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"Freeze mutts" Luc drawled. Jake and his brothers stopped mid action and I saw their eyes glaze over in the customary tradition of whenever Luc gave a command. "Sit, good puppies" I was shaking in anger as I watched as Jake, Sam and the rest of their brothers sat. "You really are geniuses Bells; we should have got a pet a long time ago"

"I should release them and watch them rip you apart." I said through gritted teeth.

"Ah come on my dear sister you really wouldn't want to do that" Luc said as he started to circle the pack, inspecting them. "I think enough family has died because of you for now don't you? Plus I come with news."

I looked over at Edward, hoping that he was able to hear what ever news Luc had brought. At this point I was close to losing my patients and would have enjoyed watching Luc get hurt, at least a little. My hope was dashed though when Edward shook his head slightly. "He is blocking, he is reciting the Merchant of Venice in his mind."

I couldn't help muttering obscenities under my breath towards Luc as I directed my attention back on the pack. "I am so sorry guys, I really am. My brother here is a prick, and as much as I would love to watch you take him apart piece by piece I just cannot allow that right now." I looked over at Edward to see if I was getting anywhere with them.

"They are not happy. Jake wants an explanation to who he is." Edward answered my unasked question.

I turned fully to Jake and Sam, knowing they are the ones I would have to convince. "Luc here is my adoptive brother. He has the ability to make someone do whatever he wants them to do. I know you want to destroy him, especially for what he is doing to you right now, but I need you not to. He may be an evil and a definite pain in my ass, but for right now I need him." I was pleading a little too much for my own liking, but I did need Luc, and as much as I hated to admit it Luc was my family and we had always had each other's backs when it came to outside forces. I gathered my strength and squared my shoulders. "I will not force you to do anything. You said you would help us, but I will not hold you to it after this. You said you wanted to destroy the evil that threatens the innocent lives you are bound to protect, and I respect that. I can give you evils, greater evils then you can imagine. Evils that take pleasure in torture, brutality, and murder, I can give that to you, give you a purpose."

I looked over to Edward to see if I was getting anywhere with them. Edward gave me a slight nod of confirmation. I continued on as if I was talking to my family or the small armies I had led a few times. "I have the ability to release you, but you have to promise not to attack Edward, Luc or I. You can turn around and leave or stay and help. Those are your two options, if you chose another I will allow Luc to destroy you."

I knew I had taken away Sam's illusion of control but Luc had ruined that plan when he had showed up. The look in Edward's eyes killed a small part of me. I knew he was doing his best to hide it, but he had finally let himself see a small part of who I really was now. "They won't do anything right away" Edward said finally breaking his gaze from me. I reached out with my mind and found the metaphorical line that Luc was using to tie the pack to his command and I broke it.

"What in the hell" Jake growled out as soon as he was able to stand. "Who the hell is he and why are you protecting him"

"I already told you Jake. Family" I said rolling my eyes. "Now I understand if you no longer wish to help us" I said addressing Sam.

"I must discuss this with my brothers" Sam ground out. I knew I had lost them. Thanks so much Luc I screamed in my head. As disappointed and angry as I was I kept my calm fa├žade on the outside, I had become a better liar when it came to times of commanding.

"Of course" was all I could reply with.

Sam turned to disappear with his brothers back into the woods, "I am going to stay and see what this Luc has to say" Jake said to Sam's retreating form. Sam just looked over his shoulder and gave a single nod.

I waited until the pack was long gone and I could no longer hear their heart beats before I spoke. "What do you want Luc?"

"I am not speaking in front of the mutt" Luc drawled out propping himself up against a tree. Jake let out a low growl but reacted in no other way. He had matured over the years, in the past he would have already tried to attack again.

"Cram it Luc, Jake is going nowhere, so just telling me what you have to say." I said in a tired voice. No reason to try and pretend in front of Luc.

"The Volturi have put out rewards for whoever destroys you and lover boy"

"And have you come to try and collect on that reward" I spat out?

"I am offended Bella" Luc said in mock astonishment. "I came to tell you that a couple of covens have joined together to collect the reward. They have a tracker with them and they are have already made it to Seattle."

