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Story: Sad, but True

Chapter: Mistake

In feudal Japan the frosted crescent moon high above was glowing down on the fresh dewed grass, its lust shining the forest through cracks of tree branches. It illuminated the sky, lighting up the area of the Bone Eater's Well. It's image reflecting in near puddles.

The wind having the long slender branches sway in the breeze, splitting the moist blades of grass. Crickets scattered around the damp earth singing their nightly tunes having the effect of calming people with their peaceful chirps. Everyone except a teenage girl wearing her green school outfit which was damp from the light drizzle and filled with mud stains from sliding into a mud puddle.

She was perched on the sturdy ledge of the well, her body racked with soft sobs that were softer than a whisper. Her raven hair that usually swayed beautifully in the breeze, shining in sun's rays was now also dripping and scattered wildly across her shoulders. The drips of rain came falling from her locks and onto to her delicate skin which sent shivers down her spine. She had a cut from a tree branch.

Her hands caressing her face as her tears slid down from her chocolate brown eyes down her soft pale skin. She stilled sat weeping, her eyes held much sadness from Inuyasha's betrayel.



Kagome was wandering through the forest trying to find Inuyasha who suddenly disappeared half an hour ago. Kagome swiped at a branch who was in her way, the hanyou had said he would be back in a few minutes from his walk.

Kagome's muscles stiffened forming frightening images of Inuyasha dead or injured on the forest floor covered in blood that she could only view swiveling into her mind, sending shivers from the tips of her fingers to her toes. She jumped a little when she heard a snowy white owl spotted with black circles featured on his ruffled feathers hoot from the inside of his perch in a oak tree.

As twigs snapped under her shoes every step she took. The chill of the cool night air swaying her hair around and gently howling by her ears. Her eyes filled with worry as she imagined more horrifying images and quickened her pace through the forest and padding across the earth.

As she saw the forests rush be her very eyes as it was a memory only that has vanished. Her pace getting faster as she formed images of various demons watching her from hiding spots their eyes filled with lust to kill and the pleasure of it. (Sorry guys I know this is bad)

Kagome wasn't paying attention as she ran up the forest floor crushing leaves. A tree branch swiped at her cheek leaving a small thin cut that had a drop of blood fall. Her hand reaching the cut and feeling a drop of warm red liquid fall on her finger.

As the young woman reached an opened area she caught of a glimpse of red. Her heart slowed as she knew her Inuyasha was just past this tree and she let a sigh of relief escape her lips that she knew he was safe. As she glimpsed at Inuyasha, her heart started to shatter at the sight before her eyes.

Inuyasha was there all right, but in the arms of the girl she hated Kikyo. The thing that made her heart break was that they were kissing each other deeply and it appeared that he looked like he was enjoying it. The two were also embracing one another tightly. Of course unaware to her Inuyasha knew she was there and he felt guilt, but he knew it would be better this way.

As Kikyo spotted Kagome her eyes danced in victory as an evil smile appeared as she kissed Inuyasha more deeply. Inuyasha's eyes filled with disgust as she saw her do this. As Kagome's heart shattered as every second passed she whispered coldly so only he could here.

"I thought I loved you, but I guess I'm just a little annoying wench that you hated ever since we met," she said as the moon shined on her tears. His ears drooped sadly down onto his head as he felt even more guilt. She sped away from there heading towards the Bone Eater's Well. As she kept racing her eyes were blurry from the tears and slipped on the slippery mud. As her shirt was stained with mud as she looked up and felt that fate was mocking her. The trees seemed to be laughing as there branches swayed towards her.

End Flashback


Kagome sobbed harder as she ket replaying the memory, crying harder as it came to the image of Kikyo and Inuyasha kissing.


Back with Inu

Inuyasha broke out of Kikyo's grasp feeling the guilt wash over him harder and the pain.

Its better this way, he thought.

At least she would have someone better. Inuyasha looked at the spot where Kagome stood, he stood could feel the scent of salt and…blood?! (Remember the cut)

Inuyasha started to get worried what if she came to him as she was injured and looked for him for help. Inuyasha started to chew his claws starting to become nervous. What have I done? Kikyo though was pleased with herself as she finally ruined Inuyasha's and Kagome's relationship.

Inuyasha turned and saw Kikyo's cheery mood and felt stupid for choosing someone who didn't care about anyone else's feelings like Kagome."Sorry I got to go," said Inuyasha running following Kagome's scent. Kikyo grew a cold stare as her blood started to boil, her happy mood crumbled as she readied her bow.

"Oh no you don't!" she shouted releasing a bow. As Inuyasha kept running suddenly a bow shot by his face cutting one of his hairs. He looked back into the cold eyes of Kikyo.


"Why! Because Inuyasha you are mine and mine alone!" she laughed as she readied another arrow. "Now come to me like good little puppy." (I know Kikyo would never do this, but yah whatever) Inuyasha's eyes filled with anger as she stared at her not believing that she just shot an arrow at him and those words reminding him when Naraku tricked them.

As he raised a claw in anger he remembered Kagome and let Kikyo go this time. She is lucky I need to go to the one I truly love. He leaped away leaving a pissed off Kikyo.

"How dare he ignore me!" she shouted. Soon her twisted mind started developing an evil plan into her mind. Kikyo laughed evily, "Oh you will pay for leaving me here Inuyasha! But don't worry soon you and me will be living in the depths of hell."


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