Clamored Mirror

Nativa was surrounded by darkness. Once again, she felt the need to run, to scream. To just escape the ambiguous plane and disappear. She knew she was sleeping, or at least, a subconscious side of her knew it. Even so, she couldn't compose herself to wake up.


Voices…. She heard voices. Imminent sounds coming from different patterns, different echoes, and different persons.


Persons? Where they even persons? What type of creatures created those sounds? Made those voices? Echoed those thoughts?

She heard a beeping, almost rhythmical sound. Something she'd heard before but couldn't remember what it was.

----"Oh! She's waking up!"---- An almost cheery high pitched voice said. It sounded very much like a small girl.

Her eyes started to diffuse as she felt everything coming into silent once again. Light seemed to bloomed and air was been implored by her lungs. She breathed a heavy amount of air and as it entered her system she could tell it was the same cold air she felt once before. In a small iron room…where she last remembered her location…

Her golden eyes seemed to open by a jerking reaction.

Nativa remained motionless and absolutely still. A bright yellow light seemed to hover above her. She didn't want to glance around, she didn't know what or who to expect and that simple fact terrified her. She just remained still, wishing that that cold trance could remain a minute more, could last an entire life time.

Suddenly the light darkened. A pink girl face stared down at her. ----"Hi!"----exclaimed the look a like child. A friendly smiled widened in her lips. ----"My name's Rosie…"----

Nativa couldn't help but gasp. Her eyes widened and she felt her heart drop to her knees. She thought she was going to faint again. ---"…my God…"---she whispered as she stared at the humanoid female. What was she? Was she even real? Was it makeup? A Prank? Was it Real?

The girl didn't seem to hear her. She just stepped back and gave her a little space to breathe.

----"Who are you?"----she asked Nativa.

The girl started to rise from the soft couch. That much felt like a cold, soft pillow. She rose herself to meet a pair of blue eyes staring back at her from the dark corner of the room.

Her breath abandoned her once again as she saw another humanoid, this time, an apparent male, glaring worriedly at her.

She maintained a confused-serious glare at the long haired man, who appeared shock by her reaction, but was cut off short, as the pink bubbly female appeared by her side, once again.

----"He's Radu. He was the one you bumped yourself unconscious with."----Rosie explained with a small giggle.

Nativa remained silent for a moment.

As Radu gazed momentarily at the pink girl and then back at Nativa.

She appeared to be in some kind of laboratory. The metal walls were all around them and the cold was beginning to numb her fingers.

-----"Where am I?"----she asked suddenly.

Both humanoids gazed surprisingly at her. Surprised by the girls' response.

Rosie looked a little confused at her----"Well, you're inside the Christa."----She commented, contemplating her uniform.----"Where do you come from?"----she asked back.

Nativa thought the question over for a moment. Trying as hard as she could to remember…until an awful headache corrupted her thought. She breathed heavily and sighed. Looking up again to Rosie. ----"I don't know."----she answered defeated.

Rosie looked a little taken back at her response. -----"You don't know?"----

Nativa moved her head side ways.

It looked like Radu was about to say something, but he changed his head at a sliding grey looking door. ----"They're coming."-----he commented serious, so serious that made Nativa feel uneasy and untrusting of the humanoids and the "they's" the man was referring to.

Suddenly the metal door opened. Sliding rapidly to its side. A rather large group of seemingly "human" people entered the room.

The girl maintained her guarded posture and stared fervently at the seven strangers. She was surely out numbered. So, the quick get---away she'd plan wasn't going to work a relief, in a strange way, because it meant she wouldn't bump herself with a thick almost metal chest, again.

---"So this why all the commotion is about?"---exclaimed a short boy with a pair of small antennas coming out of his forehead. He glared boringly at Nativa.

The girl stared back at him with the same bleak expression as his.

---"Mr.Bova, please!"----interrupted a short haired adult woman. She stepped in front of the boy. She appeared to be a little scare of her. Which made Nativa chuckled inside. ----"Who are you?"----she asked, covering her fear in a proud manner and a studied glared.

Nativa opened her mouth to answer. But was cut short by the pinkish looking girl.---"That's the problem, Miss. Davenport. She doesn't know…"----Rosie pointed out.

A commander--looking man glared up at Rosie confused and worried.----"What do you mean she doesn't know?"----

Nativa was getting a bit nervous herself. She didn't like been stared at.

The entire crew gaze at her. Even a rainbow haired teenager stared at Nativa's dressing attire and laughed a bit. ----"I like your uniform."---she smirked, though she didn't seem sarcastic, nor sincere.

