The Perennial Maiden

So…what really happened?

..."Where on earth am I?"…she thought, as she studied the odd vain-like structure at her sides, the room seem to be a mixture between a cavern and a metal body. Something more…it seemed to hum as if was alive.

Nativa stared around a bit, still trying to accustom her eyes to the sudden dark exposure and faint light she was in. The air was extremely low and cold, another thing that made her assumed she was in a cavern, but, one which she rejected when she saw the boxes lying near her feet and the tin like doors, at her side.

Still she remained on the ground. A little upset actually, she couldn't remember how she had gotten inside, or where she was, or what she was. Every time she tried to remember a lousy headache invaded her. That could desperate almost about anybody, really.

Nativa tried to step up, but her feet waver as if they've been struck numb by something or someone. "Maybe I've been sitting-down too long…" she continued thinking, speaking seemed to abandon her, past the initial shock and recognition that she only knew her name, she could only think to feel accompanied.

Finally, Nativa kicked herself and stood up, gathering all the courage and nerve of venturing out that tense metal door, she'd been staring at for the past two hours. What will she find? She didn't know. Who she would find? She faintly argued about. Where will she be? Oh, that really terrified her….

She knocked the large boxes out her feet and touched the vain-like walls for balance. She noticed something odd and warm about the wall and as she lifted her gaze to it, she saw it glimmered and perplexed as she was, it create a dark-short melody

----"Ahh!"---she screamed bewildered. Falling on the ground once again, shocked. To quickly the noise and glow subsided for her to determine what it really was.

Inside the Christa's corridor Harlan, Catalina, Radu, Bova, and Rosie all appear to be walking out from one of Ms. Davenport's class.

---"Man, class just keeps getting duller and duller by the minute."----Harland said making a tired and boring face.

---"I found it quite interesting, really."---Catalina argued happily. ----"To think there could be another dimension coexisting with this one…"---she took a deep breath. ----"…it just proves to you that Suzee IS real."----she concluded defiantly.

Harland didn't even bother to start arguing with her. He just rolled his eyes and strolled down the long corridor.

----"Personally, I don't mind…"---interrupted Bova smug. ----"Because, after class comes lunch, and that's good enough for me."---he said walking out into one of the sliding doors.

Rosie made a smirking-cough like sound and Cat joined her from behind. The uranian didn't seem to notice the bluff or probably just ignored them.

Radu suddenly stopped in mid corridor and looked at the other crew members. His hand gripped tightly to one of his ears. ----"Did you hear that?"---he asked serious.

Catalina, Rosie and Harlan stopped and stared perplexed at him.

----"Hearing things again, Radu?"---questioned Cat a little tired.

----No…no, that's no it….!"----

-----"In the morning you woke us up telling us that you've heard some kind of…"thing" moving in the engine room, now you're hearing…what?"----asked Harland mortified.

Radu looked serious at the crew and then removed his hand from his ear. ---"A scream, someone…or something….just screamed."----he commented gravely. He looked at the group that stared at him irritated and a little worried. ---"You do believe me, don't… you?"---he asked anxious.

----"Uhh, sure."----Harlan responded. Turning around and looking at Catalina. He seemed to make a worried jest and then pointed out with the corner of his eye at Radu. Cat just assented and continued walking.

The andromedan sighed mortified. Great, now they not only distrust me, they think I'm going insane, again…!

He sense someone else was staring at him, and when he turned around, to found the bubbly Rosie looking up.

He stared a couple of seconds at her.

---"I believe you, Radu"---she commented smiling.

---"Thank you, Rosie."----he answered calmly, then he looked at the corridor were the other's had wandered of. ----"Now if they only trusted me as you."---

The mercurian girl looked rather concerned at Radu. ----"They don't think you're crazy, Radu."---She told him. ---"They just worry a little about you."----

---"I guess you're right…"---he told her. Then another echoed enter his mind. It was like the opening of sliding doors and the small tiptoes of a different type of shoe. He stood still as Rosie stared at him confused.

----"What did you hear?"---she asked curious. She always enjoyed when the andromedan told her about the things he heard that no one else in the Christa could.

Maybe all the crew was worried about him, but he couldn't deny the fact that he heard someone in the Engine Room, and if he needed to find what it was that was down there, he would. He started walking stiffly thru the corridor.

Rosie followed behind. ----"What happened, Radu?"----She asked surprised. ----"Where are you going?"----

---"To the Engine Room!"----he told her. Radu suddenly passed by the other crew members who where talking in the Team Room.

The others just stared at the hairy andromedan image stunned.

----"Ok…"----commented Harlan.

Catalina looked at the corridor entry once again and heard Rosie screaming.

----"Wait Radu!"----a pink bolt passed from one way of the corridor to the other, following Radu.

The crew members stared at each other in silent.

----"Kids…"---commented Bova, suddenly appearing with his face fill with an orange type substance. ---"….I….don't….know how you can deal with…them."----he said, drinking from a tube type object.

She walked through the sliding door and a heavy fear began to settle near her stomach. Looking around she saw the same purple colored vein walls as the once in the closet she was hiding in.

Nativa had walked little, but she couldn't see or remember the way to the closet where she'd hidden. She hadn't meant anyone neither. So she continued walking onward, still without any idea or where she was.. Great…I'm lost inside a lost place she thought mad. Was it a prank? Yes, it had to be a prank…but, from whom?

She felt a trembling in the metal floor and she recognized the sensation of panic in her heart.

----"This way!"---- She heard someone crying.

Was it instinct, fear, survival? Nativa didn't know, nor did she want to find out. She darted toward the back of the long corridor she was walking through and ran without knowledge to where she was running to.


Radu continued running as fast as his legs permitted. He felt Rosie panting breath following from behind, but he also heard another breath coming from the front. ----"It's not to far from us!"----he shouted.

Nativa ran desperately but she couldn't seem to budge off the followers. She didn't even know what they where, though, she understood there language. The woman tried to dodge them by confusing there way, running from left to right, making a zigzag way, but, still they went after her. Always choosing the correct way.

Radu had finally spotted the shadow of the "thing" he had heard screaming that morning. The figure appeared to be humanoid, but, he didn't trust on his senses all to quickly. It could be a Spung in disguise, it could be a enemy.

----"Radu! Watch out!"---Rosie screamed.

The andromedan turned around to see Rosie, but, as he turned his head toward the mercurian he felt a hard impact on his chest.

As she came in contact with the hard material, Nativa felt her whole head starting to tremble, then, as suddenly as she appeared on the surface of the closet type room, she fell into darkness.


Even as his head hurt, Radu reacted, getting up quickly and witnessing what he had come in contact with.

----"Oh, no, Radu..."----exclaimed Rosie, from behind. She stared worriedly at the woman that now lay unconscious on the floor.

He stared shocked at the golden haired woman. Her skin was as white as paper and her clothes seem to come from another era, another time.

The andromedan became silent all of a sudden.


Hopefully I will continue this story. It did take me a long time to finish this first chapter, so I'll see how it goes.

Hope you like it,
Jetta Knex :)

Nativa---It's Spanish for native girl.