Heart's Like The Tides: Chapter 7 – Meetings

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A female Absol tore through the dense bush surrounding Mt. Chimney. She had to be careful, for if she were seen by any Machop or its evolutions, she'd completely ruin Derak's plans for the Rock Pokemon clan. If she traveled fast and quietly she'd reach them without problem. Those particular fighting Pokemon were kind of dense in the head. They didn't tend to be aware of much that was going on around them. They focused fully in their training and didn't care about much else.

The Absol snickered as the thought occurred to her that they probably didn't have much more than muscle between each ear. Though the amusement passed as soon as it had come. There was a lot at stake here and the Machop and evolutions could not be known of her presence. They were already loyal to the Persians, and it was crucial that Andromeda didn't find out exactly which Pokemon Derak was enlisting. If she knew, she could plan out which types to enlist to better take them out.

Derak was aiming to get all of the Pokemon that the Persians had oppressed. All of the Pokemon whose lands had been taken from them unjustly and had been relocated. The Rock Clan were one such group. The Persians had pretty much taken every type of rock Pokemon they could find in Hoenn and made them move to one remote location in the mountains. The Persians apparently found rock Pokemon to be a big threat. Seeing as Normal types had little to no effect on them, they were forced away in smaller, easier to manage groups and led to their new home. The Persians had gotten the help of the surrounding Machop and it's evolutions to ensure that they stayed exactly where they were placed.

That was five years ago, now it was Derak's dream to see this large group of Pokemon revolt against their captors and join his side. The fighting Pokemon were a much smaller group and with the co-ordination of one of Derak's Absols, the rock Pokemon would be able to overcome them.

The Absol managed to avoid any fighting Pokemon and finally made it to the gates of the Clan's home. She hid in a nearby bush and watched. There were several Machoke lingering around, presumably guarding the door. However, they were quite distracted at the moment and were flexing their arms and comparing muscle sizes. The Absol rolled her eyes. She needed an idea to lead them from the gates. Once she slipped in, they'd never find her. The fighting Pokemon never actually went into the Clan's lands, just prevented them from leaving.

She looked around, looking for some way to get past them. She couldn't attack them, it'd be suspicious. She had to do everything quietly and unnoticed. She continued to watch them from her hiding place for quite some time. Eventually a female Machoke sauntered over. The Absol watched as she tried to get the attention of the males, however her efforts were in vain. The males were in the heat of an arm wrestling contest and could seemingly care less about the female. The Absol suddenly felt a wave of fury, what kind of male could ever resist a female who was trying to get their attention? However, a smile slowly spread across the Absol's face as an idea struck.

The female was about to walk off, shoulders hung with rejection. The Absol took aim, and fired her best attempt at the males.

"Attract," she thought smugly to herself, "has got to be the greatest attack to ever exist."

The effect was gradual. The males slowly lowered their arms from their arm wrestling match. The lot of them turned their heads towards the only other female in sight, the female Machoke. Soon, all three had hearts in their eyes as they took off full tilt towards the now frightened female. The Absol snickered as the female took off running from the males advances. The gate was now unoccupied, at least for a short while, and she was free to enter.

She set off through the gate, and entered the Clan lands. She stopped to talk to an Onix, unafraid of his sheer size, to ask directions to the leaders of the clan. He sent her along a dirt path that led to the Cave of the Elders. She walked unbothered and unscathed the entire way, for the rock Pokemon could see she meant them no harm. As she boldly entered the Cave of the Elders, the entire population sighed with relief. Hope was felt in their collective hearts because they knew that they had a chance for their freedom.

Andromeda consulted with her strongest and most trusted. They sat in a circle inside her personal sleeping quarters, the most private den on the Persian home lands. Ignazio was the only non-Persian in the room and was quite cramped in the small cave. He couldn't hold his neck upright and had to duck uncomfortably. Still, he remained without complaint. He was happy to be considered trustworthy by Andromeda. It went without question that he was the most powerful ally she currently had, but it filled him with a enormous sense of pride to be in the inner circle of the most politically powerful group of Pokemon in Hoenn.

His brother Egon apparently didn't feel the same, the traitor. Still, if he refused to follow his older brother then he was no family to him. They'd meet again, and when they did Ignazio would make him sorry that he ever betrayed family.

"If its war Derak wants, then its war Derak will get!" Andromeda cried out, the battle lust evident in her voice.

The other Persians yowled in response. The only light in the den came from Ignazio's tail flame, the light glinted off of the Persian's eyes giving an eerie effect. Night had long since fallen.

"Mam, unfortunately Derak's side doesn't see it as war that they want. They gave us the ultimatum of giving up all the land of the other Pokemon types or an attack will take place." A Persian spoke up.

Andromeda hissed angrily. "He knows that I will never give up the land that Akoni fought to acquire. He made the mistake of challenging us. I'll show him what happens when you screw around with us. I'm going to kill him personally. I'm going to avenge Akoni!"

A large and burly, albeit heavily scarred, Persian spoke up. "Either way, we need to ensure our victory. They've been gathering basically whatever type of Pokemon that we've previously taken over. And as you are all aware, we've taken over a lot of Pokemon."

Andromeda gave him a nod. "You all know Larkin, correct? He is the commander of our armies and has seen many battles. I agree with you wholeheartedly Larkin. We must gather our own allies. We may have taken over many Pokemon, but they're all weak. Our allies are ones that we deliberately picked to be on our side. Even if we're outnumbered a thousand to one, we can still overtake every last one of them."

"You think so, do you?" A voice called from the den entrance way.

There was a collective gasp and all heads turned towards the speaker. A male Persian, a tad on the smaller side, walked into the cave.

