Story:Sad, but True

Chapter:Jealousy is An Ugly Thing Prt.1

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Three jaws were slackened a bit; hanging down so far it might touch the ground. Each eye was widened to the maximum length that it may even pop out of their sockets and roll on the floor. But jealously was filled to the core in Ayumi's body that her stomach was churning and her hands kept clenching and unclenching, she even grinded her teeth together to calm herself from punching someone in the face. Kagome could have burst out laughing, but she just decided to hide her smile yet Inuyasha only looked confused, but he hid behind Kagome for protection from the three girls.

Kagome was amused to no ends. "You know girls," she mused looking at each girl. "If you keep your mouths open too long you might catch flies." The three quickly shut their traps and glared, in an instant Kagome was bombarded with questions that she was even dragged down to the couch.

"When did this happen?"

"Why haven't you told us sooner?"

"When is this wedding?"

"Why are you marrying my Inuyasha-kun!?" They demanded answers yet Kagome seemed more surprise by Ayumi's question and her jaw tightened. Kagome cracked her knuckles, making sure they could hear the cracks and they winced. The three knew when to back off a tempered Kagome, last time when they saw her like this were when they were toddlers. Eri accidentally misplaced her teddy bear and all hell went loose, never touch Kagome's Mr. Bear. Ever. Or you might end up in a coma for I don't know……three months? At least.

Inuyasha was intrigued and his ears swiveled almost knocking the hat to the floor of the living room or should I say carpet with its light feathery touch even though when you fell really hard even the fuzziness couldn't stop you from screeching 'ow!' Alright enough explaining about tiny things in our world that can cause pain, on with the drama!

Kagome waved them off and took a deep breath to calm herself. She stared at them amusedly. "Girls, girls I'm a grown woman besides me and Inuyasha have fallen in love!" Eri and Yuka awed at this, it was adorable to hear a romance between a friend and their lover yet Ayumi didn't find it quite cute.

"Yet your not a woman, you're a high school student!" Well Ayumi, Kagome is technically woman because she has her 'special' time of the month you see and yeah that's what happened. Psh, teenagers.

Kagome scowled. "Ayumi I know it's hard to believe, but I'm getting married to the one I love and to the one who actually returns my feelings." The awes were heard throughout the living room that even Korari (Mrs. Higurashi) was blushing. Ayumi's eyes softened.

"Yet what about Ho-"

"He was only obsessed with me, it wasn't true love hun." Look at Kagome talking like she was already a married woman in her teens. Geez where are the times, soon their will be grandchildren walking around, but first seeing her walk down that aisle with that beautifulwhite gown. Not your pink or blue and definitely not rainbow colors. Ayumi slumped her shoulders and sighed, she accepted defeat for this round. Her Inuyasha-kun will not be cared for by her yet she couldn't let the chance slip away. Kagome saidfiancé not husband so it won't commit against the Ten Commandments. (Have no idea why I put it in there)

"Well," Ayumi picked up a devilish grin as she drummed her fingers together. "Why don't we congratulate you two," Ayumi squeezed out the next words, tasting bad on her tongue. "love birds by going to the carnival that is close by! It's closing this weekend and today is Friday close to Halloween soon!" "(Yes here you go the month) The next two girls faces lit up like a thousand candles and exploding of fireworks, Eri and Yuka squealed at the idea. Kagome stuck out her tongue and shook her head violently from side to side, Inuyasha just looked confused as ever.

"Now way! No, no, no!" She didn't feel like going to the carnival now. They had to return to Sango and Miroku. Besides she wanted some alone time with Inuyasha, her courted, and her man. Yet her friends thought nothing of it and proceeded to drag her out the door.

"Mom!!! Inuyasha!!!!!! Do something!!" screamed Kagome as she was being lifted up in the air by her friends and were now walking down the sidewalk as Mrs. Higurashi was giggling and waving goodbye.

"Go on dear," Korari nudged Inuyasha towards Kagome's direction and he scratched his head, shrugged, and followed. Kagome's screams disturbing half of Tokyo.

"Inuyasha! You better come here right now! Damn it!" Now you know when Kagome starts cursing she means business so now Inuyasha ran like hell before she said, 'it.'

Sango watched the clouds loll by, swinging her legs over the water of a pond. She sighed, she wanted Kagome and Inuyasha to come soon, and it was getting boring. Besides Miroku is probably still flirting with other women of course, maybe even married ones too! Pervert.

She growled under her breath and kicked at the water, ruining the reflection of herself watching frogs jump on Lilly pads. Her mind wandered to nothing in particular, the leaves rustled behind her, but she didn't notice. Her head fill with the final battle and what would become of it.

