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Mortal Kombat: Revival

Chapter One - Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu

Centuries have passed since the era of Mortal Kombat.

Since the time of Armageddon, the various ninjutsu made by the first Scorpion, the Lin Kuei Rebel Hanso Hasashi, have been lost. The various powers of the fighters, like the lengendary control over ice that Sub-Zeroes were all known for, expended. The various countries of Earthrealm, destroyed. The Kamidogu, lost forever.

Since that time, thousands of ninjutsu were made by unknowing descendants of the fighters, heroes and villains alike, of the past. The powers of clans made into the money of blood by greedy and weak warrior's own kin and children. And now only one continent remains the others destroyed, barren wastelands from when 'Demons' were as plentiful as humans.

There was one clan of power that managed to preserve part of its self, the Lin Kuei. They managed to preserve their lifeblood throughout the ages. They managed to keep their powers secret from the world. Until six years ago...

Her name was Hanso Hanabi, she was not supposed to exist... or at least that's what the elders told her as they died. Her father the last Shirai Ryu and her mother the last Lin Kuei, they were the ends of their clans, but with their deaths, the Lin Kuei line was finally on the way to being whole again, as it was before Mortal Kombat, before the traitor Hanso Hasashi. And Mortal Kombat had no place for a mutt of two ninja clans that made romeo and juliet look like a prophecy of what was to come.

Hanabi traveled to the different shinobi continents after that, hoping to find somewhere that it would be safe to rebuild the clan of Lin Kuei. She found that place in a village hidden in the leaves. The only belongings that she owned aside from the clothing that she wore were the various scrolls that she carried, the scrolls that held generations of knowledge of the two greatest clans in history. Five taijutsu styles from both clans(Kyokushin and Dragon styles from Lin Kuei and Hapkido, Moi Fah, and Pi Gua from the Shirai Ryu), the cryomancer bloodline knowledge and techniques, the ninjutsu of Hanso Hasashi, and finally the earthquake punch technique created by the Lin Kuei 'Tremor'.

Sealing away the scrolls, and hiding them from anyone not of her blood, she finally settled down as she prepared to rebuild.

Over the next three months she would meet the great leader of the village hidden in the leaves, Arashi Kazama, the master of sealing, and fourth Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. And she would conceive the future of her clan, Naruto Kazama. For with her the name of Hanso would die, but the legend of the Lin Kuei would grow to be more influential then anything that she would ever hear, see, or know

And so when she gave birth and died on October 10, the name of Uzumaki would be invented to hide from the enemies of Kazama, Lin Kuei, and Shirai Ryu the bundle of joy that was the jailer of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

It was a windy day and the sun shone over the distant mountains. The clouds were a mixture of textures and colors, all different shades of white and blue, as the sky merged with the clouds. There was never a boundary in the heavens.

Casting your eyes downward, a person could see the blues of the skies clash with green. The various greens were of tall trees, both wide and thin, but twisted in nature. A nature just as twisted as the village that lay at the foot of the mountain.

This village seemed peaceful from a top its highest point, but at the base, to the trained senses, the difference in height and the faces seemed to make a boundary of light and day, peace and war.

A killing intent so powerful filled the base of the mountain. Made by the villagers of the village hidden in the leaves. This intent was so powerful that the very leaves that hid the village began to shake uncontrollably. It has been five years since a power was made that could shake these leaves. Back then it was the killing intent of a demon, now it's a killing intent for a demon. For a demon that could never touch them, hurt them, or even see them.

The blonde locks of the five year old jailer whipped past his face, for if he slowed down just a bit, these same blonde locks would be drenched in blood. He was relieved as he dodged another ambush of kunai and shuriken that the mob following him were not ninja. Many of the ninja that trailed behind the blonde were academy dropouts that knew enough about chakra to give the blonde a very hard time, as they were doing now.

