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Mortal Kombat: Revival of the Lin Kuei
Chapter Seven - The Pervert's Seal and the Academy

Naruto Uzumaki was bored out of his mind. The supposed Seal Master hadn't come yet, Sarutobi told him that he could still possibly be in transit to Konoha, and that there was still the smallest, but more likely possibility that he wasn't even coming. To top it off, apparently the council wasn't approving Naruto for admittance into the ANBU.

Naruto wasn't all that surprised at that. ANBU registration forms did not allow for anyone except for the Hokage to know the name and personal data of the applicant, so all that they saw on the forms was Rank, Skill Level, Known Jutsu, Taijutsu, and Bloodline. So, all that they saw on the form was:

Rank: Civilian

Skill Level: Jonin (Grade One)

Known Jutsu: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu A-Rank

Classified S-Rank

Classified S-Rank

Classified A-Rank

Classified A-Rank

Classified A-Rank

Classified A-Rank

Classified B-Rank

Classified B-Rank

Classified B-Rank

Classified B-Rank

Classified B-Rank

Classified C-Rank

Classified C-Rank

Classified C-Rank

Taijutsu: Dragon B-Rank

Shotokan B-Rank

Bloodline: Classified S-Rank

Classified S-Rank

Other Details: Classified

For all the Council knew, this shinobi, no, civilian, that the Hokage submitted forward for consideration for admittance into the ANBU program could have been some Ex-Con, or Missing-nin, or Random Bint out on the streets. They didn't know what was so secretive about these Jutsu that almost each one, except for the Forbidden one was confidential.

They weren't going to allow for a no name to get by them. While names weren't supposed to be on the applications, usually the Hokage allowed a few of the council members to know exactly who the applicant was so that the rest of them could have their doubts extinguished by one of their own. For all they knew, the village demon, the pariah Uzumaki decided to submit his name to the Hokage. A few of the members laughed when that was suggested, they remembered the day when they saw the little runt run away from a cluster of villagers before hearing about some death and the demon's disappearance.

They knew that there was no way for the demon brat to be able to be submitted forwards for ANBU considerment, that bit of hope, along with the tantalizing mixture of Rankings for the applicant's Jutsu list, helped them find the one loophole that hadn't ever been used before, but was placed in case they had doubts like now: A Second Class Acceptance

- - -

Sarutobi groaned greatly when he was the returned acceptance terms. He wasn't happy that they found the one loophole in Naruto's application. A Second Class Acceptance meant that the applicant had to meet a quota that the council would vote on, which they had allowing partial ANBU status, and the applicant would not be admitted as a full time ANBU until a probation period of three years was served and maintained.

The probation period would allow for the applicant to become an ANBU, but he could not wear the standard mask, or receive a codename until two years from the point of acceptance into the training program. And during the third year the time between stages of the probation, the village council had the right to terminate the application, removing the shinobi from ANBU, possibly permanently. This By-Law was made in the case of missing-nins who wished to enter the Konoha ANBU units, but was applicable to anyone.

The terms would be that Naruto would have to enroll in the academy, achieve a passable grade, and be a part of a genin team for at least three months.

If there was a loophole to the council's decreed, he would find it. Sarutobi would be found the next morning with his face stuck with drool to the inside of the Shinobi Laws Paperwork.

- - -

The Laws on Shinobi was a book that was very well written, and it was very hard to loopholes. With the council's terms Naruto would never be an ANBU, or fighting battles with shinobi of his caliber.

Luckily there was a small loophole that allowed him to protect Naruto's Identity in the council. This Loophole was imbedded inside of the Apprentice Handbook of the Shinobi Laws. The council's probation was severed down to the three month time period that would begin the moment that Naruto graduated from the Academy. But since the earliest that the council would allow Naruto to take the Genin Exams was about six years away (Sarutobi had tried getting Naruto enrolled in the gifted preschool/daycare section of the school, but the council members refused him entrance until he turned 12, which was the year that he would be expected to graduate), Sarutobi would have to use the loophole to get Naruto into the ANBU.

In the Apprentice Handbook, it stated that any probation on gifted civilians can be dissolved three months after academy graduation should the civilian have an apprenticeship to and approval of three or more Jonin-rank of higher ninja. The Hokage noted that he could only overturn probations and bans with this Law. But if he could make sure the people that Naruto had an apprenticeship under had sway with the council, but liked the kid

enough to defend him, He knew that this would work.

He already had someone in mind, but he figured he had time to figure out who the others were. He only hoped that they would get here sometime before Naruto's sixth birthday, it may have been only a week away, but he didn't think that it was smart to allow Naruto to be alone for longer than that, there's no telling what kind of hell that kid could raise by then.

- - -

Friday came and went with no one coming by… and so did Saturday… and a few other days came by…

Naruto was even more bored now than last week. He was so bored that he was chasing various shinobi around the village yelling, "Train me!" He was only asking the Jounin of the village, luckily. They were the only ones that had the speed and experience needed to run away from Naruto. The rest were just too slow.

After running after the various Jounin, Naruto slowed his pace to a walk. No one would train him. Not the one-eyed scarecrow, not the green rubber banded mega-brow guy, not scar-head, not all the other weird looking ones… and definitely not that weirdo chick with the purple hair. She looked like she was ready to skin him after he said that, so before the sadistic smile finished creeping up onto her face, he wisely split.

