Author's Note: Ne, this is just a short drabble. Random, isn't it?

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"SASUKE-KUN!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY DAMN SKITTLES!!!!" shouted a very annoyed Haruno Sakura.

"No. I want some," and the said Uchiha Sasuke popped a red Skittle into his mouth.

"AHH!! Those are my favorite!!! STOP!!!"


"Don't you 'hn' me, Sasuke-kun. Now give those back! I paid for them!"

The bag of desired Skittles dangled hopelessly above the pink-haired girl's head. Sakura was desperately trying to keep her beloved candies out of the mouth of the Uchiha. They were now in homeroom, waiting for their always-late sensei. Her other blonde friend, Uzamaki Naruto, was snickering at the sight. He knew that Sakura wouldn't have the guts to punch Sasuke away from her sweets, no matter how much she loved them.

Sasuke continued to pop each Skittle in his mouth one by one effortlessly. The bag was nearly empty and only had a few left. Poor Sakura never had a chance to enjoy her treat to herself, for Sasuke snatched them out of her hands right when she opened the bag.

"Sasuke! They're almost gone!"

Sasuke glanced at the bag, "Really?" Then Sasuke did something that made her heart drop. He dumped the last remaining pieces into his mouth. Then he looked back down at Sakura and smirked. He still hadn't swallowed them yet. At this point, Sakura went into puppy-face mode. Her eyes were glossed over with tears.

"Sasuke… I wanted some." Then Sakura bowed her head in despair. Sasuke's smirk only grew wider. His eyes told he had been planning something.


Sasuke pulled up Sakura's chin and slammed his lips onto hers. Sakura went wide-eyed. Sasuke smirked as he pushed her against a desk, giving himself more leverage. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. He started to nibble on Sakura's bottom lip, demanding entrance. Sakura hesitantly opened her mouth, still in shock. Sasuke forced his tongue in, giving her the sweet taste from the Skittles. He was in full control. Finally, Sakura started to respond to the kiss and closed her eyes. She rapped her arms around his neck and ran her hands through his ebony spikes. Sasuke was far more ahead. He already had his hand up her shirt and she was on top of the desk with him on her. Sakura moaned as she felt his touch on her bare skin and the excellent work he was doing in her mouth. Thank god they were in the back of a very large classroom.

Sasuke broke the kiss and went down to her neck, unbuttoning the top of her shirt to get more skin. While Sakura was catching her breath, she felt something in her mouth. A Skittle. She grinned.

"Thank you, Sasu— AHH! God, that feels so good…!" Sasuke bit hard into her neck while she was giving her thanks. Sasuke started to massage her neck with his tongue. Sakura never thought he could do that with his tongue. Sakura was so relaxed.

Thank God for Skittles.


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