Dodging another set of especially sharp kunai, the blonde stumbled over a pebble. Doing his best to use his hands to stop his fall, he realizes that the gap in front of him was closing rapidly due to the severe number of villagers in the mob. Pivoting on his arm, using his momentum to let his feet slide as a way to correct his stance, he launched himself into the alley to the right, glad that he managed to pull off such an abrupt turn.

Taking his concentration of his steps he took a moment to wipe the cold sweat off of his brow. Not realizing that his was literally dripping chakra through his pores he shook the sweat off of his hand, motioning behind him, where he had just been seconds before.

A few heartbeats later and he heard them... screaming. The blonde glanced behind him where he'd been just seconds before a long spike, one that looked like a misshapen blue diamond, stood out of the ground. Stopping, he stared as he turned to appraise the situation. The crowd behind him had stopped as well, taking a moment to watch as blood ran down the pillar/spike.

At the base of the spike, shards of ice had formed around the legs of the nearest assailant, simultaneously as the main spike had shot towards the blonde's pursuers. A foot from the tip of the spike of ice, the source of the newly made blood fountain was found. The force of the main spike had ripped the head of the assailant captured in the shards of ice at the base of the spike, and the head was not only ripped off of its socket, but the spinal cord and half of the pursuer's right lung and heart had been uprooted with it.

As soon as the young blonde had finished turning, the body of the pursuer, or at least the part not contained in ice, bent backwards spilling onto the dirt alley's floor the rest of the body's major organs.


It was then that the mob went chaotic.

Some fainted.
Some threw up.
Some screamed.
And some just stared.

But the ones that scared the blonde into running were the ones that grew angry.

"Demon Spawn"
"You fucking filth! The fourth's work needs to be finished"
"Retched fox! Let's send you back to hell where you belong"
"I bet that you killed you own bastard mother! I bet that you killed that bitch and liked it!"

Four of the villagers that had participated in the mob had enough sense or lack of sense to continue their pursuit of the blonde five year old.

A few minutes later, the young blonde could be found panting. He was currently running down a main street of the village hoping beyond hope that he would find someplace to hide. He never saw the four cloaked figures that followed after him, bounding over the rooftops above.

Turning into a dark alley, it took the blonde a few moments to realize that it was a dead end, so when he heard the shattering of glass behind him, he turned wide eyed, scared that he might die.

That was when he saw them, the four remaining drunks, and he was scared. He didn't know what power it was that saved him before and didn't care. All that he cared about was his impending death at the hands of the four looming shadows that the drunks cast as they stood at the mouth of the alley grinning with bloodlust.

"We're going to be given money, women, and power for ridding the village of you!"

"It's time to save the village, demon!"

"You'll never see the light of day again, you bastard fox!"

"We're all going to be heroes, demon spawn!"

The nearest of the four villagers, who the blonde assumed to be the leader, lifted his weapon and in a sloppy stance he charged the blonde with a knife as long as his leg, causing the blonde to stumble backwards to the alley floor in silent fear.

When an eye reacts to a sudden sort of trauma, in most cases the lid closes around it regardless if the cause is touching or not. In very few occurrences, if the trama was really drama that never actually touched the eye, but was still enough of a close call to cause immense fear... then a dilation of said eye might occur. Watching that dilation as it happens is one of the most trancing and exhilirating things for some. Its not one of the best things for a victim to experience, in an emotional sense. It capitalizes on a very feared time and experience as it occurs. For the young blonde, it was more than fear, it was an impending loss of his eye sight.

He had heard the 'sphink' of the air as the blade of the villager cut into it. And now he was just as acutely aware of the distance of the tip of that same blade and its relationship to his left eye. And currently there was nothing that he could tell was keeping the two objects from touching, but luckily for him there was.

Standing behind each of the villagers was a different cloaked figure, and behind the unmoving villager, sword drawn and completely frozen, was a cloaked figure that seemed to share the same shadow, or was it the cloaked figure that owned the shadow?

As the young blonde sat on the floor, just as unmoving as the blade that was poised to strike, the cloaked man lowered his hood to reveal a bear mask.

