Yuki: Hello everyone. This is my first time ever to write a KH fanfic so please enjoy as much as possible. And here joined by my co-hosts Cloud and Leon!

Cloud: Hello

Leon: …nh.

Yuki: O.k. onward to the story.

Leon: Why are we your latest victims?

Yuki: Because, you like Cloud. Cloud likes you. Your both my favorite KH characters. So, I decided it was time that I write a KH fanfic.

Leon: Still why?

Cloud: You don't want to be with me Leon? -watery eyed-

Leon: No it's not that.

Cloud: Yuki Leon doesn't love me anymore! –crying-

Yuki: It's all right my little chocobo! Leon will love you in the end!

Cloud: -sniff- Really?

Yuki: Of course, how could he not fall madly in love with a cute little chocobo uke like you?

Leon: That's just it I can't

Yuki: See he admits it!

Cloud: I love you Leon! –hugs Leon- -Leon blush-

Yuki: Now the story even though this just the prologue.

Cloud Leon: WHAT?!

Disclaimer: If I owned any of the characters and the game do you think they would be straight in the actual thing? The answer is no they wouldn't and there would be plenty of seme and uke action! I'm sad now. T-T T-T


The story starts in the very large city of Twilight Town. In one apartment complex lived some friends. In one room lived Areith and Yuffie. In another lived best buddies Vincent and Cloud. In another lived Cid and Leon. In another lived Sora and Riku. And in the last one lived Axel and Roxas. They've all been friends since they were in kindergarten. With the exception of Cid who they met a couple years ago after moving into the apartment. Leon lived with him because Cid was looking for a roommate and needed to split the bill. Honestly Leon didn't care as long as he was near his friends but, they would never know that.

The day started out any other day. Everyone came home from a day at school, went to their respective rooms. Everyone who had a job went to work. Everyone would come home in order from who left first to who left last. Cloud all ways came home just as the mail truck left. When he was up stairs Yuffie would run down stairs gather everyone's mail and take it to their respective owners.

Everyone enjoyed the fact the Yuffie would go get the mail because it meant they didn't have to. Areith all ways got letters from family and friends in distant places, Yuffie got ninja magazines, Leon got work out magazines, Cid got magazines about mechanics and letters from his little cousin Rikku, who lives in Traverse town, and everybody got something. Except for one person that seemed to never get mail. Yuffie would ponder this sometimes but ended up just brushing it off.

Today how ever the little ninja girl would discover something she had never seen. Yuffie went downstairs as usual to get the mail. She passed Cloud dripping wet. Well no duh he was dripping wet. It was raining like it was the beginning of another great flood. Only problem is they don't have an ark to make sure they live. Yuffie was at the mail box. She pulled out a huge ring of keys that had everyone's mailbox key on it. Yuffie got out all the usual mail getters stuff. She was down to only one box. She opened it and found a little white envelope.

The envelope was medium sized and white. In the bottom corner of it there was a gold emblem that looked like a chocobo head. The scrawl on envelope was delicate but strong, neat but quick. She could tell it was from a woman for two reasons. 1. There was a faint smell of perfume. 2. The return address had a woman's name on it. The woman's name read as: Clo. Yuffie's eyes widened when she saw who it was addressed to. She slumped down on to her knees. She looked heaven ward and yelled at the top of her lungs.



Yuki: So what do you think?

Leon: This things frickin' long for a prologue. You could have made this a whole chapter!

Yuki: I didn't feel like it.

Cloud: Leon please don't sas the author or she may do something stupid.

Leon: She's all ready done that more than once.

Yuki: That's it if I here any more lip out of Leon I'll have Axel or Sephirothe paired with Cloud!

Leon: Fine I'll stop.

Cloud: Thank you Leon. I really don't feel like getting paired with a smoker or a sadistic masochistic narcissus.

Leon: You owe me now.

Cloud: Oh, how we'll I ever repay you.

-they start making out-

Yuki: Boys save it for later! –sigh- Read and Review please. Hey no hot man sex on the my desk. Have it on the bed!