A Sardonic Liaison

30 Drabbles for Grimmjow and Ichigo


Chapter Title: Savage

Author: gogodgene (Away From Sanity)

Pairing: Grimmjow x Ichigo

Fandom: Bleach

Theme: #30, "Kiss"

Disclaimer: No, nothing belongs to me. Congratulate Kubo Tite.

Notes: Done for the LJ community '30 kisses'.


Their first kiss had been something less than extraordinary. No sparks flew, no romantic feelings got in the way. It was something raw; an old feeling that was grinded into human nature itself. It was carnal and archaic, earthly and ancient. Their kiss had been brought out simply because of a few harsh exchanges of words and some nice new bruises here and there. Anything the two ever started, started with a fight. The ending to this fight, though, had been a complete, although not unpleasurable, shock to Ichigo Kurosaki.

After a couple moments of locking lips, they simply laid back in the grass, looked at each other, and asked themselves what the hell just transpired.

No one remembers who said it, but the first words spoken into the night were nothing more than, "Don't call this love."


Kurosaki had not been having a good night by any means. In fact, the whole day had been slowly draining down the shit hole. That thing, the Hollow, had done nothing but constantly tease him, taunt him, and overall be a complete jackass. Ichigo wondered how that thing thought it had permission to talk as it pleased. It really was completely annoying and he wished it would just keel over and die.

All day at school it complained on how bored it was. It complained about the lack of action, fighting and the staleness of an everyday life. The Shinigami substitute had been able to ignore it for sometime. After school it talked senselessly about its King's inner world. It asked stupid questions why it only rained inside his soul and never any other type of precipitation. It complained about the lack of things to do in said world and how staring at buildings all day got awfully boring. It especially complained that Zangestu was extremely boring for a Zanpakuto and would never fight with him.

Around this time, Ichigo could feel his fingers twitching. If only they could go around the Hollow's throat...

Even at dinner that evening, the Hollow continued to whine, complain, and ask stupid ass questions about nonsensical things. Kurosaki, because of his foul mood, snapped at everyone and gave clipped answers. When he finally couldn't take it anymore, he left the table with half of his plate finished. His family, who had been laughing and joking with each other, grew quiet. Even his father didn't say anything, which was strange in itself. Usually he would make up some lame line about eating all his dinner or he'd have to sit at the table all night.

Ichigo was secretly thankful his dad didn't ask anything. There was no way he could deal with his shit tonight.

The Shinigami stalked up to his room and decided that it was time to find a fight. Maybe if he battled a couple minor Hollows, his own Hollow would shut the hell up for once. Placing his body on his bed, Ichigo stalked off into the night, sword in hand, hoping a Hollow would make an appearance.


It was the third time this week Grimmjow had slipped away from Hueco Mundo. In the back of his mind, he wondered if anyone cared. He didn't even believe Aizen cared as long as he wasn't screwing with the self-proclaimed God's future plans. As long as he stayed off of the prick's radar, he was fine. Besides, what did Aizen care if Grimmjow continually obsessed over one Shinigami?

Jaggerjack wondered if Kurosaki would be out again tonight, fighting those miserable little Hollows. He had saw him a couple nights before fighting against some weaker beings. He knew Ichigo could take on other ones that were stronger, but it seemed as if the Shinigami was merely blowing off steam. There were no calculated movements, he wasn't being challenged at all. It was simply a matter of slash and stab until everything around him had faded back to whence it came. He had looked troubled, but Grimmjow thought nothing more of it.

He really didn't care.


Ichigo plopped down onto a grassy embankment that overlooked nothing of interest. Some trees and such, but nothing more. He wasn't really sitting here to look at the sceneary, anyways. He had just dispatched his tenth Hollow and was looking for a quick rest. He had noticed that his Hollow side had become strangely quiet, but the Shinigami could feel the other's excitement and hunger for more fighting. He supposed the Hollow hadn't complained about Ichigo resting because it knew its King would soon get back up and into the fray.

'I see you finally gave into a little personal 'exercise'.' Oh God, thought Ichigo, it's talking again. 'And stop callin' me 'it'. What the hell is wrong with you? I have a gender ya know. I'm a fuckin' guy, just like you King.'

'Stop talking to me. I've had enough of your voice for one goddamn day.'

'Well, then, you tell me what ta fuckin' do around here. There ain't nothin' better do here than to talk ta your sorry ass. So maybe you should be a little kinder towards me, since I'm saving your pathetic butt most of the time.'

'Burn in hell.'

'I don't have to degrade myself by insultin' ya King, because as soon as you let your guard down, I'll take your fuckin' throne.'

'I kicked your ass once, I'll do it again.' Ichigo could hear himself growling just beneath his breath. This Hollow pissed him off to no end. Ichigo had made it bow once to him. It'd be fun to do it another time.

'Don't get so high and mighty, King. I mean, you've had one of those bastard Arrancar followin' ya for DAYS, but you've caught shit.' Ichigo immediately grew silent at this, realizing the deadliness of the situation. An Arrancar had been following him? He wondered where the being had been following and for how long. Then he noted that his Hollow was fucking worthless for not telling him.

'Why in the hell haven't you told me?'

'Figured I'd let you play dumb. Eventually that thing was gonna attack you, and I was just waitin' for the opportunity.'

