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I could not believe this was happening, they had come too soon, we had thought that we would have more time. But they were here now, on the day of my graduation and I had not yet been changed.

"No please, leave them alone don't hurt them, this is my fault not theirs." Edward was holding me in his iron like grip and I was having trouble moving but I did not give up my struggle. I would not let the Cullens die because of me.

"Bella Shh, please be quite" Edward whispered in my ear. I could hear the fear in his voice. We had not been prepared for this. Alice had only had the vision of them coming 20 minutes before they showed up.

"Now Bella dear lets not take the blame, you could not turn yourself." Aro said in what I was sure he meant to be a fatherly voice.

"I would not let them turn me yet, they wanted to but I would not let them" I was doing my best to lie our way out of this, but I was a horrible liar.

"You really are a bad liar dear; now let me talk with the adults." Aro said, keeping up his horrible fatherly impression. "Now Carlisle we have been friends for a very long time and I am so sorry that we have to do this but your dear son Edward here gave me his word."

"Yes you are right Aro, Edward did give you his word and we where planning on turning her tonight. So you see there is no reason for anyone to die. If you would like you can stay and watch the transformation." Carlisle said in his calm voice.

I could hear Edward growling from behind me; I felt Jasper trying to defuse the situation with a calming atmosphere, and Emmett kept cracking his knuckles.

"Oh I wish it could be that simple, but then what would everyone else think. Jane, Felix, Caius I could really use your help now." Aro said turning to his guards with a smile.

Jane turned her gaze on Emmett and he crumpled to the ground screaming in pain. Rosalie jumped at her but Caius grabbed her and threw her across the clearing, I heard a tree crack and did not see Rosalie get up. Felix had gone after Alice but Jasper grabbed her and pulled her out of his way. By this time Caius had started to fight Carlisle and Esme, and Alice and Jasper had entered into battle with Felix.

I then felt my angel ripped away from me. Aro had grabbed him and was starting to tear him apart. Even though Aro looked weaker then Edward he was tearing my love to pieces.

"Don't please stop" I was screaming and sobbing at the same time. I was trying to hit Aro and pull him off of Edward, but of course I was like a mosquito trying to harm a cheetah. "If you leave them alone I will go with you and do what you want, just leave them alone" I could not let my love and his family die for me, I would do anything to stop this massacre.

"Anything my dear?" Aro said, stopping his assault on Edward.

"Bella don't" Edward whispered, I could tell he was struggling to speak and he could not move. It brought a fresh wave of tears. I had to look away from him so I could not look into his eyes.

"Anything, just leave them alone. Don't ever come after them again and I will do what ever you want me to do."

"Well Bella you really are the most amazing human I have ever met. You have a deal; I will even be reasonable and let you say good bye."

I ran to Edward and placed his battered head in my lap and stroked his hair. "Bella what are you doing"

"I am saving you and your family"

"Don't Bella, we are not worth it"

"Do you think I could live with myself if you died because of me" He had pulled me down to the ground and was holding me close to his chest. I looked up into his topaz eyes and saw such sorrow in them.

"I am so sorry; I will find a way to get you back. I will not stop until I get you away from them"

"No Edward you can't. He promised he would not go after you and your family; I can't stop him from hurting you if you come after him. Please don't make my sacrifice be in vain."

"I will find a way, even if it takes an eternity, I love you Bella you are my angel."

"I love you Edward, I will love you forever. Please promise me you will not do anything I would not want you to."

"Bella dear it is time to go. Caius, Jane, Felix stop your playing it is time to go." Aro said with a smile. I gave Edward one last passionate kiss that would have to last me an eternity and tore myself from his cool arms.

I looked around me at the destruction I had caused. Emmett was holding Rosalie. Jasper was holding Alice back as she struggled to run to me, and Esme and Emmett lay on the ground trying to get up. This family had only been good to me and loved me even Rosalie in her own way and I had brought this upon them, because I had thought it would be a good idea to go cliff diving. I lastly looked at my Edward. I knew that he would have run to me and kept on fighting if he had had the strength to get up. "I am so sorry, I love you all, I love you Edward" I said before Caius threw me onto his back and took of running.

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