Yuki: Wuzz up?! A-Town down and all that!

Leon: How many times have I told you! You aren't a gangster!

Yuki: Wuz up L-dog? How are you my brother from another mother?

Cloud: She scares me.

Yuki: Big C wuz cookin' homie?!

Yuffie: For once I agree with them.

Yuki: And how's my sister from another mister the great ninja Yuffie?

Yuffie: Fine until you started talking like that.

Yuki: It really doesn't fit?

Yuffie: No.

Yuki: That's the last time I take advice from people in middle school!

Leon: Why were you taking advice from them anyway?

Yuki: They said I would be cooler.

Cloud: Well they lied.

Yuki: Damn it.

Yuffie: Yuki can we please start the story I can't hold my excitement in for much longer!

Yuki: O.k. because Yuffie is restless I will start……………………….. Now!

Disclaimer: I won't say it because you already know! Leon: She doesn't own any of us. (Yuki crying in emo corner)

Ch. 6

"O.k. boys were leaving!" yelled Yuffie as she and Arieth headed for the chocobo mobile so that they could begin their night on the town. Yuffie grabbed Arieth's arm and started to drag her out of the house.

"We don't know when we'll be back but we'll call ahead!" Arieth said as she was dragged outside.

Cloud and Leon were merely sitting on the couch in silence after the girls left. A couple minutes later Sephiroth and Irvine walked in and yelled up the stairs to Chloe that they were done heading for home. After they left Vincent walked in and sat in one of the armchairs. He had on some black slacks and a black jacket that was open to reveal the red dress shirt he had on with the first two buttons undone. Chloe then walked done wearing a simple black dress that went to mid thigh with black strapped heels. She decided to not put her hair up in the normal braid; instead she just let it down. Leon figured that with it being in braid so much it would be wavy but it was actually straight.

"Darren, Alex are you ready?" called Chloe up the stairs.

"Yes Momma." said both boys as the came down the stairs.

"Good now while your John's house be sure to mind your manners. And listen to Mr. and Mrs. Lawson. I don't want to have to come and pick you up in the middle of the night. Got me?"

"Yes Momma." Said Darren

"Momma when have we ever done that?" asked Alex innocently

"You haven't yet I'm just warning you in case you get any ideas." She said giving them a look.

Vincent walked up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "We better get going our reservation is in an hour."

"Oh, okay. Come on boys to the car." She said motioning to the door.

"I'll be out in a bit I just have couple things for Leon and Cloud." She said looking at Vincent.

"Alright." He said as he walked out of the house.

"Alright now," she said walking over to the two men on the couch. "I made dinner for the two of you it's in the oven right now and should be ready in about ten minutes. The number for the restaurant is on the table and you also have me and Vincent's cell phone numbers in case anything happens."

"We know Chloe; now go have a good time on your date."

"Alright just make sure that none of the chocobo's escape. And that all the electrical appliances aren't still plugged some where. And incase of a tornado hide in the cellar. And if theirs a hurricane stay inside don't worry about the chocobo's. And make sure all the doors are locked after we leave." As she went on her overly protective mother rant Cloud had started pushing his sister who he loved dearly out the front door.

"We get it Chloe. You don't have to worry everything will be fine. You can trust us," said Cloud

"O.k. but if anything happens-" she began but was immediately cut off by Cloud who said "We'll be sure to call."

With a last have fun from Chloe before they left. Cloud closed the door and took his place back on the couch. Leon looked from Cloud to the door and back to Cloud.

"Is she always?" asked Leon

"Yep." Said Cloud

"Ah. Does she?"



The TV was on and they boredly stared at it each one slightly panicking inside while maintaining a mask of calm.

"I can't believe she's making me do this!" thought Cloud

"She told me she had everything set up. But I see nothing done. Did she betray me?!" Leon thought. Before Chloe left she had a conversation with Leon about their plan.

(Flash Back)

"O.k. Leon I'm going to leave soon. And don't worry. I already have everything set up for you." Chloe said as she dried her hair off while sitting at the vanity in her bathroom.

"But what do you have planned?" asked Leon leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed in his normal Leon stance.

"You'll see but when you guys are ready to eat just make sure that you go and serve the meal and send cloud into the dining room to wait for your return."

"So you're basically sending me into this blindly."


"Damn her." thought Leon when he was brought out of his small, not very descriptive flash back.

