Chapter One: Coming Home to Memories and Children

It was like all other days she was exhausted. She had just arrived home from the restaurant she worked at. She opened the front door to her two room apartment to be tackled by her two teenage adoptive children. She loved them so much she just wished she had more to give them, though they never complained she knew that when they went out they wished they had this or that, but they kept quite. After being taken from her beloved mate to her time 500 years in the future she has been depressed. She would be worse off if she didn't have her darling Shippou and Rin.

"Hey Mom! How was work," her Red headed kit asked.

"Oh, it was fine" She hated to upset her children so she slapped on her fake smile to please them. "Why are you two not in bed?"

"Because Rin wanted to see Rin's mother."

"Well now you have seen her now off to bed with you two and did you finish your homework," Kagome asked as she shooed her children off to their room.

"Yes marm! Night mom," they chorused as they kissed her cheek before running off to their room they shared.

Kagome sat on the couch reminiscing over the past years. Since she dropped out of college (having barely finished high school) she had to work three jobs to just get by, but sometimes that wasn't enough. She thought back to when her mate had her leave the feudal era. There were so many assassins after her and the children that he didn't think it safe to have them stay. After one close call he had them go into hiding. After a year into hiding the well wouldn't let her back through or anyone else for that mater. Her heart broke that day, but she had to be strong if not for herself then for the children. It's been two years since that faithful day that the well had closed up on her and all she could do was move forward. After the well had closed up she had put Shippou and Rin into a school. They were brilliant kids and she counted her blessings in calling them hers.

A cry from the other room broke through her thoughts and sighed as she lifted herself from her worn couch. She walked passed Rin and Shippou's room and into hers. She bent over the railing of the crib situated by her bed to pick up a wailing two and a half year old. Tarumaru was her only child by blood. She gave birth to him after she left the Feudal Era. She had never got her chance to tell her mate about there impending pup.

'Sesshomaru' Kagome thought. Her tall, handsome and loving mate. It never failed to bring a smile to her face as she recalled that faithful day when they stopped being enemies and started becoming friends. After becoming friends, bit by bit, they became more and before they knew it they had become mates. Because of her miko blood being mixed with his youkai blood during the mating ceremony her life span was elongated to that equal to a youkai's.

Tarumaru her lovely pup was not hanyou which she expected, but a full blooded youkai also curtsey of her miko blood. Her little Maru, one of her nicknames for her pup, was a carbon copy of his father except for his cerulean blue eyes, which he had inherited from his mother. He went to a daycare in the morning which she worked at until she left to her other job as a waitress at an exclusive 5 star restraunt located in the center of Tokyo and three days a week she worked as a maid for one of the most influential businessman in all of Japan at his giant mansion located in a secluded neighborhood just outside of the city. She never met her boss which was just fine with her because as long as it kept paying well.

She had calmed down her sweet puppy who was on the edge of sleeping as she placed him back into his crib. She hated that she worked so many jobs that she couldn't just sit down and play with her loved ones, but she knew if she didn't work they would be out on the streets. She stood there looking at her little angel before walking out of her room and walking into Rin and Shippou's room to kiss them goodnight before she got dressed to lie down for the night.


"SESSHOMARU!" Kagome screamed as she dodged another swing. It had to be the third time that month an assassin came after her, but this one was different they had never got this close before.

Sesshomaru had been away on business with another lord and the palace guards were busy. They had been raided in the middle of the night and the palace was caught off guard.

Kagome had just run from her room to tell Jaken to go check in on the children and make sure that they were safe and was now running for her life.

She dodged again, but this time she wasn't that lucky as a sword bit into her shoulder bringing tears of pain to her eyes as she cried out. She faltered before she kept running she knew if she didn't keep running her life would be forfeited. Her pursuer was catching up now that she was wounded and took another swing at her hitting its target in her upper thigh causing her to tumble.

Kagome turned around to face her soon to be murderer backing herself up until she hit a wall. She was now panicking. She did not want to die she couldn't leave Shippou and Rin she was the closes thing they had to a mother they needed her as much as she needed them, she couldn't leave Miroku and Sango her best friends, she couldn't leave Inuyasha her brother in all, but blood, but most of all she couldn't leave her mate, Sesshomaru, when he was just starting to let her into his life. She also had a life inside her; she couldn't let her unborn pup die before it ever had a chance to live. As these thoughts ran through her mind her assassin ran his sword through her left shoulder nearly hitting her heart. He was about to retract his weapon when a pink light engulfed him and the fallen women in a bright pink light purifying the youkai where he stood. When the light died down all was left was an unconscious woman slumped against a wall and that is how the servants found her.

