Whoa, two stories in progress at once? Shocker, I know!

This one is much more recent than the other in progress story. It isn't really a story so much as a collection of one-shots. Each one is based off one of the five senses. I know this has been done before, but ah well. I had ideas, so I wrote them down. And here they are! I had to pass the time somehow between season 2 and the seemingly nonexistent season 3. D'oh.

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1 of 5: Sight: the power or faculty of seeing; perception of objects by use of the eyes; vision.

Aang watched her. Since the day he was released from the iceberg, he watched her. When he was bored or tired or worried, he watched her. When he was content or comfortable, he watched her. Whenever his eyes had time to wander, they would wander to her.

He thought she didn't know.

She knew.

Katara wasn't oblivious. Since the day she released him from the iceberg, she had seen him watching her. At first, she waved it off. He was just a goofy kid. She barely knew him. Then, it began to worry her. He was the Avatar. She shouldn't be distracting him from his duty. Finally, she came to expect it. She would feel incomplete when he wasn't watching her.

So she started watching him.

He knew.

She knew he knew.

And as the time went by, she started to see him differently.

Aang was hardly a goofy kid. Yes, he was young, but so was she. And he was wise and mature beyond his years. He had to be, considering the responsibility he held. A responsibility he had devoted his life to, and he would not let something silly like a crush distract him from his duty. He had grown. Inside, outside.

When she watched him, she saw Aang, that wonderful young man with the bewitching smile and the endearing eyes with an inner child that wasn't all the way in yet.

She saw the Avatar, a powerful bender of all four elements, a peacemaker, a deity, a sage, a diplomat, a warrior, a scholar, a spirit.

And upon realizing that she had been watching him for the past half hour while he watched her right back, she saw with a jolt that she was in love with Aang. The Avatar.

Aang looked away quickly when he realized she had noticed. Katara smiled.

"You've been watching me," she said quietly.

Aang glanced back at her. His eyes flicked over the campfire to Toph and Sokka, who were both sleeping. He blushed as he turned back toward her.

"Yeah, well… I could say the same about you," he replied uncomfortably.

Katara smiled a little more. "Yes, you could."

Silence fell between them. Aang was extremely nervous. Katara, on the other hand, seemed very relaxed.

"I don't mind," she added.


"I don't mind that you watch me," she finally blushed slightly, focusing on the fire. "I mean… I kind of like it."

Katara watched as his eyes went wide and his face burned crimson. Aang watched as she smiled.

"Yeah," Aang muttered shortly, a smile finally spreading over his blushing features. "I kind of like it too."

Katara got to her feet and moved around the fire, sitting down beside him. He blushingly took her hand in his, and she smiled.

From across the fire, Sokka watched the scene unfold with a resigned sigh.