"And why have you not come to collect the reward?" Jake asked, his voice sounded like it could freeze over the oceans.

Luc looked over at Jake like he wanted to squash him but answered him in a cheery voice as if he was a five year old. "Like Bella said, Family"

I couldn't hold back the scoff as it escaped my lips. "It is not something he wants" Edward said in a dead voice.

"What is the reward" I asked half carouse.

"A decade of freedom to do whatever you want. To do anything without worrying about the law. To do anything without any consequences." Edward answered for Luc. Luc must have given up trying to block Edward, or Edward had found a way around his defenses. Either way I could tell it was bugging Luc.

"And that is something you don't want?" I asked Luc in complete disbelief.

"I don't want freedom, I want control. We have had almost complete freedom sense we started our job. What we have not had is control." I just looked at Luc in confusion, I was confused beyond belief. I could not figure out what angle he was coming from.

"This is complete bullshit" Jake spat, I don't know what world you have got yourself involved in but the politics sounds beyond insane.

"What are you trying to get at Luc?" I asked ignoring Jake for the moment.

"Even if I was to go against our social standards and destroy my sister and her mate what would I get, something I relatively already have? You know what I have always wanted Bella, power. Your little lover may have put a wrench in my over all plans, but I do see a silver lining in this for all of us. They want to hunt you down. I say hunt them back. Take out everyone that comes at you; show the Volturi that they can no longer control what they created."

"How does this help you Luc." I asked with great skepticism.

"As you said Bells, we are family." He didn't seem to plan on continuing but my raised eyebrows must have showed that I was not fully following. "We should stick together. We take out these pathetic puces that call themselves threats. Show the world that we cannot be taken down, that we only followed the Volturi out of respect. The Volturi's only choice will be to strike a deal. At that point I will place myself as a leader of the Volturi and you can do whatever you wish."

"Have you been talking to father" I asked in a flat tone, Luc's plan did not surprise me in the least. It was just so Luc.

"Yes, and he told me your plan and I just tweaked it a little." He said with a slight shrug of the shoulder.

"He probably also threatened you to come and help me." I said slyly. "I was always his favorite" I smirked.

"I don't take threats from anyone." Luc grumbled like a put out child, but we both knew he was lying. When it came to father, we all took threats and didn't react like we would to anyone else.

"Bells your life has got way to complicated. What have you been up to these past years? The Volturi, some job with unlimited freedom, and a father?"

"I will explain as much as I can when I can Jake, but I just can't right now." I said turning slowly towards my old best friend. Even though he had reacted with almost hatred when he had first seen me, I could tell he could not hate me. Even with all of the craziness going on in my world at the moment this lifted my spirits the tinniest of fractions.

"I have already called Miguel; he is in on the plan. He should be landing in Seattle within the hour." Luc said standing up and striding in the direction of our car.

"What!" I exclaimed.

"Miguel agreed that we need to remind everyone who the Kamerue family is." He must have sensed my anger or maybe it was written all over my face because he continued on with a slight sneer; "oh don't worry Bella, Tessa is staying to protect your Cullen's, wouldn't want to get their hands dirty or put them in any harm's way, even though it was their family that started this whole mess."

I was about to strangle him when Edward put a comforting hand on my shoulder. "This is a good idea, at least for now. We are going to have to face these covens in Seattle at some point; at least we will have help."

"Fine" I growled out, "but we are doing things my way."

"Whatever you say Captain" Luc said in his usually haughty voice when he got his own way.

"I am coming with" Jake said.

"Oh Jake, your brothers are not going to help, you don't want to get involved in this alone." I said sadly.

"Don't worry about me Bella, I can take care of myself. I will let Sam know where I am going when I phase. I don't think I can ride in a car full of vamps all the way to Seattle. I will just run alongside the road."

"Jake do you really think Sam will let you come" I questioned.

"Sam doesn't tell me what to do anymore" with a questioning look from me he continued with his smile that I stilled loved "I will tell you what I can when I can." I turned towards my car with determination; there was finally a clear cut plan, at least for now. I was going to take full advantage of it. "You know I am surprised that you are not going to try to talk to these vampires first, that seems to be something the old Bella would have done." Jake mussed.