So this brings us back to where he is right now, wandering around the town with nothing better to do. Here he was, the only human on the face of the earth with three natural chakra affinities, two bloodline limits, and he was the container of the most feared demon in recorded history, and he couldn't even find someone to teach him a decent Jutsu to pass the time until the seal master would get here.

"I might as well have tried to do the seal myself," Naruto mumbled. "Oh, well. It's too late for that."

Naruto decided that he would try to pull a prank before heading to the Hokage tower today. He wanted to make sure that he wasn't losing his touch. It wasn't every day that he would be five, after all, tomorrow he would turn six.

He decided that the first guy he saw was going to be his newest victim, and hearing a man's middle aged male's voice. Naruto grinned evilly.

- - -

An hour later, Naruto found himself waiting in the Hokage's office, Sarutobi had revealed that the Seal Master had been found, and had returned to Konoha earlier that day, and that Sarutobi had gone to retrieve him.

"… I would have been back sooner from my research but some snot-nosed brat strung me up as a piñata for those girls at the hot spring. I had a freaking fence as a necklace too! If I ever get my hands on that brat-" The man who was currently wringing his hands in a choking fashion stopped suddenly as he spotted Naruto when walking through the office doors. "…YOU!"

Naruto was starting to become agitated, if this man couldn't even detect Naruto when he was preparing the prank within biting range of the Old Man, what made him worthy of being the legendary Seal Master that the Old Man was always talking about?

"Oji-san I thought that you said that the Seal Master was a skilled ninja? I strung him up without him even realizing what I was doing until it was too late!"

"Um, Naruto? I think that you are underestimating your stealth abilities, you've really come along way with your instinctual stealth. Don't you remember that prank you pulled the other day?

I had sent two ANBU squads to capture you, and they couldn't even track you once you started running from that chunnin that you pranked."

"I thought that there were people chasing me!" Naruto's eyes narrowed as he began to think, "Whatever happened with trying to get me into the ANBU anyways?"

"A brat like you in the ANBU? Now that's funny!" The Man started laughing.

"By the way Naruto, this is the Seal Master, one of the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya. " The Old Hokage's eyes twitched as Naruto started to glare at Jiraiya.

"I'll let you know about the ANBU once you finish mastering your mother's Jutsu… And in a month, Jiraiya will teach you your father's techniques."

"And exactly why do I have to help him learn some idiot father's techniques?"

"Don't talk about my dad that way!"

"… Jiraiya? I thought that you liked Minato?"

"Of Course I liked him. He was my favorite student! But what does this brat…" Jiraiya stopped. "… No! … H-how?"

"Minato and Kushina had a child… and said product of that union is sitting in front of you… That and it is his birthday, so you better be nice!"

"…" Jiraiya began to whimper before rushing at Naruto who tried to shield himself from what he believed to be a beating on instinct. He was surprised when he received a crushing hug from the perverted sannin. It would be an hour or two before Naruto was able to pry the white haired bawler off of him.

- - -

Two weeks later found Naruto disliking himself. Jiraiya was a good seal master, there was no denying it. But while it took Naruto only a week before he finished mastering the last of the Shirai-ryu techniques, apparently he wasn't done.

Jiraiya had 'requested' that Naruto show him all of the techniques that he knew. Apparently he didn't know them to the extent that he thought he had. In a quick spar, Jiraiya had either disabled or cancelled out every single technique that Naruto had learned. While Naruto could perform them flawlessly, they weren't as powerful or non-chakra draining as they could have been.

Because of these problems, and others, Naruto was currently standing on the water of the hot spring, trying to develop a larger degree of chakra control. There was one difference between this advanced type of training and water walking… it was really, really hard.

Jiraiya knew that Naruto's mother had both Fire and Ice as chakra natures. With intense training one could take their Ice chakra nature and manipulate it in such a way that they can create both Water and Wind chakra natures. This brought us back to the problem at hand…

Jiraiya was forcing Naruto to develop his water element and the natural wind element (which he inherited from Minato) at the same time by getting Naruto to concentrate on cutting the leaf in each of his hands. Naruto's pet-peeve about this training was that Jiraiya was refusing to allow Naruto to use clones.

Naruto couldn't tell if Jiraiya was laughing at him for falling in the water repeatedly, or giggling while he peeped at the girls inside of the hot springs bath house.

- - -

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Author's notes:

the Lin Kuei jutsu...

A - deep freeze ; fukai hyouketsu no jutsu (art of deep freeze)
C - ground ice ; daichi kori no jutsu (art of ground ice)
B - ice clone ; kori bunshin no jutsu (art of ice clone)
A - ice shower ; kori hitoame no jutsu (art of ice shower)
B - cold shoulder ; hiebie kenbu no jutsu (art of cold shoulder)
S - snowball ; kori tekidan no jutsu (art of ice grenade)
S - icicle spine rip ; hyouchuu sebone katsu no jutsu (art of icicle spine rip)

the Shirai Ryu jutsu...

C - Bloody Spear ;aka yari no jutsu (art of bloody spear)
B - Teleport Attack ;terepo-to batsu no jutsu (art of teleport attack)
B - Hellfire Punch ;gouka sentou no jutsu (art of hellfire punch)
B - Breathe Fire ;hikisoku no jutsu (art of fire breath)
A - Hellfire ;gouka no jutsu (art of hellfire)
C - Backflip Kick ;ura kikku no jutsu (art of backflip kick)

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