"Uzumaki Naruto, the Hokage has requested your presence."

Author's notes:

For anybody reading this that is actually reading this story, yes, I am using the basics to that one story 'Naruto: Sub-Zero' I do not plan on notifying the author of said story seeing as he has discontinued use of said story, also I will only use the Sub-Zero bloodline idea from that story, Naruto will in fact receive the entire bloodline/jutsu library/archive of the Lin Kuei, hence the usage of Tremor and Scorpion, both parts of the Lin Kuei clan by blood, even if they are disowned or whatever it is that gets someone excommunicated from a clan.

I want it to be known that only Sub-Zero's move list are parts of the bloodline, Tremor's and Scorpion's jutsu and taijutsu style are as I state and as it was originally intended to be, an alternative to the ice powers of the Lin Kuei and crafted as a means to forget the ties to a powerful clan, in Hanso's only way to rebel from his ice ancestors. Tremor is not an actual character in the games, only a boss in the Sub-Zero Mythologies game. With Scorpion's fireball abilities and an Earthquake punch like Tsunade's.

I will use current reviews on that story's reviews, but I will primarily use reviews that I actually receive. With what I'm changing with the original storyline, I do realize that most reasons for a Haku(female) & Naruto pairing might not have as strong a base.

I need to know who you want me to pair Naruto with... these are the possibilities, but I'm ranking them now according to my preferences and your votes previous, you voting will begin now and end when I decide that Naruto will get hitched, probably during the chunin exams.


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But I probably won't use this poll for a while seeing as the only thing I really took from the other story was the reviews and the idea of Sub-Zero.

And I want for you to remember one thing, it's the main reason that my other Naruto story hasn't gone anywhere yet, I've read all the English versions of Naruto that I can get my hands on, I can't read Japanese fast enough for me to get much further. I'm currently on Chapter 350 I believe, and lets just say that Orochimaru's death is lame, He will die so splendidly in this, but I've not decided on who will kill him, or when...

Who gets to kill orochimaru?

Naruto III Jiraiya Tsuande Sasuke I Naruto/Jiraiya II Naruto/Jiraiya/Tsunade I Naruto/Sasuke III

And when?

Chunin Exams I Tsunade Retrieval II Sasori and Kabuto Bridge Meeting I Sasuke Retrieval I Original timeline II

And finally should I change the Wave Arc mission?

Original timeline I team Naruto as backup III different mission I

Meet Haku and Zabuza?

Yes II No I

And lastly, the real last question! What should teams be???

Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura I Naruto/Sasuke/Hinata II Naruto by himself IIIII (and I mean actually by himself, chunnin exams and all, no story that I've read has done this)
Anything else you can think of... I

And who's his teacher?

Kakashi I Kurenai Jiraiya II Anko II Asuma Ebisu I


1. Kakashi will never not get Sasuke in his team.

2. Sakura is to Tsunade as Sasuke is to Orochimaru as Naruto is to Jiraiya

3. Hinata can be the new Sakura, but it wouldn't be fair, Tsunade is the only way that Sakura can develop a body, or have a purpose. Genjutsu specialty remember?

4. No clan heirs can be paired with another clan heir meaning that Hinata and Ino can only be paired with naruto or someone else if they are not heirs anymore, use common sense because this explaination is too long, let me dumb it down, no pairings that combine bloodlines unless you are prepared to make one of the two in love lose their bloodline! Hmm..that's a good idea! No super bloodlines will be formed in the future!

5. If Hanabi and Naruto make it together, after I figure out a way for their ages to get a little closer in proximity, she will not lose her bloodline, she's too damn stubborn for that to happen. 6. Naruto is a monogamy abiding male who is very straight, and I might add in a fan boy later on just for fun, and bashing! Hahahaha...Ha!

7. They will never break up the INO/SHIKA/CHO team!

8. It's hard to break up any team Canon-made, they fit almost perfectly, even if it ain't moral.

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