(Flash Back end)

"She better not have." He thought making another glance at Cloud. A beep suddenly went off.

"That must be dinner." said Cloud standing up. "I'll go get it."

"NO!" yelled Leon who suddenly grabbed Cloud's wrist.

Leon tried to pull him back over so that he could sit down, but he ended up pulling to hard and caused cloud to crash right into his chest. Cloud looked at him slightly confused, with the addition of a light dusting of red on his cheeks from being in such close proximity to Leon. They looked at each other for a moment. Leon stared into beautiful cerulean eyes that stare back at him. Leon went from Cloud's eyes to Cloud's lips. He mused to him self on how soft and kissable they looked. Cloud saw that Leon was staring and his light blush immediately darkened. Leon also realizing that he was staring immediately let go of Cloud's hand.

"Just sit down and relax I'll go get dinner ready." said Leon in his non-emotional tone.

"Um, okay if your sure." said Cloud nervously sitting back on the couch.

Leon began to walk to the kitchen and as soon as he was hidden by the kitchen door he started to internally yell at himself.

"Damn it I'm such an idiot!" he yelled in his head "I probably scared the shit out of him."

Leon walked over to the oven and took the meal that Chloe had prepared for them. The meal consisted baked chicken, mashed potatoes, a mixture of different vegetables, and for dessert pecan pie. As Leon transported food and set the table in the dinning room for dinner he kept looking for some kind of note that Chloe could have left, that would give him some idea of what he was supposed to do. As Leon started to the pie out to cool on the counter he noticed something sticking out of the pie. Leon tugged on it and out popped a little envelope addressed to Leon. It was in Chloe's writing. Leon quickly set the pie down and opened the envelope.

Dear, Leon

Hey! It's me Chloe! Just so you know I haven't forgotten about tonight. I put the letter in the pie because, to be honest, I thought you would forget to take care of setting dinner and Cloud would end up doing it. Anyway light the candles on the table. If Cloud asked I told you to do so because it started to smell a little weird in there. Pull his chair out for him and help push him back up to the table. Tell him that something is wrong with the chair and didn't want the wood floor to get scratched. Have conversation serve him pie with ice cream on top. I put Cloud's designated scoop of ice cream in a bowl and put it to one side and put yours in a bowl to another side, must remember Cloud right Leon left. Cloud right, Leon left. Cloud right, Leon left. Cha cha cha!

"What that's it? That's all she has for me?!" Leon started to mentally curse the woman for not giving anymore detail, also for the fact that she left him to do everything else on his own.

Leon figured he could remember everything and tossed the envelope and the letter into the trash compacter, turning it on after he did so. He finished taking food out and putting it on the table, and lit the candles as he was told. He walked back into the living room motioning for cloud that everything was ready. Cloud stood up and followed Leon into the dining room. Cloud went over to take a seat. Leon was right behind him and scooted his chair out for him. Cloud gave him a confused look.

"Your sister told me that something was wrong with the chair and to help you sit down so her floor wouldn't get scratched. Leon said is emotionless mask on.

"Oh, uh thank you then." said Cloud as he sat down. Leon gently pushed the seat up enough to where Cloud wouldn't have to lean forward to eat but not close enough to suffocate him. Leon went to his respective seat and sat down. As cloud eyed the meal they were going to have he noticed that the candles were lit.

"Leon why-"

"Your sister told me to light them when we were ready to eat. She said that for some reason there was a bad smell in here."

"But these candles aren't scented there just for show." said Cloud. And this is where Leon continuously repeated the phrase 'shit'.

"She must have forgotten to switch them out." He said quickly.

"Probably." Said Cloud as he started to cut up his piece of chicken. Leon started to concentrate on his plate to keep himself form staring at Cloud. Unfortunately it didn't work, his eyes slowly started to look up and at Cloud, and before he realized it he was staring and it was too late.

"Leon, are you okay?" Cloud asked. Leon shook his head slightly and looked back at Cloud. "No why do you ask?"

"Because you were staring at me." Cloud replied nervously.

"Sorry just got lost in thought." He replied looking back at his plate.

"Oh, okay." Cloud said slightly disappointed.

"It was stupid of me to hope that Leon was indeed staring at me. Just wishful thinking on my part." Thought Cloud as he scooped up some mashed potato with his fork.

