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Nathan walked back to the group, still smirking as his eyes briefly met Haley's, before she broke eye contact, suddenly very interested in her shoes.

Turning his attention back to Peyton, he grimaced at the hurt look on her face. He sighed and put his arm around her shoulder, "Alright Peyt, I'll go but one stupid comment from Keller and his face is going to be very sore and disfigured, got it?" He said watching her face, waiting for her reaction.

She looked over at him and gave him a silly grin, "Aw, see I knew you'd go Nate. You totally love me, well that and Hales made you." She said and stuck her tongue out at him, causing everyone who'd witnessed the scene to burst into laughter.

Brooke was the one to recover from the laughter first, "Yeah P. Sawyer, tutor girl has hotshot completely whipped, and they aren't even dating." She said and giggled as she dodged Haley's attempt to smack her shoulder. "What? It's so true Hales." Brooke said mockingly, Haley just rolled her eyes.

Peyton laughed, "I do see some definite signs of being whipped, Damn Nate, you got it bad. What happened to Mr. no woman is going to tie me down? Equal opportunist boy toy extraordinaire?" She said and bit her lip to stop the laugh from escaping when she saw the look of horror and embarrassment cross Nathan's face.

"Peyton! I never said that." He said and then smiled sheepishly, "Oh, alright, so I did say that but I was just joking. Seriously." He said and then at Peyton and Brooke's " Yeah right" and "Liar" comments, he too became quite fascinated with his shoes.

"Well, now that we have all figured out that Nathan is totally whipped, Tutorgirl are you ready for cheer tryouts?" Brooke asked turning back to Hales.

"Um, I think I am. I found this whole packet online that tells you all about the tryouts, like what they expect us to do and things like that. Remind me when we get back to the dorms to show it to you and Peyt." Haley said, walking with the others out into the parking lot.

"Jeez Broody, is she always so, um organized?" Brooke asked Lucas. He just pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead.

"Haley was born with a blackberry and a planner in her hands, she lives for organization. Isn't that right Baby James?" He asked Haley, amusement dancing in his eyes.

"Haha real funny Jackass." Haley said and then turned to Jake with a big grin on her face. "Jakey Bear?"

Jake groaned, knowing that whatever his sister wanted wasn't going to be pleasant. "What is it Baby James? What do you want now?"

Haley got a look of mock hurt on her face, "Now Jake, I'm insulted." She said and then laughed, "Oh who am I kidding? I'm not insulted at all. I was wondering if you started working on the homework for our music class yet?"

Jake laughed, "Yeah Hales, I started it and I already know that you got it done, your always insanely early getting homework done, it's actually a very freaky quality you have." He said and then smirked when he saw her start to pout. "So since I know that, I know that you either want to listen to mine or you want me to listen to yours and tell you how amazing and wonderfully perfect it is, and of course how talented that you are."

Haley smiled and then nodded, "Your totally right but I don't just want one or the other, I want you to hear it, and I want to hear yours." She said and then turned to Peyton, "I want to hear yours too." She said, getting all excited and off in her own little world. Jake's eyes got huge however, at the thought of Peyton being there to hear his song, seeing as he'd written it about her.

"Ah, Hales, I don't think that's a good idea, Peyton probably doesn't want to hear our songs. She might still be working on hers too. Let's not pull everyone in to the craziness that is you." He said, trying hard to sound nonchalant, and failing miserably.

Peyton noticed how uncomfortable Jake had gotten and grinned, "No, I'm done and I think it's a really good idea Hales. I'd like to hear what you two wrote, from what I hear, the James' are pretty talented with music, well, except for Luke." She said and then laughed, looking at Lucas. "Sorry dude, only stating what I've been told." She said holding her hands up.

"Oh, no problem Peyt, next time just rip out my heart and step all over it why don't you?" He said sarcastically, Peyton pretended to ponder that for a second and smirked, "Deal."

Lucas looked shocked for a second and then elbowed Brooke, "Way to be supportive Cheery. You won't even defend my honor, I'm crushed." He said smirking and holding hid heart, Brooke rolled her eyes, " Goldilocks, stop picking on my man, he's feeling overly emotional today." She said and the whispered loudly so everyone could hear, "PMS."

Everyone cracked up at her comment, except for Tim, "I thought girls only got PMS, dude, guys can get it? That's so freaky, I wonder if I can get a shot to stop that, like with chicken pox." He said, scratching his head.

Brooke shook her head at him, "Oh they can Dim, I'll give you my Gynecologist's number, and they can give you the shot there." She said, trying with all her might, not to smile.

Tim looked instantly relieved, "Cool, thanks Babe. What's a gynecologist anyway? Do you think I could go this afternoon?" He asked seriously and Peyton stepped in, "Sure Tim, In fact, I don't even think you need to call to make an appointment, I have the same doctor and I usually just walk in."

Haley laughed and joined in, "Oh, and gynecologist is just a fancy name for doctor, it's totally cool Tim, and you really need that vaccine." She said and giggled, burying her face in Nathan's shoulder to smother the laughter that was growing.

