Chapter 1: Hearts like Tides - New Beginnings

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The trek through the unforgiving wild was harsh enough without someone trying to capture you all the time.

A white blur streaked out from the forest, across a dusty dirt path and back into the forest on the other side. He kept on running until he was sure the human had stopped pursuing him. He collapsed, panting, on the forest floor. Scratched old and new littered his white fur and dried blood matted his mane and face. He was very skinny, like he hadn't eaten for days, his ribs stuck out. His pink tongue hung limply out of his mouth, dehydrated and useless.

He was an Absol. And he knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

He tried to get to his feet but was unsuccessful. Falling back down he knew that if he didn't get help he'd die here. His heavily and loud breathing would surely attract some passerby. Hopefully it would be a friendly passerby and not a hungry pokemon. A few days back he had been caught scrounging food from a human trash bin. Absols were rare in that part and he soon had a flock of trainers looking to capture him for their collection. They pursued him for days. He couldn't stop to eat or rest as long as they were trailing him.

He had thought that he had lost the most of them but one surprised him earlier that day. Now here he was, broken and alone.

He could only think of how he did in his life. He wished he could say he had done good and accomplished a lot but that was far from the truth. He couldn't even properly die with the guilt of his life.

"Better to die than to be caught by some trainer." He thought to himself.

From what he had heard from his late father trainers were cruel masters. His own father had been captured before he escaped to the pack of Absols that Wasaki had grown up in. The stories he had told him were awful. They carried whips and used them to punish their pokemon if they lost or preformed poorly. Somehow his father had escaped.

It wasn't they way he wanted to go. He'd rather die than be taken by some trainer. Unfortunately the pokegods weren't on his side at this particular moment.

The bushes rustled and he heard footsteps approaching him.

"Of course. They're punishing me for what I did." He thought bitterly.

A quieter pair of footsteps approached him. He heard something sniffing his neck.

"Don't worry Absol. My trainer and I will get you to safety." A gentle feminine voice said.

Too weak to speak Wasaki could only lay there. His eye sight started to go fuzzy and he felt his world going black.

"Maleah! We've got to get this Absol to safety! Go Ultraball!" A human voice called before Wasaki blacked out completely.

"Oh thank you Lugia." Was his last thought before he felt himself being sucked into the ball.

Waking up what seemed like minutes later but was probably actually hours Wasaki opened his eyes.

His vision was blurry at first and he had to blink before he could see properly. The place he was in was very strange. It was obviously a human settlement, it reeked of their scent, but he had never been inside one before.

He tried to move but found he was still too weak to do anything. His body was resting on some sort of raised platform. It was all white and was quite comfortable. Wasaki took in the sight of the rest of the room. Also all white.

He heard loud footsteps approaching the room. He began to feel a little nervous. What were they going to do to him? The footsteps entered the room he was in and a human female with pink fur on her head walked in.

"Humans are so strange." Wasaki thought as he wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Oh good you're up!" She said in a high pitched voice that made Wasaki want to bury his head.

"The person who brought you in will be here shortly so just stay right here." She continued before walking back out the room.

"Not like I have a choice." He growled weakly.

A large, pink, and rotund pokemon entered the room. It had beady little black eyes and short stubby limbs. Wasaki didn't know what to make of it.

"Hello. I am your nurse. Are you thirsty? You must be because you were absolutely dehydrated when we brought you in." She quipped happily. Not waiting for my answer she spoke up again. "I'll go get you some water." She left the room.

The pokemon came back with a large dish of water.

"Here let me help you with that." She said and flipped him over so that he could lap up water from the dish.

He gladly accepted the water and drank every last drop. He was so thirsty he didn't even notice to individuals enter the room. The pokemon took away the empty and walked out of the room. Wasaki finally noticed the others.

A female human and her pokemon were sitting next to his bed. The human had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was watching him closely. He looked at the pokemon and was suddenly breathless. She was beautiful. She had cream coloured fur and a long tuft of fur on the top of her head. Her most amazing feature however were the nine tails wrapped gracefully around her front paws.

"Hello there guy!" The human said happily. She got up and walked towards the bed. He didn't perceive her as an immediate threat but made no move as she came close. She was quiet short by human standards and cautiously moved near him. His fur bristled a bit as she outstretched her hand. The pokemon she was with trotted over.

"You don't have to worry about her. She's harmless." The pokemon said. Wasaki registered the voice as the one who spoke to him when he was in the forest and allowed the human to stroke his back.

"So what's your name?" The pokemon asked.

"Wasaki." He rasped. His voice was still sore from the lack of water.

She nodded. "That's a nice name. You're an Absol correct? I've seen your kind on our journey. I'm Maleah the Ninetails." She said.

He nodded. "Could you tell me where I am?" He asked. She grinned coyly.

"First time being here? This is a Pokemon Center. Trainers bring their pokemon here to be healed. You'll get used to it eventually." She said.

"Get used to it? Aren't I leaving after this?" He asked worriedly.

She frowned. "Leaving? My trainer signed the adoption papers. You're on the team now."

Wasaki felt his heart plummet into his stomach. The gods had indeed gotten their revenge on him. He was alive yes, but his freedom was gone.

"Why oh why?" He thought sadly to himself. Now he knew how the others had felt under his rule. Oppressed and alone. What had he done? Little did he know that his adventure was only beginning.