Nativa stared down at her clothes. She didn't find anything wrong or weird with the way she was dressing. The long grey skirt and the red shirt seemed fine, although for the lack of warmth. The freezing air was terrible.

----"Maybe she has amnesia?"----another boy interrupted. His raven hair was coming down by his sides and he had an earring on his left ear. ----"You know, when a person forgets certain things for a very long time."----He looked at Nativa. ---"Maybe she has that."---

His fact did worry her.

The small boy that first commented about her sighed. ----"I'm going back to sleep."----he said quietly, he then turned around and left the room, passing by the sliding door, without giving a hint of emotion. Everyone in the roomed stared at him and when he left, they returned they're questioning eyes back at Nativa.

---"Well…we tried asking her when she woke up. But, she couldn't remember."----the girl stated.

----"We?"----questioned the adult man.

Rosie assented confused. ----"Uh, yeah, me and Radu…we found her on the corridor below, near the Engine Room."----the girl corrected a bit, dodging the details.

The first man she'd seen took a step forward and assented at Rosie's comment.----"We brought her here…Ro…Rosie thought it would be better for her to rest…and then she could tell us what happened."----he said. Quietly staring up at the man.

It was the first time Nativa saw the spiral ear's he had. She remained stunned but maintained herself. Still waiting impatiently on the long seat. The staring was getting on her nerves.

----"Commander Goddard…"---the black haired man interrupted. ----"What if she is a spy and this is all a trick?"---he said uneven and glaring at the girl.

Nativa couldn't contain herself more. She laughed maddened and looked up at the boy. ----"A trick?"----she said not leveled.

Everyone stared at her taken aback.

---"You think I will trick you?"----she questioned mad. Pressing hard on the seat's contours.----"I am the one thinking you are all in some kind of group joke toward me!"----she looked shakily at the boy's eyes.----"Look I don't know where I am, I don't know what I am, and what I mostly want it's to get out of here...!"---she expressed tense. Pressing her teardrops inside, she struggled to talk, but afraid that she would burst out crying she kept quiet.

The crew looked baffled at her.

Then something brushed past her. She saw Rosie walking toward the crew.

----"All right, that's enough staring for a while!"----She said as she shooed the younger crew members outside. -----"Commander Goddard and Miss Davenport, you can stay. Radu you too."----she said, as the spiral-eared man remained where he was, though he hadn't even budged the first time Rosie had told them to leave.

As the other crew members left and complaint. The man addressed as the Commander, talked silently over Radu, Rosie, and Miss Davenport.

They seemed to be explaining something and then agreeing by the look on their faces. Nativa couldn't help remain seated any longer. The cold was getting to her too. So, as she saw that Rosie was leaving the room and the sliding door making its usual swirlish sound, she bent silently downward and putted her feet on the ground.

Instantly Radu seemed to have heard her. He lifted his head toward Nativa and the other member's followed.

The girl stared silently back at them. Taking in enough air to calm the stress down. She continued glazing at them.

Radu bent down near the floor, making Native seemed taller than what she really was, and putting a feeling of security around her. She didn't seem to look up at someone, rather at the same level.

----"Do you remember you name?"-----he asked in a silent voice.

----"Yes"----she assented. ----"My name is Nativa. Nativa Deidre."----

Miss Davenport seemed to sighed eased and Commander Goddard smiled.

----"If she remembers her name, then I think it's just a matter of days until she remembers who she is."----the pink girl stated.

Nativa couldn't help sighed relief.

----"Well, then, welcome Miss Deidre."----Commander Goddard told her with a smile.

----"Yes."----Davenport interrupted. ----"And since it is Radu's fault for bumping into you, then it will be His responsibility to guide you through your moment of illness."----she said smug.

----"What?"-----Radu questioned looking at her.

-----"What?"-----Nativa asked perplexed. Looking at the "normal" seeing woman and then at the spiral eared man.

Davenport didn't answer them. She just walked highly dignified toward the sliding door, Goddard walking behind her.

----"It's all up to you, Mister Radu."---commented Goddard with a serious face.

The sliding door closed just as Radu and Nativa shouted to halt at the adults.

Silent fell through the room, as Nativa lifted up her gaze to meet Radu.

----"Don't pay any attention to them."-----Radu told her. As he stepped at her side His face although friendly, appeared serious. ----"They're just mad because I found you, when they told me I was just dreaming."----

Nativa stared up at him confused.


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