Ok this is just something i wrote last week when i was really fed up with everything...This is something that i wrote in my diary.

Warning: I apologise for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors

Disclaimer: I do not own beyblade for if i did there would be shirtless Kai galore

Why is life so great for everyone else? They all have boyfriends,jobs, or go to university and have a heap of friends.

Whats so horrible about me that i can't have a full week of happiness? I have small moments, brief glimpses of happiness before its brutaly snatched away from me.

Leaving me broken and bleeding on the floor, no one is ever here to pick up the pieces i'm alone, i dont mind it but soemtimes everything gets to me and i realise that i am alone and no one cares, no one loves me.

I'm never gunna get a boyfriend, the ones i've gone out with have all been asses, sometimes i think it would be better to run away and become a nun that way i'll never have to wrry about any of that stuff.

I hate that i've built all these walls arounf me, and i hate even more that no one has tried to get through them or over them.

I even hate that i can be in a crowded room and yet i feel so alone. Sometimes i wish there was a delete button to my life, so i could leave and never look back.

But theres not so i have to content myself with living my lonely cold life. I'm not strong enough to kill myself. I've never had any courage.

It just goes to show that the weak will always be left standing in the corner wiching they could leave yet not strong enough to go through with it.

My whole life is a lie nothing seems real to me anymore, eberywhere i look everythings fake, it holds no meaning to me.

Childhood places such as the park bring back no happy memories for me, the only things i remember was being pushed and shoved aside while my elder sibling ran for the good swing.

I was always left to stand in the dirt alone. No one came and took hold of my hand.

Daddy was always working and for the first three years of my life i never knew him, Mother was always more interested in what the eldest was doing.

Praising all his achievements and scolding me for not being like him.

At age four i was sent to a speech therapy clinic because i had trouble reading and writing. Dyslexia they called it.

I was scolded for having that.

I always had to work twice as hard as everyone else and i never got anywhere for a very long time.

I was also having trouble pronouncing words and letters, that just made things worse i was told off got not being like my elder brother, my entire life i've been looked down upon for not being like him.

No wonder my life isnt happy and sappy like everyone else's.

I just wish i was a strong enough person then maybe i would be able to push delete.

Ming Ming

Alright there it is so tell me if you liked it or not