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Seven Deadly Nins
By Niobe Jones



I told her that I am an avenger. Death and vengeance are my goals. I live to become strong enough to kill my brother. Itachi.

He took everything from me. My family. My security. My self-worth. My life. I will take his in return. It is only fair. It is only just.

The idiot leaders of this village refuse to do anything about it. So I must.

I renounce my ties to this place. They are merely holding me back from my goals. There is a man I need to kill. And nothing will keep me from that. I swore an oath on that day so many years ago and I will carry it through.

I could ignore it while I grew stronger, because I people I cared about. She was one of them. But Itachi returned. And not for me. For the moron, the idiot, the dead-last Naruto. I couldn't live with that. That Naruto was more worthy of attention than I was.

I carry this rage in my heart. Orochimaru will help me – for a price. But I am willing to pay it, if I can defeat Itachi.

I'm sorry, Sakura. But if he hadn't been in stolen my heart first, she might have been enough. I wanted her to be enough. But she will never will be. So I will spare her from my destiny. It is the one thing I can do.

My path is fixed and I will walk it with my eyes open. I will not flinch away from the unthinkable. I will not fail. I do not know if I will return or if I can return.

Itachi will feel my wrath. He will feel my blade cut his skin. He will feel his heart crushed in my fist.

It is only just.



This is a going to be a short seven part series about Seven Shinobi and their relationship with Sakura. Some of it will be canon. Some of it will be crack.

I thought it was only fitting that we start with Sakura's canon love. Whether that will change or not later – remains to be seen – and I so hope it changes later.

So let me know what worked for you and what didn't. I adore feedback and C&C. Also feel free to play guess which sin will go with which Ninja. I hope I have some surprises.

Word Count: 300
Inspiration Music: Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists in the Air
Date Started: 4/15/07
Date Finished: 4/17/07

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