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Chapter 1

Walking along in the middle of her two older brothers Haley felt protected in the unfamiliar surroundings that was to be their New college. UNCW was definitely going to be a new experience for all of them. Haley loved the campus and since they had an amazing basketball program her brothers had decided to join her there. They stopped and stared at the massive building in front of them , Cornerstone Hall. This was where they would be living for the next year. Cornerstone hall was a co-ed building that was for first years only. The went to the table that was set up in front of the doors and asked for their names.

"Lucas James, Haley James, and Jake James" Lucas told the lady sitting behind the table. "Okay Haley here is your key you are in room 2302 B and here are some papers for you to look over. Also we have laundry carts that you can use to put your things in to carry it to your room. "

"Jake you are in room 2303A and Lucas you are in room 2303B. Now will the three of you please fill out these papers when you get to your rooms and hand them into the R.A. his name is Skillz Taylor."

"Thanks" they all said before leaving, excited to see their rooms.

"Hey, you guys we're all going to be living next door to each other!" Haley said to her brothers.

"Now we can protect our baby sister from these all these big bad college boys." Jake smirked, glancing at Haley.

"So have you met your roommates yet?" Lucas asked with a wink

"No not yet , and I totally saw that wink Luke and eww. I do not need you hooking up with my roommates because then there is always the chance that I might SEE it." She said giving her best I'm about to be sick gag before turning to Jake " And Don't you forget BIG brother, you are only 6 minutes older then me and Luke is only 3 minutes older. I don't get the whole baby sister thing. So seriously now can we cut the macho, chauvinist acts and lets go and find the parents first so we can get our stuff and unload it. I want to finish unpacking so I can be ready for classes to start." Haley said leaving the two boys staring at her as she spotted her parents by the car and walked over to join them.

" We thought high school was hard protecting her from the guys , how the hell are we going to stop them now?" Jake asked Lucas pointing to a guy that was checking out Haley and glared at him.

"Hey mom ,dad we got our keys so lets grab these laundry carts and put our stuff in it." Lucas hollered over to where his parents were, picking up the pace so he could catch up to Haley.

They went around to the back of the car and were able to fit most of the guys stuff in one of the carts while Haley and Keith loaded her boxes into the remaining one. When they arrived at the room Haley was surprised that her roommate was already moved in. Well I wonder where she is, she thought to herself.

"Haleybub, where do you want this stuff?" Her father asked , pointing to the laundry cart.

"Um, you can just put it on this bed that isn't taken and I will unpack it all later."

"Ok, Why don't we go and see how your brothers are doing unloading everything and then we will take you kids out to lunch." Keith asked after they had gotten everything unloaded.

"Sounds good to me, Let's head over now then, I'm starving and knowing Jake and Lucas, they have mom unpacking everything by herself while they sit and watch television or check out female anatomy." Haley said grinning at her dad as the two walked out the door.

--------------------University Apartments -----------------

"So tell me again why I agreed to help you move in? I mean I know you want to see my hot bod but come on Peyt , there were plenty of other ways to achieve that." Nathan winked suggestively, as he brought some boxes through the door of Peyton's new apartment.

Peyton just laughed and rolled her eyes before turning back to Brooke.

"Hey P. Sawyer, I am totally going to use the spare bedroom's closet because the dorm rooms are so small. How am I suppose to fit all my clothes in there? Let alone all my shoes. Really it's like the size of a cardboard box." Brooke said all cheerfully coming out of the spare room and plopping down on the floor beside Peyton.

"Slow down B. Davis. You know I have no problem with you keeping your stuff here. Just go and grab everything that won't fit in the "box" and bring it over."

"Are you girls going to help me or just sit and play with the baby all day?" Nathan asked eyeing the girls as he started back out to get more from the truck

"Well the baby is way cuter than you, Nate." Brooke said smirking at Nathan

"That's true. But it's only because she takes after her mother and not her father." Peyton chimed in laughing. Nathan sighed and walked outside.

He grinned to himself when he got out of the girls view. He knew before he even got here today that he would have the job of lugging everything inside on his own. He learned a long time ago that when you have two girls as your best friends, it was just a given that you were the muscle and their job was to torment you mercilessly while watching from the sidelines.