"I'm an idiot how could I be so stupid as to get caught staring." Though Leon glancing up at Cloud every once and a while. From then on dinner was silent. You could hear the crickets outside chirping. Eventually they did finish eating the main course. Leon collected the leftovers and took them into the kitchen, Cloud followed behind him with all the dirty dishes. As Leon was putting the leftovers into plastic containers he didn't notice Cloud over at the fridge taking the ice cream out. When Leon looked up he saw Cloud cutting out to pieces of pie, the bowls of ice cream sitting right next to it. Leon's eyes widened in horror.

"Uh, Cloud. Why don't you go back and sit down and I'll finish up here." He said taking the plates of pie Cloud had in his hands away.

"Um, okay?" said Cloud looking very confused as he exited the kitchen.

Leon set the plates of pie down and started to frantically figure out which bowl of ice cream was whose. Leon then in a desperate attempt to figure this mystery out started to reenact how Cloud got the bowls out. He decided that the one on the left was his and on the right was Cloud's. Leon took the ice cream and put them on top of the slices of pie. He straightened himself up and walked into the dinning room to give Cloud his pie. Only problem was, was that Cloud wasn't there. Leon set the plates down and went on a mini-hunt for his adorable blonde. Only to come back find that the plates of pie had been moved. One plate now in Leon's spot the other in Cloud's. Leon stared for a minute having a miniature panic attack. Leon decided that the one that was in cloud's place was the one that was supposed to be his and switched the plates. That is when Cloud came in through the kitchen door holding two glasses of milk.

"Hey." He said.

"Uh, hey." Said Leon quickly sitting down. Not realizing until Cloud was already sitting down that he forgot to pull the chair out.

"Hmm, this chair doesn't seem to be broken." said Cloud looking at the legs of the chair.

"She must have forgotten which chair it is." Leon replied.

"Hmm, she seems to be a bit off to day."

"Well she's out on a date. She was probably distracted."

"Yeah, probably. I'm happy for her though. It's been awhile since she has been out with some one." said Cloud taking a bite of his pecan pie slice.

"Exactly how long has it been?" asked Leon genuinely interested.

"Let's see. The last time she went out on a date was when she was still married to her ex-husband." Cloud said looking thoughtfully.

"I see."

"The point is her happiness though." Leon muttered his agreement. Leon looked down at his dessert and saw something sticking out of the ice cream. With his fork he maneuvered whatever it was out, and found that it was a piece of folded paper in a plastic bag. Leon snuck the piece of paper off the table when Cloud wasn't looking and was amazingly able to get the bag open and take the paper out with one hand. He carefully unfolded it. There was writing and it was Chloe's.

Dear Leon or Cloud whichever one of you is reading this,

Stop acting like total morons and hook up already. Cloud you told me you liked Leon that way. Leon you had me help you come up with some ridiculous scheme in order to help you admit to Cloud that you liked him. Oh, Cloud by the way the little story thing you found on the table that was something Leon had me write. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish so sorry. Have fun you guys!

Love, Chloe 3

Leon immediately looked up at Cloud only to find cloud looking at him wide eyed, holding a letter in his hand. A deep blush colored Cloud's cheeks, from embarrassment.

"Leon is it true?" Cloud asked

"Yeah it's true."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well I didn't want to ruin what ever friendship we had and I didn't know if you were into guys or what. What about you though?"

"My reason is basically the same as yours. I was too scared to tell you. I didn't want to ruin the little to none friend ship we had. Not to mention I thought that if I told you and found out you weren't like that I thought you would kill me." He said giving a slight chuckle.

"So do you want to you know give it a try?" Leon asked not knowing what else to do seeing as how thanks to Chloe they got through the whole 'I-like-you-do-you-like-me' part and got to skip straight into the 'why-didn't-you-tell-me' part. Leon watched as Cloud stood up and slowly walked over to him. Cloud gently sat in Leon's laps. Their faces started to get closer. Leon could feel Cloud's warm breathe on his skin. And then it happened. Cloud's lips met Leon's in a gentle and chaste kiss. It felt like it lasted hours before cloud pulled back, in which in actuality it had only been a couple seconds. Cloud's face was a bright shade of red from embarrassment, he cast his head down to try and hide his blush behind his bangs. He had never initiated kisses before, well yes he has, but none of them made his heart skip a beat the way this one did. Leon got a firm but gentle grip on Cloud's chin and made Cloud look him in the eyes. Leon let out a chuckle at how cute Cloud looked when he was embarrassed. He pulled Cloud in and made their lips connect once again.