Across the continent another Absol was getting up to meet the day. He walked out of his cave and yawned widely as the sun bathed the cliffs surrounding his territory in orange and red. A smile came to his muzzle as he watched the beauty of it. A sudden nudge to his side made him look down.

His mate had just gotten up and had her head resting on his powerful shoulder. Burying her head in his mane she sighed. He lovingly nuzzled her cheek before giving her a lick.

"It's going to be a beautiful day." He commented.

"It sure is." She replied.

The couple sat and watched the sunrise in silence, enjoying each others company. A sudden shadow was cast overhead followed by the flapping of wings. The male Absol smiled.

"Morning Avis." He said.

The large bird pokemon, Avis, bowed to the couple.

"Morning Derak. Morning Abha." He said.

"Any news today?" Abha asked.

Avis shook his feathery head.

"There's nothing out of order I should report. Things are running smoothly. You're both doing a fantastic job of ruling." He praised.

Derak smiled. "Thank you Avis." He said.

It had been a month since the whole situation. Everyday Derak thanked the gods for bringing him back home to his love and his lands. If he hadn't come back Wasaki and the Persians would've drove the place into the ground. If he hadn't come back he would've still been at Mount Wolfe feeling guilty for leaving. He was so lucky.

"Anytime Derak. Now I've got be getting back. It's time for breakfast." He said before launching himself into the air.

Derak chuckled as he watched him fly away. It was great having the bird pokemon keep an eye on things Derak himself couldn't monitor.

"That sounds like a good idea. Shall we go for a hunt?" Abha asked.

He felt his own stomach asking for food. "Yeah. Let's go." He said.

Abha grinned and playfully pranced ahead. "Race you?" She asked.

Derak hesitated. "But in your condition?" He asked worriedly.

Abha rolled her eyes. "I'm pregnant not dying." She said before taking off towards the forest where prey could be found.

"Hey wait for me!" He cried and laughing chased her.

They ran all the way to the forest before she tackled him. She nuzzled his face lovingly as she had him pinned beneath her. She finally got up and allowed him to stand. She had a noticeable bulge to her stomach although she wasn't too big yet. It would still be about two more months before she was ready to give birth.

Derak was so excited to meet his child. But something was constantly nagging at the back of his mind. What kind of child would he have? And more importantly would he/she like him? Would he be a good dad?

Abha noticed his silence.

"Is something wrong Derak?" She asked.

He sighed. He didn't want to tell her in case she laughed at him. Not that she would but he just didn't want to seem pitiful.

"No it's nothing." He said but Abha didn't look convinced. She put her head underneath his chin.

"You know you can tell me everything and anything right?" She asked.

"Yes." He said.

"So what's wrong?" She asked worriedly.

He hesitated at first but allowed himself to tell her the truth.

"Well I'm just worried about the new baby." He admitted.

"What about it?"

"I'm worried I'm not going to be a good dad. My father was always so good to me and I worry that I might not live up to his expectations." He admitted.

Abha moved out from under his chin and gave him a sympathetic look.

"Derak. It's okay to have those feelings. I think all expecting parents have those feelings. As for not living up to your dad I think you'll do just fine. I mean look who you had for a teacher. You're dad was fantastic and you learned what he showed you when you were a young pokemon whether you realize it or not. You won't be a good dad, you'll be a great dad." She smiled.

A smile came to Derak's face.

"You'll be a fantastic mom. I love you Abha." He said before licking her on the top of her head.

"I love you too Derak." She said.

A sudden movement made both of them look to the bushes. A Rattata had taken off into the foliage and without hesitating thru two mates rushed after their meal.

A female Persian was angrily clawing through the bushes in another forest miles away from Derak and Abha. She stalked furiously back to her cave. She had just found out that her mate, Akoni the Persian Boss, was dead.

His work had finally overcome him. She had warned him about a month ago. He didn't listen to her and he got himself killed. She growled as she reached Persian territory. She had been in charge of this territory while he had been away on business and what not. Now it seemed she was in charge permanently.

Their son had no idea that his father was dead. She'd have to tell him before the news reached him any other way. As she reached their cave she saw him prance out chasing after an unfortunate Caterpie that had crawled into the cave. He playfully chased the small bug as it crawled for its life.

Andromeda walked closer to him.

"Sadi. I have to tell you something." She said sternly.

"In a sec mom I just have to chase out this bug." He said as he playfully growled at the worm pokemon. It squeaked shrilly.

Andromeda was feeling annoyed. She approached her son and his 'playmate' and proceeded to squish the unfortunate worn beneath her paws.

"Now." She growled. Sadi looked remorsefully at the remains of the bug but followed his mother's orders and went into their cave.

She followed him. "Sit." She ordered. He obeyed silently and looked up at her.

"I have some bad news. You're father is dead." She hung her head sadly.

He looked up wide eyed and shocked. "But you said he was coming home! You promised!" He shrieked as tears filled his eyes.

She sighed. "I know. But now this leaves you first in line for the entire business he ran. You can get your revenge in due time." She growled happily as she thought of the Absol pack who had killed him.

The Meowth kitten curled up into a tight ball and started to cry.

"Don't worry Sadi. One day when you're a big and strong Persian you can make things right again." She comforted him.

She walked out of the cave and left to go tell the rest of the pack. One day, she swore, one day she'd get her revenge for the murder of her mate.

Those Absols would pay. They'd all pay.

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