Chapter 8

Kaila and I walked up to the main door. I pushed in the doors, walking quietly down to the dungeons. I was almost to our dorm when a voice stopped me.

"Potter! What are you doing out of bed?"

Harry jumped at the thick voice fear racking his petite frame he turned around only to find it was just Blaise.

Harry sighed glad it wasn't any one else, but if Blaise talking to him scared him that badly how would he deal with everything else

"I just got back from a family reunion" Harry explained.

"And I brought my cousin Kaila too, she will be going here next year and her family basically abandoned her when they were told she was a witch. So I brought her here so she has somewhere to stay until the school year starts." Harry explained. Blaise nodded as they walked into the forested room. Kaila gasped in awe Harry saw Blaise look over and smile before he walked to his bed. Harry showed Kaila to his bed and told her to go back to bed Harry placed a silencing charm on himself so he wouldn't scream and scare or wake anyone else, and binding charm as well after he was situated under the covers. He hoped the spell held through the night, ever since his run in with Vernon, he could feel his magic faltering in strength. Harry finally drifted off to sleep, but he was only met with nightmare after nightmare from which he couldn't seem to escape. Finally a bright light woke him, the lights from the forested room had come in through his ivy drapery successfully waking him, Harry canceled the charms and crawled out of bed, Kaila was already dressed and sitting quietly on his bed reading a book. Harry quickly conjured up a screen and changed into his wizarding robes. He walked with Kaila, his arm over her small shoulders her wide hazel eyes buzzing around the halls and room even though she was silent. Her long light strawberry blonde hair curled in small perfect ringlets resting just above Harry's arm as he lead her into the Great Hall for lunch since they had slept through breakfast. Harry walked up to Remus and pulled him aside explaining Kaila's situation and how if she tried to go home it would be worse than when he used to go home. Remus agreed to find someone to watch over her until school started in two weeks.

Harry grabbed a small sandwich and ran out seeing as he was late for the group meeting that as a sign had said was to be in the potions room. Harry walked into the room swallowing the last bite of his small meal.

"Nice of you to finally join us Potter"

Sev said dully in an exasperated tone, harry had never heard Sev use with him, he drew back as if stung. Narcissa, who was next to him smacked him upside the head mouthing "Be nice" to him, Sev shocked just nodded.

"Now we are drawing names out of a hat to decide who we are with for our research team we are in. Then we are drawing to find out which topic we are researching with them." Sirius explained holding out a red top hat.

Harry ended up with Hermione, Draco with Neville, and Blaise with Ron. Then the assignments were given out. Harry and Hermione got Wandless magic. Harry almost laughed at the perfection of his assignment, now he could look into his own wandless magic at the same time. Draco and Neville got Healing that didn't just include physically but mentally as well. Blaise and Ron however, got Dark Arts, much to Ron's disappointment. Each group was split into two divisions for wandless magic they were learning and study of why and then how to do it and control it. Hermione automatically called doing the studying, on wandless magic's origins and the fundamentals that cause it. Harry was fine with getting the how to produce and control it. In Healing their was the physical and mental, Draco and Neville decided not to split up so they each got both sides of it. Blaise and Ron spilt up into passive aggressive spell which Blaise got after a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors; while Ron got aggressive spells.

"Each night we want you all to report something back to us that you've found out about your part and subject. The teachers are all glad to help you with whatever you need, to start off, Remus go with wandless magic, Sirius dark arts, and I'll stay with the healing group. We are going to meet back here at 7 before dinner, so you have 6 hours get to it." Sev said Turning to take Draco and Neville to his office. Remus and Sirius lead their groups into the library.

The two groups spilt up, Hermione sprinted off to a secluded corner of the library with Ron as they worked on their projects. Harry and Blaise were stuck at another table, Remus, smirked at Harry,

"So do you know how to practice and control wandless magic?" Remus said. Harry nodded

" Ok, lets try something simple like Wingardium Leviosa. Channel your magic through your stomach, and concentrate on the piece of paper as you say it and you may feel like you have an extra arm, this is your magic, use your magic arm to lift the paper." Harry nodded he never would have guessed how hard it was to perform wandless magic after the amount of times he had produced wandless magic carelessly and without a second thought.

Harry stared at the paper and concentrated on it lifting up , it jerked up slowly faltering speed as his magic's strength did. Harry smiled, but was remembering how many times he had used wandless magic to cover things up. Blaise clamped his hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry felt the spinning tug as they were both thrown backward into the memories of the past year. As they came back to reality Remus was sitting on the table not phased at all. "I remember" Blaise whispered, Remus nodded. "Who else remembers?" Blaise asked. As he shook his head.

"Yourself, Narcissa, and myself, and of course Harry as well." Remus said.

Blaise smiled,

"Its good to remember". Harry smiled as well.

"If you need to talk to me about Draco, the last 9 months, I'll listen and be here for you... you are my best friends soul mate after all." Harry's eyes widened, as he nodded

"I'm going to see if I can find anything about that spell." Blaise said heading toward the restricted section.

Harry continued to learn how to control and wandless magic. Harry's magic was back in full strength by the end of the day. Remus had taught him enough about wandless magic for the day and he was incredibly surprised at how powerful Harry's magic really was, and surprised it hadn't hurt him yet or anyone else yet, well except for flinging a china plate at Sev. Which Remus had only found to be highly entertaining. Blaise came back over as the library was closed up for the day and the other group rejoined them outside the library. Blaise starred at Ron for a few seconds before turning away and walking beside Harry as they went back to the meeting room.

Each person presented a fact Blaise supplied a name for the curse Dumarcus had used

"One of the best kinds of passive aggressive dark arts spells are the ones that tamper with some ones memory. One of the most effective in this group is the Feldilius charm's evil twin. This spell is called the Belmdilius curse, it locks away all memory of a certain thing with in someone's mind, so for all we know it has been cast on us and our last year here was actually completely different then what we remember it to be." Blaise said, staring at Remus and Harry. Remus nodded to Blaise appreciatively. Harry smiled at the mention of the year being different then what everyone remembers it to be. Everyone got up to go eat at that point, Remus and Narcissa snuck off to the library though to research the curse Blaise had just described.