"I am not the old Bella" I said quietly as I jumped behind the wheel of the car before Edward had a chance. Slamming my foot down on the peddle barely waiting for Luc to jump into the back. "This new Bella destroys."

The drive was a silent one. The only words spoken where those by Luc giving me directions. We stopped two miles away from the warehouse that the other covens were meeting at. As soon as I pulled over Miguel walked out of the shadows. "Before you say anything mi Amor the Cullens are safe with old friends."

"I trust you" was all I said to him. I knew Miguel would not leave them unless he truly believed they were safe. I turned to the rest of my companions, it was time for a strategy. "How many are we expecting Luc?"

"There should only be 3 covens, making up 14 vampires."

I could sense Edward tense beside me. To him 14 vampires seemed like a large number, a suicide mission. I could also see Jake tense, he lifted his chin up but said nothing. I knew he was thinking that he would gladly die in there as long as he got to take a few with him. "I know this seems like a big number to you guys, but trust me when I say we are good at our job. There is a reason we have the reputation that we have."

"You are really going to have to tell me about this job sometime soon" Jake said.

I gave him a small smile, I really didn't want to tell him anything. I knew after tonight though both him and Edward were going to see the real me, no more hiding.

"Edward, Jake, as much as I know you guys want to help I am going to have to ask that you let my brothers and I take the lead on this one." I saw that they were both going to argue but I stopped them short. "I am not saying that you cannot go in there and help, but my brothers and I are professionals at this and just let us take the lead, don't try to intervene in whatever we do. We know what we are doing and have a pretty good method down."

"I am not going to argue with you Bella. I just want you to know that no matter what happens in there I love you." Edward said pulling me into a tight embrace. I let him hold me because no matter what he said now, I really didn't think he would mean it later.

I kissed him lightly and looked him in the eyes trying to show him as much as I was about to tell him. "No matter what happens, remember there is a little bit of the old me left somewhere. I love you too. I am not worried that we will not all come out of there, because I know we will all be fine." With that I turned and started running down the road towards the warehouse.

I heard my brothers beside me and took strength from that. Even if I lost Edward I would l have my family. I just had to keep him safe and alive. I channeled my emotions toward the vampires waiting unwittingly inside the large brick warehouse. I had never met them before. I had never knowingly offended them, but they had come to destroy me and my love for a little bit of freedom, a freedom to run amuck and murder and rampage without consequence. By the time I reached the doors my anger towards these unknown vampires was boiling over. NO ONE WAS GOING TO HURT MY ANGLE.

"Hello friends" I said sweetly as I slid the door open. I sensed my brothers flanking me and Edward and a morphed Jake behind me. "I know you were planning on coming and looking for me, but I thought I would make it easy on you and come to you." I started walking forwards and Luc and Miguel started to spread out. Causing the vampires to unknowingly clump together, making it easier on us.

"You were foolish to come here friend" a large vampire said to me. He had long black hair that was pulled back, his eyes were deep red from a fresh feeding. From the air of importance he was putting off I could tell he was the leader. A slight breeze started and picked up into a howling wind. I could see out of my peripheral vision that both Edward and Miguel were having trouble moving. I quickly was able to figure out who the two vampires with these powers were.

"No friend, it was foolish for you to come" I said as I stopped the wind and freed Miguel and Edward of their immobility.

Miguel lunged at the same time that Luc turned three of the vampire on each other. He soon had destroyed a fifth by making him start himself on fire. I disposed of the two gifted vampires quickly and with the grace I had learned over the years of constant practice. I saw that Jake had taken on the leader; he seemed to be doing fine so I did not worry. I kept an eye on Edward as I moved onto a fresh victim. He was able to hold his own but anyone could tell that he was not a trained assassin and my brothers and I were. Both Edward and Jake had taken down two vampires in the time that my family and I had set the others up in flames. As I dropped the last match I looked up and met Edwards's eyes. My breath caught, I could see in his eyes what I had feared most. He had finally seen me in my true form. He had seen the whole me, not just glimpses of my life here and there. His eyes were haunted, and I knew it was I that had put that look there, and I didn't know if I could ever make that look disappear.

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