She woke up in an intense pain overhearing her mate talking to someone. She was about to call out to Sesshomaru, but decided against it to listen to what is being said.

"… we need to get them out of here, she is into to much danger here," sighed the voice she recognized as Inuyasha's.

"I know brother, but… I… I… I don't want her to leave my protection," was her mate's reply

"Sesshomaru, gomen nasi, but it is not safe here. We almost lost her think of that. The assassin may have missed this time, but we can't granite she will live next time. You and I both know a place where she can..." She couldn't take it anymore.

"NO! I won't leave," she yelled trying to pull herself up, but to only fall back down wincing in pain.

"Koi, do not move or your wounds will reopen," Sesshomaru chided her as he rushed to her side to help prop her on their headboard silent reprimanding himself for not being there to protect her.

"I'm fine love, but I will not be sent away. I can defend for myself. I killed that assassin didn't I," she argued grabbing hold Sesshomaru's one hand to stop him from fretting over her.

"But Kagome what something if happens to you or the children and you can't defend yourself," Inuyasha yelled at her to receive a growl from his brother.

"Do not yell at the Lady of the Western Lands little brother. We may have set our differences aside, but that will not prevent me from causing you some bodily harm," warned the taiyoukai.

"Gomen Kagome, but you, Shippou and Rin have to go into hiding it will only be temporary," Inuyasha pleaded.

"I agree with the hanyou koi. You and the children are not safe here as long as there is a war going on I can't promise your safety," Sesshomaru said turning to his mate.

"I won't leave you Sesshomaru. I want to stand by your side and as for Rin and Shippou we can always send them away into hiding in my time, but I won't go when I can still help," Kagome pleaded with the man she loved.

"Kagome I will not have you getting hurt. I almost lost you, a few inches south and the sword would have pierced your heart and I would have lost you for sure," Sesshomaru reasoned with her as he began to check and change her bandages. "Plus the children will need you. You can't just leave them with people they don't know in a time they are unfamiliar with."

"Please Sesshomaru let me stay. I know I can be of help."

"Kagome," Inuyasha began, "I think that we can do without you for a little while, but Rin and Shippou need you."

I know," Kagome slumped her shoulders in defeat. "But promise me you will visit me bringing me news on everyone," she asked looking at Inuyasha to see him nod before turning to face her mate. "And send me a letter when he comes and visits, ok," she said this with tears falling down her cheeks.

"I will I promise. As long as you write me back," he promised as he wiped her tears away. "Do not cry, koishii, you need to be strong."

End Dream

Kagome woke with a start as her alarm clock went off. She hit the off button as she wiped some tears that had escaped the confines of her eyes.

She got up out of bed to start her day.

In an Office Building in Downtown Tokyo

He has been working nonstop since he had received the message that a business wanted to merge with him and his ever successful company. He ran a hand through his long black locks. He looked at his left hand, it took a couple hundred years to grow back, but there it was as good as the day his brother cut it off in the first place, with the exception of his claws and margining.

He hated hiding especially as a human, but he had gotten use to it after having being forced to wear the human disguise for at least a hundred or some odd years.

He stood up to go use the restroom. He walked over to the sink and splashed some water onto his face to wake him up a bit. Working on contracts and research was a tiresome job, but he didn't trust anyone else to do a sufficient enough job. He looked up to stare at a pair of cerulean blue orbs the same color as the one he loved with ever fiber of his being.

'Kagome,' he thought. Why he tortured himself by using the same color eyes she had he would never know, but he couldn't bring himself to use any other eye color. '500 hundred years Kagome. Where are you? I need to see you, hold you and to hear you laugh again. I'm going crazy without you holding me down to this earth.'

'Chikusho Inuyasha! Why did I listen to you? Kami how I miss her. I should have listened to her and let her stay. I would have stayed by her to ensure her safety, but no I let her go. If I didn't know that I might see her again in the future I would have given up on life the day that damn well ceased to work.'

Sesshomaru stepped out of the restroom and started to walk back to his office to finish up that damn contract, but decided to go home instead he would finish it in the morning.

He rode home alone as he always did ready to retire for the day to recuperate for the long day tomorrow had in store.