Andromeda was the first to speak up. "Sadi? Have you really come back to us?" She asked hopefully.

He shrugged nonchalantly. "No, I've just come to tell you that you're wrong."

She growled deep in her throat. "Son or not, I demand to know why you suddenly disappeared a week after your evolution ceremony. That was nearly a month ago!"

He looked at her defiantly. "You. I left because of you."

She gave a surprised gasp, but no response. Sitting back on her haunches with one paw raised in surprise, she didn't seem to have an answer.

He continued on as if nothing had happened. "You're actually supporting what Akoni did? He was a horrible tyrant. I've been traveling around, trying to get answers, trying to figure out why you were so eager to keep all the land that he had conquered. And you know what I found out? Do you know what the answer is, mother? The answer is greed! Disgusting, filthy greed!" He snarled.

"Shut up!" She screeched. "Don't talk about your father like that! He was a good Persian and a strong leader! A leader you could never even attempt to be!"

"I don't want to be a leader if it means enslaving hundreds of Pokemon! And you know what else? You're afraid. Afraid that someone has finally got the guts to overthrow your rule. This Derak, he wants peace, but he's not afraid to fight for it. His armies have something that you and your black hearted armies could never even begin to comprehend. They've got hope. They want their freedom back, and mercy on whoever tries to stop them!"

Having said that speech he turned and dashed out of the den. Andromeda gave chase out of the den and to the beginning of the forest that he had entered. She stopped and the rest of the Pokemon in the den followed and stopped behind her.

"Sadi! Sadi, if you hear this, you're as good as dead to me! If I ever catch sight of you anywhere near these lands, I'll have you skinned alive!" She yowled.

She continued to yell threats for awhile longer and finally fell silent. She had her back to them and he head was lowered. Larkin approached her.

"What would you have us do now, Mam?" He inquired, somewhat nervously.

A first there was no answer. "Mam?" He asked again.

After sometime she finally moved. She lifted her head and a horrible and eerie sound began to fill the clearing. She was laughing, mirthless laughter. A haunting and evil sound filled the ears of all present. She finally turned, with a demented look on her face and a look of pure wickedness in her eyes.

"Assemble the armies." She said quietly. "I want every last ally we have to be prepared. I want an army as huge as Mount Chimney itself, mobilized and ready to wipe Derak and his little friends clear off the face of this planet. DO YOU HEAR ME?!" She roared.

Larkin nodded. "Understood Mam, I can have them prepared in three night falls."

"Good, now get to it!" She ordered, and Larkin dashed off.

The rest of the Pokemon stood, awaiting her next command.

She turned to them. "All of you, listen to me!" She shouted. "You better get ready for the biggest kill of your lives! We are going to take out the one who killed Akoni, and anyone that follows him! Take no prisoners and show no mercy. Anyone who's on Derak's side must be killed and as you're killing them, make sure they know exactly who's fault it is! Tell them that it was Derak who foolishly led them into battle. And it's on his say-so that they're being slaughtered! UNDERSTOOD?"

The Persians and Charizard gave a deafening roar! They were ready for battle and bloodshed, for it was what they had been raised to know and understand under Akoni's rule. It was all they could truly understand and it even surpassed such emotions as love for family and compassion.

"Now, all of you, disperse and prepare for our battle. Ignazio, you stay with me. I have to speak to you about a special job I need you to do!" She said evilly, and smiled a toothy grin.

He copied her hate filled smile and followed her back into the cave. His tail flame burned brighter as he knew that whatever job she had in mind, it would surely involve lots of bloodshed.

In the middle of a clearing he stood, trying to calm his nerves. Not a muscle in his body moved. His eyes were closed and to anyone who might've been watching, he resembled a statue. Only his magnificent mane moved, it danced in the wind's breeze and skipped along each gust.

"Derak! We bring news for you."

He opened his eyes slowly but still made no move. "Then let's hear it!" He said, his voice deadpan. His back was to the two who had just entered the clearing. They looked briefly at each other before continuing. He hadn't been himself lately. He'd also been mostly keeping to himself, unless he had to speak with anyone regarding the upcoming war.

"We've just got word that the Rock Clan is ready to move out. Latika is with them right now." Zeus reported. Derak finally got up. He turned around to see Zeus and Avis standing behind him. He started pacing.

"Since they're the most conspicuous group of Pokemon we have, we should move them first. The Persians will still be taken by surprise, but it's a good enough warning to let them know that the battle has begun. They know what we've been doing, but they'll have no clue about what direction we're coming from. Once they start mobilizing against the rock Pokemon on Mount Chimney, we'll take them by surprise and bring all of our armies right behind them." He explained.

"When should I go and give the signal to the Rock Clan?" Avis asked?

"In four days. Leave in two. It only takes a day of flying to get the Mount Chimney, but in case anything happens you've got an extra day to sort it out." Derak said.

Avis nodded his understanding and began to walk out of the clearing.

"If I don't see you, good luck." Derak said, Avis stopped and turned. For a minute they made eye contact. Avis could see conflict and worry in Derak's eyes. He nodded again. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me, you've got enough to worry about as it is."

Derak gave a small, sad smile. "Thank you." Avis just gave a smile and continued walking away.

Zeus looked at Derak once more. "There's something else. Someone is here to see you, they said they've traveled a great distance." He said.

"Oh? Who is it?" Derak asked quizzically.

Zeus nodded to the path in the woods and a Pokemon stepped into the clearing.

"Geez Derak, I come all this way to see you just to find that you're leading a war! You might've thought to tell me!" The purple dog Pokemon said, indignantly.

Derak's face broke out into the first smile, in a long time. "Favian!" He cried happily.