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Hermione got dressed and made her way down to the Great Hall for breakfast without waiting for Ginny. She was tired, her eyes were puffy and her hair was the usual mess. She may have looked a wreck but she was still a good student, still wanting her coffee so she could get to Potions class and take notes. She was still Hermione.

Ron and Harry were already halfway through their meal; they were talking about the intense game of chess they were playing the night before and how it was unfortunate that they couldn't finish due to the fact that they were exhausted and they had left the pieces as they were to come back to tonight.

Hermione slipped right in and gave Ron two kisses on the cheek. She pulled away quickly realizing again what she had done. She replaced her sad face with a smile and asked them if they had any idea what would be going on in the first day of potions class. Professor Snape wasn't in the great hall having breakfast, she wanted to ask him a question about some potion she read in their potions book over the summer and how it didn't make any sense to her.

Ron and Harry were having a little arguement.

"No Harry, I would've murdered you in chess if I hadn't been so tired. You just happened to take out my queen when my mind was roaming" replied Ron defensively.

"Yeah sure, whatever helps you sleep at night Ronnie" said Harry showing compassion in his eyes and giving him and affectionate touch to his left hand.

"Harry, not here."

"Oh alright." said Harry pulling away slowly while letting his finger run along Ron's hand until they were no longer touching.

Hermione inhaled deeply, she felt anxious and let the knots in her chest loosen a little with a long drawn out breath.

"You guys are pretty hilarious to watch. For all I know, you could be playing footsies under there. Lets have a peak now shall we?"

"NO" yelled Ron stopping her hand from lifting the tablecloth. "Let's not go there"

Harry smiled and took a sip from his orange juice.

Ginny walked over with some weird girl none of them knew, but she walked away when Ginny sat down with the rest of the crew.

"Thanks for waiting for me Hermione!" said Ginny.

"Oh I'm sorry, I was really in the need for a smoke and I know how much you hate it so I left the room."

"It's alright" replied Ginny with her mouth half full of waffles. "I'm starving"

Harry sat there, not making eye contact with Ginny, and kicked Ron's foot away.

"I have to go get something- or something" said Harry, getting up from the table grabbing his belongings and taking one last sip from his glass of orange juice.

"I'll come with you, I have to go back to the common room." said Ginny wrapping up her waffle to go.

Hermione sat there and smiled knowing that the tension between them was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Ron sat there oblivious to it all eating his eggs and muffin. He was a slob.

Harry rushed up the stairs walking ahead of Ginny. She ran up to catch up with him.

"Harry, did you by any chance tell my brother anything? Why are you walking away, stop a sec-" but she couldn't finish her sentence.

Harry grabbed her by her hand, and pushed her into an empty classroom on the second floor next to the library. Before she could protest or even say another word Harry slammed his lips into hers and pulled her in close. He then shoved her away.

"What are you doing to me. I'm disgusted with myself Ginerva. Why did you have to make a move. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LIKE ME. This is ridiculous. Just this morning I woke up next to your brother Ron, a man I love, and not even two hours later I'm here hidden in an abandoned classroom making out with his LITTLE SISTER."

Ginny sat there against a desk, shocked and taken aback at the sudden change in mood.

"I-I- I don't know what to say. I'm sorry. But Harry you have to realize yo-"

Again, Harry lunged at her not letting her be able to finish her sentence. This time he was harder, he bit her lip, he pulled her hair, he angrily tugged at her already loose clothing. She willingly lunged back at him, letting her inhibitions go.

She did as he requested, and took off her blouse. She was wearing a white, silk bra with a navy lining to it. It cupped half her breasts giving her cleavage. Ginny was a redhead, therefore having many freckles; they covered her chest and Harry found this as more of a turn on. At this point they were well into making out, hugging, kissing, tugging at each others clothes. Harry looked at the time, and realized that he had class. With no goodbyes, he grabbed his belongings and left immediately leaving Ginny stranded on the floor, topless with her robes a mess.

Back at the Great Hall Hermione sat and asked Ron how he was feeling, how things were going with Harry and if he was content.

