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The Chronicles of Zen Blade I


"Its going to kill me," said Grey Stone as he jumped back and warded off the beast which attacked with all its fury.

"You're a dragon! Use your fire and slay the beast!" Zen Blade laughed. He sat on an old rotting stump, eating an apple with knife, while the young dragon, no bigger than the average dog, warded off a young forest bear. The Silver-gray dragon climbed up a nearby tree and hissed at the curious bear, as it swatted aimlessly at the dragons tail with its big brown paw, which Grey Stone tried to smack it on the head with it. Finally with one firm strike, the young dragon's tail struck the young bear on the side of its head and it fell down. The bear stood up, and very dizzy, ran away from the very curious winged animal.

"Well done, Master of the trees," congratulated Zen, with his usual sarcasm.

"You did nothing but eat your fruit and laugh at my misfortune," proclaimed the dragon as it glided down from the tree in a silver blaze from the sunlight. "Someday, I will eat that creature," said Grey Stone.

"Someday, you will, Grey Stone," said Zen seriously, "someday you will." Zen realized that his dragon would grow to a tremendous size, and the shrouded life as he knew it would not last forever. He had heard of those so called Dragon Riders, and their lives are lived as publicly as the light of day. He didn't want that for himself. He didn't want that for Grey Stone.

It had been one month since the hatching of the stone-egg and Grey Stone had been growing a little more with each passing day. "How big will he get in a year? How long do dragons really live? Will he out live me? With the life I live, he probably will." Zen asked himself these things as well as similar queries every passing day.

Grey Stone swatted at a butterfly fluttering by, but he let it float away. "Will he always be this gentle, so innocent to the rest of this world, or would he turn into me: a cold blooded murderer- killing people with a price on their foreheads," he thought to himself.

"I don't think it is a wise idea, to kill a human if you're not going to eat him," remarked Grey Stone, with his curious but ever so serious tone. Now this he was still getting used to; the fact that Grey Stone could literally read his mind, nothing was sacred from this beast. There was no way to sever this connection between them; although he found it fascinating that he had a dragon as a faithful and potentially power ally, he still wondered why this was bestowed upon him, he was not worthy to accept this gift, the privilege to become a Dragon Rider. He had never really wanted a dragon of his own, but Grey Stone seemed to have some kind of mental connection with Zen which they heard and felt their every thought and emotion; something's that he had never told anyone, this creature knew his mind and body and soul as well as Zen did. "Is this what all Dragon Riders go through"? He didn't know, for there was no one to learn from. He didn't know any Dragon Riders personally, but he could always find one, or be found by one.

What about that messenger. And that is what worried him the most. Why was that messenger taking the stone-egg to Galbatorix? What did he want with it? Was it fate that they had crossed paths? Had he saved the young dragon from oppressive servitude or condemned him to a cloaked life of a rogue, killing to pay his dues?

No, this was all too deep for himself, an assassin, to think about. Leave it to the saints and the scholars to dwell with those uncertainties. His only goal now was to find someone who knew anything about dragons or at least someone who would point them in the right direction. His only chance was to go out into the open. But it would have to wait. Grey Stone must be stronger and bigger to face the rest of the world, outside of the forest.

"Perhaps you can dispose of their life and I can eat them, yes that proves to be a more efficient way of doing things," remarked the young dragon.

This is exactly what Zen Blade was afraid of; turning his young dragon into a human eating monster. If he was ever going to be accepted by society as a Rider, then he couldn't have a dragon eat away at the dead and turn his reputation of a great bounty hunter into a monstrous team of evil reeking havoc on the innocents.

"No, that won't do," Zen thought out loud.

"What won't do," Grey Stone replied.

"We can't have you running around feasting on human flesh willingly," he said, while the young dragon curiously listened. As Zen explained the do's and don'ts of human society and culture through the following weeks, Grey Stone wondered about the possibilities of meeting other humans as well. All he ever knew of this world were the forests and he yearned to absorb as much as he could. He especially wanted to know more about himself and the possibility of other dragons, but where were they hiding? Why hasn't Zen taken him to any nearby human dwellings? Maybe they had dragons and there were dragon communities. Although he loved his life as being a creature of the forest, in the bottom of his heart, he longed to be with more of his kind, and frankly, that thought exited him!

He continued growing, and grow he did. By three months, he was already as big as the biggest bear in the forest, although he never did find the bear that he swore to eat. He hunted deer and large birds, and Zen encouraged him to learn to glide as much as possible instead of flapping about, for that drew attention and, although it wasn't noisy, his identitycould be better hidden by gliding soundlessly about.

By the age of 5 months, Grey Stone insisted on having Zen Blade ride on top of him. Zen was not used to riding any type of animal, none less a dragon. He had grown to the size of a small hut and was not sure if Grey Stone was strong enough, but sure enough, they duo took flight for the very first time. It was wonderful, a freedom which can only be experienced on the back of a legendary creature. The crisp morning air rushed through his hair, whipping it about. The last time he felt this alive was when he was together with Kira. Oh, Kira. He hoped she was still alive. Grey Stone glided silently through the woods and flew higher towards the tree tops. I wonder where she could be now. The last time they saw each other was in Dauth, about almost half a year ago. He still remembered the last time they saw each other…

"How long will you be gone?" Kira asked. Her hair was black, except the glow of the silver moon shining off her sleek, long strands. Her shining eyes filled with tears and confusion.

"I'll never know that for sure, but I know that you can never be seen with me. They would kill you without thinking twice; I could never forgive myself if I lost you". He walked away and looked at the town which had been so good to him, in the darkness of the silver night. His eyes glowed with the same silver light as the moon. His serious, never-changing lips quivered; for the first time in a long time he felt that pain he had not felt in a long time. He felt vulnerable. He felt weak. He was completely and entirely in love with Kira and she with him, and there was nothing they could do about the way they felt.

"I'm going into Belatona, there are several places there I know I can take refuge." Kira looked so beautiful in the moonlight, with crystal tears running down her soft face.

"I will see you again, I can feel it," she said, "There is more to our love that we know." She stared at his two glowing eyes as they emerged from the shadows. The air was cool and brushed against their faces like a gentle hand; this was to be their good bye.

…They flew through the forest, and down to the Lake near by. Zen was so enthralled by the thought of Kira and the fact that he was flying, that he hardly worried about being spotted by anyone. But they were.

That's when they were spotted by the first human being other than Zen Blade that Grey Stone would ever set eyes on…

To be continued in Chapter two: A Hallway of Doors and Illusions