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Harry heading back to Hogwarts after the longest summer of his life was something he'd been waiting for since he had returned to living with the Dursleys.. Having a tragic accident practicing his seductivim charm, a spell that causes women to do erotic dances while disrobing, he had to spend most of his days in the hospital recovering from a blow to the head from the poor girls' mother. When word hit Hogwarts, there was no way anyone would ever be able to let him live this down.

"Harry!!" screamed Ron as he spotted his best friend arriving at King's Cross station.

"Ron! Watch out!" yelled Harry while Ron ran quickly towards him not noticing a baby in a stroller he was about to trample.

Making a quick turn and jump, he missed the child's head by merely and inch as he toppled over and fell directly into Harry's arms.

With a small yet passionate kiss, Harry and Ron were more than happy to be side by side again.

Ginny waits on the other side of the platform, her jealousy kicks in and can't stand to see her older brother hold hands and kiss with someone she once loved. They all wait for Hermione to come through and meet them yet there are no signs of her bushy brown hair anywhere. The whistle blows and they rush onto the train, furious and a tad worried at Hermione. They open all the doors to try and find an empty room yet they're all taken. They run into Millicent Bulestrode and Pansy Parkinson making out and Harry is thinking of using his seductivim charm he mastered so wonderfully this summer. His own bisexual tendencies bring him comfort knowing Ron is that same way.

Upon coming to the last compartment that they knew was empty, they see a bushy haired girl getting busy with not only one girl, but two. They all stop and gasp in amazement at the fact that they are witnessing their very own best friend hard at work. They are hesitant to open the glass door to let her know that they are watching, so they all stand there in amazement. Eventually Hermione realizes she's being watched and screams throwing one of the girls half way across the compartment. Harry and Ron laughed as they were humored into seeing that Parvati had her pants down with her bare ass being rubbed up against the glass window. Padma, trying very hard to hide her breasts under her hands, ran to a corner and put her head down. Hermione, laying back in a very suave manner lights a cigarette and invites them in.

She kisses Harry and Ron on the cheek twice, the way she learned from a French woman she fell madly in love with in the summer. Realizing that she had just done something that reminded her of Sherry, she pulls away making no eye contact in case tears began to fall from her daring eyes. She gets up and bids both girls farewell. She knew they were embarrassed, the way she had been embarrassed in front of all those people in the summer. So she moved out of there quickly.

Moving to the room next door they all sat down and began to ask her questions. She wasn't shocked at that they were so eager to know about her life. She had never been promiscuous. She was always the sane one, the worried one, the smart one. Yet she knew she would want to hear details if she caught someone else so she told them all about the taste of Parvati and how different it was from Padma's. They all agreed that Parvati was hotter and that everyone knew she was a better lay since the gangbang that occurred last year in mid-December.

"How did you even pick UP Parvati and Patil? They've been pretty closed off since last year" said Ginny.

"I accidentally ran into them, some weird man pushed me as he was trying to dodge a baby or something" Ginny laughed as Rons' eyes shifted.

"Well then? That still doesn't explain it all"

"So I ran into them while they were eating ice cream. They both got it all over their face and I felt terrible for what I had done. I was horny since this morning when I was on my way to the train station and out of no where I just go up to them and lick it off their face." said Hermione, taking one last puff of her cigarette before putting it out.

"I just made my move and she responded well enough to move it into the compartment next door"

"Well what about Patil? Did she just follow along" asked Ron.

"Pretty much, I gave her a quick fingering as I made out with Parvati right there on the platform" replied Hermione with a smile as sly as a fox.

They all laughed it off and caught up on things they did over the summer. Hermione didn't mention Sherry and Harry didn't mention Cazenovia, the girl he had cast his seductivim charm on.

As they made their way to Hogwarts with only a few minutes left they sat among each other, laughing and smiling, being glad they're all still together to enjoy their last year together.