"I'm so glad to know he's mine. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me, he's my best friend, my lover and by god what a fantastic lover he is, and he's always around for me. I'm amazed at how happy he makes me"

Hermione smiled and felt herself getting more depressed by the minute. She wanted what Ron had. She wanted to have someone she was happy with, she missed Sherry and at that moment she bid Ron farewell and with an hour to kill before classes she went out in a hunt for someone to be with. A woman, and someone who looked nothing like Sherry.

She ran into Cassandra in the common room. Cassandra was a beautiful girl, with dark brown hair that was long and reached up to the bottom of her back. She had stunning hazel eyes and very dark skin, a curvaceous body and she was extremely tall. Hermione looked like a 5 year old child next to her. There were rumors of Cassandra being in a relationship with Diserva last year but Hermione didn't know if those rumors were even remotely true. Yet she did know Cassandra was available and alone in the same room with her. She looked nothing like Sherry- this was a plus.

She was wearing her school robes but it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. She had her tie on loosely unfortunately covering her breasts. She was sitting there, playing with the chess pieces that someone had left there from the night before. She was a seventh year, and sitting there with nothing to do. Hermione sat on the sofa and lit up a cigarette.

"Would you like one?" she asked in a sly manner, letting the smoke slowly rise out of her mouth in a desirable way.

"No thank you, I don't really fancy that brand." Cassandra replied.

"Well you can have any brand you like; anything for you" replied Hermione, getting up from the sofa making her way to Cassandra.

"Just take a puff" she guided the cigarette onto her lips and Cassandra never broke eye contact. She knew what Hermione was coming to and she inhaled deeply. Before she let out the smoke in her lungs, Hermione slowly eased into a kiss after removing the cigarette from her lips. They began to kiss slowly, passionately at first, and then gradually moving to hungry kisses. It became intense in that armchair and Cassandra standing up, lifted Hermione and made her legs warp around her waist. Cassandra pushed Hermione up against a wall and started to kiss her neck, her chest hungrily.

"Not here, up to the rooms." Hermione said in a breathy voice.

Cassandra made it up the stairs in a matter of three steps with her long legs. She threw Hermione on the bed and closed the door. Hermione was taken aback at the fact that this girl was very much like her, she was fierce, straight to the point and very very good at what she is doing. Hermione smiled and cocked her head at her.

Cassandra attacked, jumping on the bed, lunging her luscious lips onto Hermione's. This was Hermione's territory and no matter how good Cassandra was, she would dominate; she would prevail.

Hermione kissed Cassandra's neck sending tingles down her spine, making her wet. Hermione lowered her hand onto Cassy's legs, feeling them and hiking up her skirt. She had ripped open her shirt and let her breasts run amuck. Cassandra was now touching her own breasts, moaning with pleasure. Hermione undressed herself and did it quickly. She was now completely nude and on top of Cassandra. Hermione slowly pulled down Cassandra's skirt, kissing her stomach, feeling her, then stepped back and took a good look at her as she lay there naked. Cassandra laid there and looked up at Hermione and smiled. She opened her legs and said "Come here. I want to feel you. I want to taste you. I need you, NOW."

Hermione crept up on Cassy. Kissing her legs, her knees, her thighs and then making her way to what mattered most. She loved how Cassy tasted. She was delicious, she moaned with pleasure while Hermione stimulated her clitoris and drove her finger inside. Cassy climaxed with a moan that would have been heard nationwide if she hadn't covered her own mouth. Hermione had climaxed too, having touched herself in the process. Both were satisfied and Hermione lit a cigarette as she stood up and was at the edge of the bed. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was stunning, her hair was a mess, SURE, but her curves were outrageous. She stood there staring at not what she saw but at the meaning behind it.

She was unhappy with the person she'd become. She got pleasure out of it yes, but she was miserable inside. She looked at Cassandra and realized she knew she was only there to be used. She smiled.

"Thank you. Ever since Diserva I haven't really-"

Hermione put a finger to her lips.

"It's ok. Thank YOU."

Hermione dressed and walked out.

She walked into potions class with a smile on her face after having wiped off the tears before entering.