What We Want, And What We Need

Rating: PG
Summary: Kon doesn't let his own fears keep him from helping his friends.
Notes: Set during the beginning of Infinite Crisis.

"The world needs a Superboy. And right now, you're all they've got," Aunt Martha told him as she left the room with a basket of wet laundry. On calm days, like that day, she still hung her wash out to dry on a clothesline. It was so…normal.

No one would ever know that Superboy was hiding there, in a farmhouse in the middle of Kansas. But, if he wasn't wearing the S anymore…was he really still Superboy?

Kon clicked the TV off, thinking about that. He thought about what his sort of aunt and sort of technically grandmother had said. He thought about the other Superboys he'd met in Hypertime. He thought about the failed experiments before him, including that one Bizarro Superboy.

He thought about how he'd been created because the world needed a Superman, only to find out it was all a lie. But, if it was all a lie…then why, in a world without Superman, did everything go to hell?

Why, in a world without a Superboy, were his friends getting beaten up and maybe even torn apart worse than he'd ever done?

Luthor created him to be…to be something. His secret weapon, his own personal slave-supervillain, his…son. But Kon…he could choose to be whatever he wanted.

Even if that did include throwing everything he'd worked for for the past four years away.

Balling his hands up into fists, Kon breathed through the pain of the memories…then let it out in a sigh.

Then he used his TTK – a bit sluggish for his not having (purposely) used it for almost two months – to unbutton his shirt, exposing the S-crest. He carefully took off the fake glasses, and deposited them on top of his folded shirt. Speed-writing a note for Aunt Martha and Uncle John, he took to the skies for the first time in way too long, heading for San Francisco, Titans Tower, and home.

Whether the world needed a Superboy or not…he needed to help his friends.