'You bastard.'

'It's not like a had a father in the first place, King. That doesn't work on me.'

'You would've just let that thing attack me?'

'I'm lettin' this one attack you.' Kurosaki was no idiot, and figured out quickly was his Hollow had meant by that last statement. He quickly moved to the side, escaping a Bala blast that destroyed the little chunk of Earth he had been sitting on. Ichigo unsheathed his sword and quickly scanned the area. A well-timed Flash Step left him unscathed from the second Bala blast.

"Come out!" The Shinigami called. He didn't need to wait long either before a figure came from beyond the thick foliage of trees. It came as quite of a surprise when none other than only Arrancar he had fought came before him. Blue hair, feral eyes, and a jaw bone, the remnants of a torn-away Hollow mask; he knew this enemy, personally. "Grimmjow." The Epsada smirked a wicked grin.

"Aww, how sweet. Ya remembered my name. I'm touched."

"You're about to be touched with the business end of my blade." The blue-haired Arrancar snickered.

"Oh, scary. You're about as threatenin' as a kitten, Ichigo." Kurosaki gave little thought as to how Grimmjow knew his name; if Aizen knew it, then so did his underlings, he guessed. "All talk and no bite." Ichigo growled at the insult, already swinging Zangetsu around in a pinwheel motion.

"Maybe if I skewer you, my Hollow will finally close his goddamn mouth."

'Thanks for callin' me a 'he' this time, King.'

'Fuck you.'

"Oh, please, kid. You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with that thing." The Vizard launched his blade with a burning ferocity. Grimmjow easily stepped aside, going in for the giant opening the kid had left himself in after throwing his sword. A quick jab to the face and Ichigo was down on his ass, glaring at Grimmjow. The Arrancar smiled down upon the Shinigami, thinking this victory was easily his. Ichigo smiled right back as he pulled his discarded blade back to him, Jaggerjack not any-the-wiser to this scheme. If the Espada hadn't hear the sounds of metal slicing through air, his whole top half would've been gone. Fortunately, the only damage sustained was a gouge on his side. He surveyed the damage as Ichigo stood once more, clicking his tongue at the blow.

"You ripped my jacket. It's not like that bastard Aizen just hands clothes, ya know," Grimmjow said, muttering a few choice words about his leader.

"Oh, I'm sorry I ruined your clothes. If you wanna have it replaced so badly, my sister has great jackets that'd probably fit you." The Arrancar couldn't help but laugh at this. That little smart ass was at it again and if Grimmjow loved anything, it was a good verbal battle.

"Ah, well, at least I don't parade around with ripped clothin' like some angsty, loner, bitch." Ichigo's face contorted into that of annoyance. This could go on for hours if he let it. Of course, Kurosaki is as stubborn as a bull and there's no way he's letting that fucking Hollow win this one.

"Listen, if I wanted clothing tips, I'd ask. Not too mention you know how to put on makeup pretty straight for a guy." Ichigo smiled as he pointed out the blue markings under the Espada's eyes. Grimmjow frowned just the tiniest. The first to lose their cool would ultimately be the loser.

"They're tattoos. Tattoos, which are for guys who have balls between their legs and can take a little pain." Ichigo's expression darkened.

"What do you know about pain, Hollow?"

"What do you know about being a man, Ichigo?" Both were locked in a battle of malevolent glares.

"Fuck you and burn in hell."

"Stupid. Bitchy. Asshole." It could be said that both leaped at each other at the same time; really, that part didn't matter much. The following battle that ensued was purely about domination. Neither was looking to kill each other.

Or maybe they were.

Fists flew, limbs entangled, bruises formed. Grimmjow head-butted Ichigo into the grassy earth below them, watching as the teen held his slightly bleeding and aching forehead. The Shinigami growled at the Sexta Espada with complete and utter contempt. Grimmjow smiled in victory, leaning over the kid on the ground, and panted in exertion.

"You're still a bitch," Jaggerjack concluded through ragged breaths.

"And I still wish you'd die," Ichigo followed up. Before he could recognize what was happening, Grimmjow brought their lips together rather hard. Ichigo even heard their teeth 'clack' together. Being so completely off-guard left the Shinigami's mouth open to a rather frisky tongue which slid sinfully against his. Nothing but adrenaline and resentment running through him, Kurosaki fought back to regain his forceful position in the situation. The orange-haired teen gathered a clump of blue-hair in his fist and crushed the two of them closer together. It wasn't for the feel of two entities finally together, but for the fact that Ichigo was fighting to top. He eventually threw the Arrancar down, crushing their lips together. Jaggerjack let the teen have his little victory, enjoying the friction Ichigo left on his skin as his fingers trailed roughly along it. Grimmjow bit hard enough on the protruding tongue to draw blood, but neither cared. The taste of blood made the Arrancar only more excited. He pulled back and bit into Ichigo's lip.

"You're absolutely fuckable, kid."

"I try."

"There's that smart ass mouth again."

"People better than you love it."

"It's the only sexy thing ya have." Ichigo frowned, punching him in the face.

"At least I possess something sexy. There's nothing good about you." Jaggerjack pulled the teen into another heated kiss, smirking deviously.

"You'd best shut up, before I show you a better way to use that smart mouth of yours."