He arrived home late as always to be bombarded by his baka retainer.

"Sesshomaru-sama how are you this evening. Do have any request from this humble servant," he received no reply from the usually quite lord. He watched as his lord's enchantment faded revealing the unearthly beauty of the taiyoukai. He watched as his lords eyes grudgingly flickered from the blue to amber gold.

The servant knew right away that his lord was thinking about his mate. Ever since the well incident he noticed how his lord went down hill. He knew that he ate less and less and sleep was an even more of a rarity. Jaken had to also admit that he missed the fiery miko as well.

Unaware of his retainer's musing or just didn't care Sesshomaru led his weary body to his chambers.

When he reached his bedroom he went in and prepared him for a fitful sleep.


"Sesshomaru-sama Rin doesn't want to leave. Are you angry at Rin and is sending her away. Rin promises to behave," Rin cried clinging to her fatherly figure's waist as if her life depended on it with tears streaming down her cheek soaking his haori in the process.

"Rin I am not mad at you," Sesshomaru reassured placing his hand on her head.

"If Sesshomaru-sama isn't mad at Rin then why is he sending her away," She looked up sniffling. She truly was confused.

"Rin you are being sent away for your safety. If something happened to you I would never forgive myself. I will send you letters with Inuyasha I promise," he said this patting his surrogate daughter on her head to turn to face a tearful mate.

A pang stabbed his heart. He was dreading going back to the palace and to realize his lovely mate won't be there to greet him with her usual happy smile flinging her arms around his slim waist while he placed a gentle, but deep kiss upon her full, lushes' lips. He couldn't wait for this damn war to end because it was separating him from his family, how odd a bunch they where it was still his family.

He gave his daughter a gentle hug before releasing her to go stand by her adoptive mother. He walked over to his adoptive son. It took a while to get use to the kit, but he became very protective of him.

"You are going to have to step up and become the man of the house now while you are away. You will have to protect your mother and sister now. You understand son," he said this placing a hand on Shippou's shoulder. At the word son he saw Shippou's eyes sparkle with happiness for a brief second.

"I will dad," he responded earning him a small smile from the stotic youkai and a slight warming of his, ever present cold and indifferent, eyes with affection.

He patted his son's shoulder before turning towards his mate.

"Come on Shippou and Rin lets give them some room," he heard his younger brother order in the background.

As soon as the children were out of eyesight he watched as his mate ran to him flinging her arms around his waist.

"I wish there was a way I could stay here with you," she cried out.

"As do I Kagome, but the safety of you and the children are important and this is the only solution," he commented as he embraced her with his one arm. 'Damn you Inuyasha,' oh how much he wanted to hold her with both arms. "I will mourn your absence koi. All I can think about is how I am to arrive home tonight and not have my beautiful mate coming running to embrace me, to not be able to see her charming smile that causes her eyes to dance with happiness, to not be able to kiss her, to not have to energetic children to tackle me in their greeting and worse of all to not be able to hold her in my arms as sleep envelopes me into a peaceful slumber," Sesshomaru said with saddens in his voice.

She nodded in agreement and stood on her tip toes to give him a kiss which he readily gave. They stood there kissing until they both needed to come up for air.

"We need to go to the well now," his mate whispered not missing the sadness in her voice. She grabbed his hand as they both headed in the direction of the well in companionable silence.

They reached the well and got everything ready to go. Before Rin, Shippou, Kagome and Inuyasha jumped into the well they shared their last goodbyes.

Rin and him shared a hug while Sesshomaru place a soft kiss on top of he head. He went to where Shippou stood. He watched as the kit extended his hand, as Sesshomaru took it he pulled his adoptive son into an embrace.

"Take care son," he whispered in Shippou's ear before releasing him to go say goodbye to his mate.

He pulled her into an embrace pulling back slightly to give her a quick kiss, "Bye koi."

"Bye Sesshomaru, my darling."

He watched as they all sat on the edge of the well. Kagome was in the middle of the two children holding both of their hands with tears running down her cheeks in silent agony. Rin also had tears, but not as quite. Shippou's eyes held his tears back. Before they all jumped into the well they all locked eyes and then they were gone.

End Dream

Sesshomaru sat up in bed. He felt water trickle down his face. He wiped the tears away and stood up. He looked down at his alarm clock it was only 3 in the morning. He hated sleeping.