her lungs while I try to stop the bleeding from her injury on the back of her head."

"Yeah," the female humanoid nods. "Just hang in there Miss Drew, we're gonna take care of you. You can't disappoint your legion of fans out there in the stardom world, now can you?"

Hearing the voice of the woman above her, Sydney Drew eyes flutter open for a brief second, before rolling backwards; her heart monitor alarm follows, wailing as it begins to loose its signal.


Several hours later…

Seventeen years old Elizabeth Delgado stands alongside the Commander of the Earth's Delta Base, Anubis Cruger on one side, and a humanoid-feline alien on the other side; the Delta Base's resident Lab Technician and weapon's designer, Katherine Manx. The three, along with a platoon of armed SPD Officer's stand alongside a Prisoner Transport vessel in the Base's lower ship hanger.

The dark brown haired Latina looks up at the large alien dog. "Excuse me, sir? Mister Cruger?"

"Yes Miss Delgado?"

"It's… Z. Just Z. Isn't there anything you can do for Jack?"

"I have already done everything that I could do," Cruger looks upward toward the elevator shaft, waiting for the lift to arrive with the prisoner.

"Jack's a good guy," she begins. "And… and I never did anything that I didn't want to do with him. Your judgment scanner on him proved that he was telling the truth. We didn't know how old he was."

"That may be so, but he is a legal adult. The other crimes of robbery still stand. Being a mutant, it would be safer for him to be sent to an off-world prison, where human-mutant relations are not so strained."

"Then send me with him," Z argues. "I'm just as guilty as he is, when it comes to stealing. We have stolen so much food and clothes over the years, which my charges should rank up alongside his!"

"That is not my call to make," Cruger remarks.

"You are still considered a minor for a few more months," Katherine Manx tells her. "Only through this, can we appeal to the court system and keep you cleared of the charges. With you being female, it works in your favorite. The human judicial system still seems to favor female criminals over male criminals when it comes to lesser punishments; especially this country."

"I don't care about all that," Z snaps. "I just want Jack."

The doors to the elevator lift open and four Guards emerge from within it. Standing between the four is Manners, his arms and feet shackled together with energy damper cuffs, preventing him from accessing his genetic power of moleculization. Z's eyes widen upon seeing him. "JACK!"

Taking off in a sprint, Z heads toward her partner. The Guards standing in the front of him block Z from reaching him. "Get out of my way you assholes!"

"Stand down men. Let her pass," Cruger orders.

The four guards all stand aside, but not to far away from their prisoner. Z practically jumps onto Manners and hugs him. Manners does his best to return the hug, but he is restrained from his shackles from hugging her in the same earnest that she is doing to him.

"Jack you gotta fight them! Make them listen to reason," Z begins talking quickly.

"Baby girl, I have tried. This is the end of the road for me," Manners rests his forehead against hers.

"No… no don't say that."

"Listen, just listen to me. I love you okay. And one day, we will be together again."

"How," Z's eyes begin to tear up. "You are all I have in this god-forsaken world…"

"You have got to do what the Commander says okay," Manners whispers to her. "He promised me that he would look after you. He understands how it is for us mutants. You are about to become part of something bigger…"

"I don't want to be part of anything bigger," Z cries onto his chest. "All I want is you… they have taken everything else away from us! They shouldn't have the right to take this from us! To take you from me!"

"You have to let me go little momma," Manners struggles not to cry in front of her. He had promised himself years ago, when they both were starving homeless children on the streets, that as long as he kept a strong face before her, she would not give up hope. "One day, I will be back."

"I don't want you to go," Z croaks, her arms tremble around his neck.

"Me neither," Manners closes his eyes. "But it had to happen eventually. Our luck just ran out."

The Guards deciding that enough time has passed close in on the prisoner. Manners kisses Z's forehead and flexes his shoulders, signaling for her to let go. "Just remember, everything I have ever done was for you and me. They can't take that away."

"I love you Jack," Z tells him.

"I love you too Z."

Their lips lock together for one last time; each other putting their whole heart and soul into it; savoring the taste of one another. They are slow to pull apart, but the guards are quick enough to push Manners toward the ship.

"WAIT," Z yells. Manners stop, as well as the guards. Z reaches around her neck and removes her necklace, which has the letter Z dangling from the chain. She walks up to Jack and places it around his neck. "I want you to hold onto this. I want it back when you return."

"I'll cherish it," Manners whispers in her ear. "And I will be back."

"Lets go," the Guard behind Jack shoves him forward. Jack continues walking toward the ship. Stopping before the Commander, he looks the large alien canine straight in the eye.

"Everything I have ever done was done for good. I feed the hungry, and aided those that were left to the streets, without a care in the world. Promise me that you will do something, anything, to help clean up the streets. There are a lot of good people out there… mutant, alien and human, that need help."

"It's not my jurisdiction," Cruger tells him. "But I will try to make something happen. It is long overdue. That is all I can promise."

"That is all I can ask," Manners closes his eyes. "I'm ready."

"Load the prisoner," Cruger tells the Guards. "And treat him as if it where you in his place. I better not hear one report about physical or verbal abuse because he is a mutant; or I will have your badges. Is that understood?"

"YES SIR," the four Guards salute.

"Very good then," Cruger nods. "Proceed."

The gears to the back entrance of the space craft begin rotating, opening the large latch. The air locks release the trapped air and the large metal latch lowers to the floor, creating a platform for the group to use to walk into the vessel. Manners walks up the small stair case that leads up to the hovering vessel. He takes one last look back at his beloved, who is desperately trying not to cry again. He mouths the words; I love you, to her once more before stepping onto the ship.

Z lowers her head, losing the fight as hot tears erupt from her eyes once more. The leading Lab Technician makes her way over to the human teen to place a hand of comfort on her shoulder, but Z hastily brushes her off.

"Don't touch me," Z yells as she pulls away. "You… can't touch me. Only Jack is able to… without the backlash…"

"What backlash," Kat asks, but she receives no answer as Z turns and runs toward the escalators; leaving the launch bay. The Space Shuttles engines hum to life and the ship rotates around, using a giant magnet underneath it to rotate toward the launch doors. Quickly, faster than the eye can respond, the Shuttle is blasted outward, being launched into space to proceed with its mission of delivering its prisoner to the KO-35 Space Prison Colony.

As the shuttle disappears into the night sky, Kat walks over to her life-long friend and ally. Her home planet, much like his was laid to waste from the terrible force that is the Troobian Army. However, unlike Cruger, she is not the last of her race.

"Doggie," her term of affection for him. "What kind of planet are we protecting, that would treat its people as such?"

"I don't know Kat," Cruger replies softly. "But I do know this… if this planet wants to survive the Troobian War that is just hovering outside this galaxy, things are going to have to change…."

The beginning…

As you can see, there is a whole lot that has been "re-imagined." This fic is going to take a lot of reference from DekaRanger merged with the sole-standing SPD series, as well as a CRAP load of new, original idea's from yours truly. Nothing I do from this point on, you will expect, because this is not the SPD you saw on TV.