Cloud felt his eyes sliding shut as Leon exerted more pressure on his lips. Cloud's arms went and wrapped themselves around Leon's neck pulling Leon as close as possible. Leon's hand rested on Cloud's hips. His thumbs snaked under Cloud's shirt and started to massage the skin underneath in small circles. Leon's tongue prodded at Cloud's lips asking for entry, entry that Cloud was all too happy to give. Leon immediately slipped his tongue in and started to roam around Cloud's mouth. Their tongues started to battle for dominance, Cloud easily submitting to Leon. Leon pulled his tongue out and started to nip on cloud's lower lip. Cloud let out a soft moan that was music to Leon's ears. Leon wrapped his arms around, making sure he had a firm hold. He stood up Cloud's legs immediately wrapping tightly around his waist. Leon started to walk into the living room and sat down on the couch. Through the entire time they were walking they did not at any point in time lose contact with each others lips. Cloud felt like his lungs were on fire from the lack of air. They pulled back for a quick breath a string of saliva connecting their mouths. Leon looked into Cloud's lust filled eyes and smiled.

"I'll take that as a yes." He said. Cloud rolled his eyes and gave Leon a quick peck on the lips. Leon wrapped his arms around Cloud's waist and lay down on the couch. Cloud lay on top of Leon his head securely tucked under Leon's chin. They stayed that way for hours, reminiscing in each other's embrace. Cloud smiled to himself about how perfectly Leon and his bodies molded together. He felt his eye lids grow heavy and was soon fast asleep on Leon.

They never noticed the lone figure standing out side the window watching their every move.


"Vincent!" squealed Chloe as her sides were attacked by Vincent's fingers. (A/N: Yes I know major OOCness. But it wouldn't be a fanfiction without some OOC.)

They had just left the club they went to after dinner and were making there way over to Chloe's truck. Chloe struggled to get the keys out of her purse while protecting herself from Vincent's devious fingers.

"Vincent I need to get the keys out!" she laughed

Vincent stopped long enough for her to take her keys out. As soon as she got them out Vincent snagged them from her holding them above her head. Chloe started jumping to try and get them, Vincent always holding them a bit out of reach. When she finally got hold of the keys Vincent pulled her into a kiss. She felt him grinning into the kiss, and grinned right back at him.

"We need to go." She said looking at him. "Everyone is going to be worried where we are."

"If your plan is a success Cloud and Leon will be too busy to notice and Areith and Yuffie said they were going to be out all night."

"True but when we get back to the house we can have some more fun there." She said dragging a finger down his chest. Vincent immediately picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the truck, putting her in the passenger seat. Vincent decided that he was going to drive, he did count how much she drank and was amazed she that she still appeared to be sober.


"Is that everything Yuffie?" asked Arieth.

"Yeah! I can't believe how many great shops we found!" she replied bouncing up and down excitedly, the sugar rush still in the process of leaving her system.

"Alright let's head to the car, I'll call the house." Opening her phone Arieth was surprised to find her phone had died. "Dead? But I charged it last night."

"Oh well, it doesn't matter. Let's just hurry up and get home. I want to show everyone what we bought!"


When Arieth and Yuffie arrived at the house Vincent and Chloe did as well. Everyone stood in the drive way talking about what they did. Vincent being the gentleman he 'willingly' carried most of the bags for the girls.

"I wonder if Cloud and Leon are still up." Said Chloe as she reached to unlock the door. Vincent gave a shrug as did the girls. Opening the door the four of them walked into the house and met with an interesting sight. Cloud and Leon were curled up on the couch wrapped in each other's arms completely dead-to-the-world asleep.

Vincent and Arieth stood slightly wide-eyed, Chloe was chuckling evilly that her evil plan worked while thinking of all the blackmail pictures she could take. The silence was broken when the still hyper Yuffie gave off a high pitched squeal. In doing so Cloud and Leon awoke, falling off the couch and onto the hardwood floor.

"Ow, my head." Mumbled Cloud. Both men stood up and realized the source of their pain.

"So boys, how was your night?" asked Chloe with a smirk.

"Damn it." Mumbled Leon.

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