Author's Note: Hello everyone! I started another Twilight fiction called: The Masquerade. The Story is set in Victorian Era. Enjoy and suggestions are highly welcomed. R&R

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Rated: T (just in case)


(Bella's POV)

His costume fitted perfectly, the mask was only revealing his topaz mesmerizing eyes. The hair had a bronze tone to it, which just made my hands itch in need to it. Suddenly, the beautiful force of his eyes turned to me as I felt a blush creep up my pale face. As a nervous habit, I straightened my long dress and the pink gloves that were laced up to my elbow.

Lifting my head up, I noticed the mysterious gentleman getting closer to where I sat-a few people away from my father. As he got closer inch-by-inch my heart made a strange flip that caused me to blush again. It was rare that I could keep my oh-so-embarrassing blush away. He lowered his head and nodded for a greeting that I returned shyly. Unexpectedly, the charming stranger brought his arm forward and surprised me by saying, "May I have this dance, Milady?" His voice was the one I have never heard, so musical and velvety that it hurt my ears.

"You may certainly." I replied giving him my warm smile. I placed my small hand in his cold palm, suddenly a strange feeling came across us, I assumed since both of our heads shot up in surprise. Electricity. We skipped through the Bal room and stopped in the middle.

"May I be honored to know your name?" I knew that for a lady it was a very rude question but curiosity overcame my manners.

"Why so eager to know?" He asked in a teasing tone, putting a smile that made me stop breathing for a few seconds.

"Maybe I am curious?" I replied in the same playful tone. Blush. How impolite of me to act. We dance slowly looking straight in each other's eyes. The masks were on, on both of us so I could not recognize him.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen." He softly replied.

A/N: Here was the prologue so I repeat once more, this is Victorian times.