"Alright cool. I think I'm going to go ahead and get that done now. See you guys later, and you too ladies." He said with a wink before turning and walking away.

"Oh my god, what an idiot!" Brooke said laughing. Haley still had her face buried up against Nathan, laughing so hard that the tears were streaming down her face.

Jake just looked at everyone, "Uh, we aren't really going to let him go to the Gynecologist, are we?" He asked, raising his brows at Nate.

Nathan smirked, "We are definitely going to let him figure it out on his own, this is a story that will never get tiring. I can use this as another embarrassing Tim story, at least until he's 90."

"Your so mean!" Haley said slapping him lightly on the shoulder, but the laughter gave it away that she wasn't the slightest bit mad.

Nathan just shrugged, "Oh like you didn't help? If I remember, you said that gynecologist was a fancy name for a doctor, that was real sweet of you Hales." He said smiling down at the girl that was currently leaning up against his arm.

"Hey, Watch it Hotshot. Technically that wasn't a lie they do call Gynecologists doctors. I may have just left out the fact that they were doctors that worked specifically with the female reproduction system." Haley said with a sly smile.

"Alright, so what's the deal tomorrow? Are you three gonna go and work up a sweat playing with balls or whatever?" Brooke asked Lucas with a grin.

Nathan just raised his brow, "Dude, that just sounded so wrong." He said and Lucas just laughed and turned to Brooke.

"If you meant basketball practice Cheery, then the answer is surprisingly no. Apparently the coach has some big family emergency or something. Otherwise I have no idea what your talking about and I'm not so sure I want to know either." He said and Brooke just shrugged, "You knew what I meant." Lucas nodded, "Actually, we were going to come to your tryouts tomorrow, you know and watch the three of you get all sweaty.

"Pig." Peyton said trying to hide a grin.

Nathan laughed and leaned in towards Haley but he spoke so everyone could hear him, "You hear that Hales, Don't be nervous just because I'm going to be watching you, and only you, the entire time. No big Deal, right?" He asked smirking and then leaned down playfully and kissed Haley's forehead before turning and walking away.

Haley just groaned and thought to herself, "This is great, not only is Rach Ho going to be there to try to sabotage me but now Nathan will be there to watch it all." Then Haley sighed, "Why me? Huh seriously God, you can't have a torment Rachel day every now and again?" She looked up when everyone started laughing, looking up she cringed, "Oh no. That last part was out loud wasn't it?" She asked and everyone nodded.

Nate walked up to her and pulled her into him, wrapping his arms around her. "Aww Hales, are you feeling picked on? Unloved perhaps? Cause you know, if that's the case, then I would stand up and make the selfless sacrifice to show you some lovin. Seriously, it would be my honor." He said surprisingly straight faced, that is until Haley smacked his arm and looked up at him, and then he lost it at the look on her face.

"Your such a butthead Nathan." She said, her cheeks flushed and then she laughed.

Nate just grinned, "Seriously Hales, anytime. I'm so there." Haley just stomped her foot and turned back to the group, "So, ignoring Nathan now, back to cheerleading tryouts." She said and Brooke grinned and leaned over to where Ellie was sitting in her stroller.

"You hear that girlie, Tomorrow you get to see your mommy put on a funny, girlie outfit and jump around and be flighty like Auntie Brooke, won't that be so much fun?" Brooke said excited in baby talk.

Then Brooke gasped and started jumping around like crazy, "I have the perfect idea, "We should totally dress Ellie up like a little Cheerleader and she can go over and sit with the boys and be our own personal little cheerleader, well minus the cheer, seeing as she can't stand or jump or talk let alone yell yet." Brooke said starting to sound a bit confused but quickly snapped out of it with a shrug.

Peyton laughed, " You might want to slow down there a bit Brookie. Don't you think you should ask Ellie's mommy if she can come out and play first?" She asked and Brooke pouted, "Oh, come on Peyt, Don't you want her to see you cheer? She wants to go, look at that face, it's saying please mommy, Let me go. How can you be so cruel as to resist this?" She asked getting down beside the baby, putting her head up against Ellie's and pouting, "PLEASE MOMMY, PUH LEASE!!!!" She said in true Brooke fashion.

Peyton nodded, "Alright, I was going to tell you that Jake and I had already discussed it and he was taking her anyway, however I was enjoying your show so much, that I just couldn't ruin it."

Brooke grinned, "I totally knew you'd give in, Nobody can resist the charm that is Brooke." She said and laughed as Peyton pretended to roll her eyes. "I hear ya Brookie Monster." She said.

As they were all walking out to their cars, Brooke jumped and squealed, "Guess What?!!! I already know what color I'm going to paint Ellie's nails tomorrow."

Peyton just ignored her, having already learned not to argue with Brooke over nail polish, everyone else however looked at Brooke like she had lost her mind. Peyton looked at their expressions and raised her hand, "Seriously, don't question it. She'll make you wish that you hadn't." Everyone just nodded, not wanting to go into it with Brooke about nail polish of all things and then they got in their cars.

next up is the cheerleading tryouts...what will happen?