The Hilariously Random Adventures of Cloud and Leon

Episode 1

The First Episode

Yuki: Hello every one this is Yuki. The maker of this series. Here are the stars of the show Cloud and Leon.

Leon: Yo.

Cloud: Hey.

(Both say it in a very bored tone.)

Yuki: Could you two show some more enthusiasm please. This is the first episode. You should be happy!

Leon: We should be happy about you blackmailing us to appear on the show?

Cloud: Not to mention you promised to result to killing us if we didn't agree.

Yuki: I didn't threaten your lives.

Cloud: You held a friggin' knife to our throats!

Yuki: Well acting is a cut throat business.

Cloud: Not literally!

Yuki: Says you.

Leon: (glaring at Yuki) I really hate you.

Yuki: I love you too Leon -. Now we really need to start the first episode.

Leon: I thought we all ready did.

Yuki: Nope. If you read your scripts it will read that you two are first hiding in a closet from a bunch of my fans. Mostly fangirls because it just so happens that my two main characters are really hot. Now on with it my lackeys!

Leon and Cloud: Why us? Please god tell us why we're stuck with an insane author?!

Yuki: Because Karma's a bitch, literally.

Leon: Damn.

Yuki: Now begin! (Insert evil and maniacal laughter.)

Cloud: Leon I'm scared.

Leon: Me too Cloud, me too.

Cloud: mostly because she's insane.

Leon: For me it's that stupid laugh.

Yuki: (pout) Meanies.