Will any of them survive? Will she or worse….. her friends? Will it be like all over again, losing another family? Her eyes brimmed with tears just thinking about it yet she need to stay strong for everyone's sake. Swiping at her eyes, she felt her hand being caught and a thumb wiping her tears away.

"Why are you crying my dear?" She gasped as she saw Miroku in front of her, smiling. Sango grumbled incoherently, crossing her arms and turning away.

"I'm not crying." He chuckled and her heart seemed to flutter up to her throat that she couldn't talk, but just watch the nature around her. He pulled her in close and she sniffled a bit. Miroku kissed the top of her head, knowing all too well the problem. His hot breath whispered in her ear that made her shiver.

"It will be alright." Sango closed her eyes and sighed. He always made her feel like this. Special. She grabbed a hold of his robes and pulled more tightly to feel secure and be blanketed by the feeling of reassurance. Sango could feel him smiling against her, repeating the phrase over and over. "It will be alright." Her dry lips seemed to formed words as her throat became dry.

"I hope so."

"Here we are!" shouted Yuka raising her hands over her head. You could see the struggling Kagome in the background being held down by Ayumi and Eri. Inuyasha was just too afraid to get near his courted, maybe because of Ayumi looking at him intently. "Kagome stop struggling," said Yuka turning her head to them showing her pearly whites in a smile. "It's the carnival!"

Kagome growled and looked at her madly. "So! That does no mean you carry me kicking and screaming here! Besides," she spat. "What's so special to do here?" Eri's eyes flamed with fury, letting go of Kagome who staggered for balance yet the fury in Eri's eyes made her stand still and listen. Eri's finger shook and Kagome gulped.

"Kagome stop acting like a child! We haven't seen each other in for-EVER! And you are acting like your five!" All Kagome could here was blah, blah, blah. She didn't really pay attention as she stood in a haze looking at a rollercoaster and the Ferris wheel. The cotton candy machine whirling in her ears and the scent of hotdogs and hamburgers wafted to her nose. A frat boy's dream yet she seemed to be more interested in the pink soft goodness called cotton candy. She drooled. "Kagome……Kagome! Are you listening to me?" shouted Eri waving her arms around. As the two argued and grumbled as Yuka was just paying attention to cute guys passing by, Ayumi seemed to slither to Inuyasha.

"Hey…" purred Ayumi as she nuzzled into Inuyasha's robes. Inuyasha's eyes widened to a saucer as Ayumi acted like a chestnut cat. He started to freak out when Ayumi picked her head up and looked at him in a obsessive haze, she puckered her lips at him and giggled. There distance seemed to be decreasing also.

"Why don't we ditch them and go on our own ways. Does that seem fun?" asked in a way that made any man shudder, looking at him in the eyes and he seemed to be confused. He stood his ground, saying his famous line 'feh!' and pushed himself out of her grip and proceeded to the other girls. Though she didn't seemed to be finished as she kept a hold of his sleeve and actually led him to the other girls, but he didn't notice how she cuddled in his sleeve and wrapped her arm around his. Though Inuyasha did notice how Yuka, Eri, and Kagome's argument stopped instantly when Inuyasha stood next to Kagome with Ayumi still holding onto him.

"Ayumi," Kagome hissed locking eyes with her 'friend'. "You can let go of my fiancé now." Ayumi glared and let go of his sleeve hesitantly though. Kagome smiled and Inuyasha wrapped his arm around her. Forgetting the tension in the air Ayumi started hopping up and down and pointing at a specific rollercoaster. 'The Terminator?' thought Kagome sweat dropping, 'that sounds fun.' Ayumi seemed to grin evilly, she knew that her friend Kagome was a littlequeasy around heights. Kagome began to shake in the knees.

"What's wrong Kagome?" said Ayumi sweetly. "Not too scared are you? If you are that's fine we all can-"

"No!" argued Kagome. "I'm just excited that's all," she added on smiling, trying to stop the shake in her knees. Inuyasha looked down at her and then at the scary machine where he could millions of screams and people raising their arms above their heads in these cars.

"Are you okay Kagome?" Inuyasha asked looking down at her. Kagome looked up into his eyes and she saw sincere. "We don't have to go." Kagome smiled and wiped off the dust on her clothes.

"No that's okay." She kissed his nose and commented on how sweet that was. He blushed cherry and said his favorite line 'feh.'

"I only said that so you wouldn't cry in front of everyone wench," said Inuyasha crossing his arms. Kagome growled and yelled at him.

