Rating: PG
Summary: Kon realizes that he will always be a Titan, and that trumps everything else.
Notes: Set after Teen Titans #26

You'll always be a Titan.

Bart had told Raven to tell him that. But then, Bart had always been an optimist.

Yes, Kon would always be a Titan. But he'd also, always be a Luthor. No matter what he did. And that…that outweighed the part of him that would always be a Super.

But a Titan… Jericho had been a Titan. Tara had been a Titan. Raven was a Titan, and Rose Wilson…maybe she'd be a Titan again.

But Kon would still always be a Luthor…even though he had a soul. And his soul…he'd made that. Not Luthor. Not Clark. Not Kal, or Superman, or Brainiac 1,000,000.

Him. Kon-El. Conner Kent.


It was his soul, and he'd made it, and it was…beautiful. Not evil.

Or at least, not totally evil.

But…he would always be a Luthor. No matter what, he'd always be…evil.

No matter what… That's what he'd said. That no matter what, they needed to stick together, or…

We won't let ourselves become…them.

Tim had told him that, after they'd gotten back from the future where they were all bad guys. He said they had a choice. That there was no 'fate' but what they made.

They'd both agreed to stick together…no matter what.

Kon would always be a Luthor. If.

If he accepted Lex as his father. As 'Pa.' But if he didn't…

If he didn't, then he'd still be…dangerous. But maybe…maybe the Super could beat out the Luthor. Maybe his soul was beautiful because he was okay. Untainted.


And he'd always be a Titan.

Smiling for the first time in weeks, albeit weakly, Kon pressed the button on his new Titans communicator.

He was going home.