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5 of 5: Touch: to put the hand, finger, etc., on or into contact with (something) to feel it; to come into contact with and perceive (something), as the hand or the like does; feel.

Between airbenders and waterbenders, there always seemed to be a difference in skin temperature. Katara's skin was always warm, Aang's was always cool. Whenever the two of them touched, it was like fire and ice. And everyone knows that fire and ice makes steam.

The war had been over for three years, and Katara and Aang had spent the third year as a pair. They were constantly in each other's company, always making some kind of contact. Whether his hand was on her back or she was touching his shoulder, it didn't matter. They just loved the feel of the other's touch. It was obvious to anyone who knew them. It was obvious to anyone who didn't know them.

To Aang, Katara was like a furnace. She was always so wonderfully warm to his cool skin, he was surprised he ever let go. Katara agreed with him completely. She always thought he was far too cold, and thus it was her job to keep him warm. She was surprised she ever let go.

And they very rarely did let go.

The two of them invested a lot of time in the sense of touch. Katara, for example, enjoyed the feel of skin. Be it arms, back, hands, lips, shoulders, whatever, she loved the touch of Aang's skin. Aang, on the other hand, simply loved Katara's hands. He didn't care where they were, he just wanted her hands to be somewhere near him at all times.

This constant touching drove Sokka insane. But he was at least secure in the knowledge that they slept separately. Unfortunately, this knowledge was false. In fact, it had been nearly a year since either had been alone in their beds through the whole night.

They had a system.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph were sitting together in the back of the great hall of the Southern Water Tribe's city. There had been a feast for one thing or another, and most of the attendees had trickled out to their homes. It was late, and the air was chilling rapidly.

Toph got to her feet, yawning and stretching. "I'm off to bed," she said simply.

Katara gained her feet as well. "I'll come too. It's pretty late. Goodnight, Aang," she said with a smile, placing a light kiss on his lips that made him smile.

"G'night Katara," he replied contentedly.

She smiled warmly at him and turned to her brother. "'Night, Sokka," she said simply, striding from the room with Toph.

After a short while, Aang yawned. "I think I'll turn in too," he said.

"Okay, but I'm coming with you," Sokka said, getting to his feet. The boys left the great hall and made the short walk back to the house the four of them shared.

Aang went into his room, and Sokka went into his own. Five minutes, maybe ten, and Sokka's snoring rang out through the house. Aang crept silently from his room, down the dark hall, past Toph's room, and through Katara's doorway.

Sometimes she'd be awake, smiling at him. Sometimes she'd be sleeping peacefully. It didn't really make a difference.

Tonight she was asleep. Aang slipped beneath the blankets behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her back tightly against his chest. She sighed, in his arms again. Touching him again. Right where she wanted to be.

"Hey, Aang," she murmured tiredly. "Took you a while…"

"Sorry," Aang whispered, raising a hand and trailing his fingertips down her bare arm. She smiled, placing her hands on his other hand, which was still on her stomach. He smiled. She knew how much he loved her hands. She subconsciously began tracing the arrow tattoo on his hand with her fingertips. As always, her hands were hot on his, warming his skin instantly.

"S'alright," she sighed. "Just glad you're here."

"I'm always here," he replied with a yawn, leaning his head forward and burying his face in the back of her shoulder.

Katara laughed a little, his lips tickling her skin. "I know," she murmured. "But I'm still glad."