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Spoilers: Heroes Part 2

I re-wrote it finally, I took then Dan/Jan bit out, because to be quite honest, I just can't ever see it happening...he's too tall for her :P I can see them as friends, but nothing more.

10 years.

3 men. 2 women. All standing solemnly before the cold grey headstone, paying there respects to the women who meant so much to them all in different ways, as a friend, as as doctor, as a confidant and as a mother. Someone they trusted with there lives.

No plans had ever been made. They had all simply arrived at the same time, on the same day. All wishing the same thing. That they were not here at all. But every year, for 10 years that had come on this day and at this time to respect, remember and honour the woman who had saved them all countless times.

Sam stepped forward and brushed her fingertips over the cold gray stone, "Thank you Janet, for being the best friend you could ever have wished for." She whispered quietly as she laid the single flower down on the soil.

Jack stepped forward and dropped the flower on top of the other, "Thank you Janet, for all the big needles." He gave an unusually neat salute and smiled sadly at the cold gray stone before him.

Teal'c stepped forward and placed a flower on top of the other two, "Thank Dr. Frasier, for being a wonderful companion, and a compassionate woman." He stood rigidly before the cold gray stone before he bowed his head in reverence.

Daniel stepped forward, then knelt before the cold gray stone, laying a flower on top of the other three, tears threatening to roll down his cheeks, "Thank you, Janet, for never giving up on me, even in the most hopeless of times." Standing up, his shoulders shaking from the silent sobs, the tears now rolling down his cheeks. He was the one that was supposed to die, he was always the one that died. And he was supposed to be protecting her. And he had failed.

Cassandra stepped forward, dropping a flower on the other four, "Thank you Mum, for everything." She brushed a hand in reverence across the cold gray stone, silent tears running in rivulets down her face.

As all 5 stepped back, a young Captain and Doctor in the Air Force, a two star General (retired), a one star General, a Jaffa master and an Archaeologist and linguist, they all remembered the woman who had given them the chance to remember her.