"Hey! I wouldn't of cried! Si-" Inuyasha quickly slapped his hand on her mouth to muffle the word she was about to utter and Kagome glared at him.

"Shh do you want to reveal that I'm a half demon?" he hissed and Kagome smiled sheepishly. Fluttering her eyelashes cutely, she laughed nervously when her friends were looking at them strangely. Inuyasha smirked as she rubbed the back of her head nervously.

"Hehe well………why don't we just go on that ride already!" Kagome shouted, but as soon as those words left her mouth. She just wanted to swallow them back up by the devilish grin on Ayumi's face. The way Ayumi looked right now was one of those scary people in a horror film, drumming their fingers together saying 'Good evening' in a hiss.

"Then let's go!"

Shippo sighed as he sat on a rock, a lollipop stuck in his mouth. Kirara nearby chasing mosquitoes and insects around. He sat there and wondered what took Kagome and Inuyasha so long, he knew Sango and Miroku were in the hut doing god knows what. Kaede doing her priestess duties and him with his friend Kirara playing around. He gave the stick a final lick before disposing it by throwing it behind him to the floor, unfortunately sticking to Kirara's forehead.

She whined and clawed at the stick, rolling around to try to get it off of her as Shippo just stood from his rock and stretched. "Ah I'm bored, I'll just go to the well to see if Inuyasha and Kagome have come back yet." Shippo strolled on by singing his own song, poor Kirara left behind to try to retrieve that lollipop stick from her fur. Even though unknown to him the sky seemed to darken, the air seem to be silenced only the sound of his song, which is……Rubber Ducky? Was heard. Eyes glowed in the shadows and Kirara seemed to be stricken in a fighting pose, forgetting the lollipop stick. Kirara growled.

The vibrations carried to his ear and he froze and gave her a sideways glance.

"What is it Kirara?"

She swallowed hard looking over at everything as the group and her were the ones next to ride in the carts. Hearing the screams in her ear drum sent a chill down her spine as she watched the different loops and turns. Kagome remembered the way her hair flew to the side when the cart was going so fast above her when it passed. It was fast. Inuyasha tightened his grip on her shoulder, he really didn't like a girl to be afraid especially his. He turned her around and kissed her forehead, mind the people in the background how her friends gushed. Kagome smiled and the metal gates opened to show that it was their turn. It was two people a seat so Ayumi fumed when Inuyasha started getting into the seat, Kagome closely following behind him. All of a sudden Ayumi seemed to push Kagome out of the way with a shove of her elbow and seemingly 'tripped' to land right by Inuyasha his face all confused as he looked back up to Kagome. He started to get up, but was stopped by Kagome.

"Don't worry it's fine just enjoy the ride Inu," Kagome smiled looking at Ayumi from the corner of her eye. She was irritating Kagome very much today. Inuyasha shrugged and continued to lay in his seat as Ayumi seemed to be leaning closer on him. Eri and Yuka exchanged glances as they all took their seats. Kagome seemingly fuming in her seat and pouting, Ayumi fluttering her eyelashes way too much as Inuyasha just wanted her to stop her advances. This was going to be a long day, then all of the sudden the machine jerked and men ran along side the carts to buckle metal straps across everyone's chest and Inuyasha growled when one came up to him, scared the man quickly strapped it on Inuyasha and proceeded quickly away.

Ayumi giggled, why Kagome shook her head as the man buckled her seatbelt and 'accidently' let his hand linger on her thigh and gave her a wink. The nerve! He was gone before she could yell at him. She let out a frustrated sigh as she watched Ayumi smile sitting by herInuyasha. Kagome shook her head, smiling a little, now she sounded like possessive Inuyasha. As the ride jerked forward, the wind hitting her face she decided to breath calmly and let her stress not get the best of her. This just might be the last time she spent time with her friends, now that thought made Kagome sad.

"That was so much fun!" squealed Yuka jumping excitedly. Her friends had to agree with her, but Kagome seemed a little bit riled up still as she felt her head go dizzy again. The rollercoaster was fun, but she will never want to go on something called anything with the word scream or terminator ever again.

"Hey since we had such a fun time on that rollercoaster I suggested how about we try something else."said Ayumi, 'oh here we go.." thought Kagome. Ayumi pointed at a tent a few feet from them it was big and red stripes adorned and a ticket booth was in front of it holding a male teenager who just handed a little girl and her mother tickets. Their eyes went to the light colored sign it read, HALL OF MIRRORS FUN HOUSE.

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