Harry smiled as he felt Draco's arms wrap around him. "Morning, Love." He whispered into Harry's ear. "Morning." Harry turned around, keeping his body tangled in Draco's arms, "I'm surprised that Sirius let you stay the night." He pecked Draco's nose.

Draco gave a small growl, and hoisted Harry. With Harry in his arms, he walked to the bed, and lowered himself on top of him. "I am too." He kissed Harry on the forehead, and moved onto his lips. Harry eagerly allowed Draco passage to his mouth, and he groaned as Draco made his body tremble with pleasure.

"Dray." He moaned.

"Yes, Love?" Draco said, lifting Harry's shirt. Harry arched into the touch, when Draco's hand glided over his chest. Draco began to place kisses along Harry's neck, causing said boy to moan.

"We should stop." He whispered, though he clearly did not want to.

"Why? Don't you like what I'm doing to you?" He began to thrust himself against Harry. "I know I do."

Harry felt himself begin to thrust into Draco as well. "I do, but…" He let off in mid groan as Draco bit and sucked on his neck. "Sirius."

"What about him?" He said, kissing Harry's jaw line.

"He's in the next room."

"What!" Draco said, stopping all his ministrations. "I thought we were all alone." He sat up, and Harry pulled his shirt back down. "He said that he wanted to spend the day with us."

"I see." Draco looked at the door. "That would have been terribly embarrassing, if he had walked in on us."

Harry grinned. "I've seen worse." He crossed his legs, "The other day, I needed to speak with Remus, and well…I knocked, and no one answered, so I opened the door. Full blown view of Sirius and Remus."

"That would have been hot." Draco replied.

"Draco!" Harry cried, throwing a pillow.

"It would have been." He said, grinning, throwing his own pillow.


Harry and Draco slowly walked down the hallway; all was quiet. "Sirius? Remus?" He called out.

"In here, Harry." He heard Remus reply.

"Is it safe?" Harry asked, smiling. "I really don't want to intrude, on any special moments."

"Merlin, get your butt in here, Harry." Sirius said. "You too, Draco." Harry, with Draco in tow, walked into the living room, with his eyes closed.

"Draco, is everything covered?" He whispered, silently laughing.

"Ah, the horror!" Draco said suddenly, as he rounded the corner, into the living room. "Run, Harry, run."

"He lies!" Sirius retorted, and both boys began to laugh uncontrollably. "Prat." Sirius mumbled.

"Don't worry, Love." Remus said, patting his back. "I love you still." Sirius smiled. Harry and Draco took their place on the couch. "So wants on the agenda for today, boys?"

Draco smirked, looking at Sirius, and then Harry. "I know what I want to do, but I really don't see that happening, so what do you want to do, Harry?"

Harry giggled. "Well…" He cut off in mid suggestion, as Severus strolled out of the fireplace. "Harry, Draco, Remus, Mutt." He said in greeting. He sat himself down next to Draco, on the couch.

"I resent that." Sirius said.

"You can't help what you are." Severus replied. "How are you Draco?" Sirius harrumphed in the background.

"Dandy, and Harry was just about to tell us all what he would like to do today." He answered. "Harry?"

Harry looked at everyone, tears in his eyes. "Well, as I was saying, I would…"

"Harry?" Draco questioned.

"I want…this to be real."


Harry's eyes slowly opened, a tear falling, as he nestled deeper into his sheet and pillow for warmth that wasn't there. He remembered now. Draco didn't love him at least he didn't anymore. No one did, for he was alone again. Back at Privet Drive. The one place that he had thought he would never have to return to.

No one had a choice in forgetting him. It was all a plot, concocted by Lucius and Dumarkus. Of course, even they didn't remember their own plot. He, Harry, was the only one that remembered the true events of his sixth year at Hogwarts. And he didn't have a clue on how to make everyone remember.

Harry sighed in defeat. It seemed as if Dumarkus and Lucius had actually won. Harry was miserable. That's what was supposed to happen. He had finally been happy because he had family that cared for him, a professor that worried over him, friends that were there, and a boy that loved him. But that was no more.

That life was over. It had been over since right before Christmas break. That had made it so much better, Harry thought sarcastically. He had gotten to spend the holidays alone just like he always had, unless Vernon had requested him home.

Ah, Vernon. Yes, he was free. No one could quite remember why he was at Hogwarts in the first place, but they had sent him straight back to Privet Drive with their apology for the mix-up.

He hadn't been too happy about that. Harry hadn't been able to use his arm properly for a couple weeks after Vernon taught him a lesson. He had been detested with the thought that he had been in that freak school.

A knock sounded at the door.

"Coming." Harry grumbled, as he climbed out of the bed. His relatives were oddly quiet with him lately. Harry usually had to assume what they wanted. The only time that they ever spoke to him was when they gave him his list of chores, and when Vernon was teaching him a lesson, though that usually involved yelling.


Harry walked into the kitchen, and immediately began the breakfast. Dudley was still in bed, as he had had a long night. Petunia was fawning over her husband and Vernon was reading the paper. Not much excitement in the life of the Dursley's.

Harry grabbed the pepper and lightly shook some onto the eggs. The way Vernon liked it best. Harry had to admit that Vernon was a little bit less angry than he had been last year, but that was probably because of the spell. He didn't know of everything that he had done. In one way, that spell was a blessing. It made it much easier to deal with the Dursley's.

Petunia and Dudley. Harry didn't understand how it happened, but in the middle of last year Vernon, or at least Harry assumed it was Vernon, had pretended to be a burglar and attacked his family sending them to the hospital. But somehow, amazingly, both Petunia and Dudley were back in the household none the wiser.

"Breakfast is ready." Harry announced to the silent couple. Petunia took her seat, and they both began to munch happily on the eggs. "Thanks boy."

Harry froze. Vernon had just thanked him. What was going on? The world must be off its tilt. Harry nodded. Things like this were occurring more and more often in the Dursley household. Harry merely accepted it as the norm.


Severus Snape growled in frustration. He had to pick up another bloody brat. Damn McGonagall. Damn school project. Damn Dumbledore.

It was one month before school was scheduled to begin, and Dumbledore just happened to come up with the most brilliant idea, all the seventh years were going to be allowed to come to Hogwarts to get reacquainted with their final year. They would get extra help in studying, their N.E.W.T.S., and anything that they might need help on.

Only a few out of all the seventh years had actually decided to go this little 'brilliant' idea. Severus could only think of around ten that had decided to do this. He seriously doubted that this project would do much, but he had no choice in the matter, he was the only the messenger after all.

He snarled to himself as he apparated to the next wizard's home. The place was absolutely dreadful. All neat and rich. The neighborhood was perfectly perfect. He loathed people like that. Probably arrogant and insolent.

Nevertheless, he rang the doorbell.


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