This is basically a Narnia take on "Flowers In The Attic", with several differences, so I had to write this. I don't own "The Chronicles Of Narnia", or "Flowers In The Attic". I saw "Flowers In The Attic" the other day, and compared it to Narnia, and decided I had to write a story. It loosely follows the plot of "Flowers In The Attic", the movie, but no incest, no pairings, just sibling bonding. Set after Narnia.

This is all in Susan's POV. Because she is telling the story, the chapters after this, all of the paragraphs in italic are her voiceover things.


Queen Susan the Gentle. It's what I was. Who I was. Oh, how the Gentle hast fallen. We were all living in a dream, only to be thrown back into reality with a harsh hand, dealt the wrong card by fate…

I always thought of my family as a normal family. My mother, beautiful in all her thirty-six years. My father, who, despite just being just about to turn forty-nine, looked no older than forty. My older brother Peter, sixteen. My younger brother Edmund, thirteen, and Lucy, the youngest, eleven.

King Edmund the Just. And he was. Queen Lucy the Valiant. She had the biggest heart of anyone I knew. And then there was High King Peter the Magnificent. We were all the heroes of Narnia…the loved and wanted heroes of Narnia.

With our little family, we split into groups. The oldest and the youngest. Edmund and I took after Mother, with our dark hair and porcelain skin. Lucy and Peter were similar, but Lucy's hair was a light brown, whereas Peter's was blonde. Peter and I shared our azure eyes, and Lucy and Edmund both had brown.

Our parents were very much in love, and we loved spending time with them. Dad never told me, and he never showed it, but I knew I was his favourite. It was in the way he'd stick up for me if I got in trouble, how he'd always spoil me more than the others, in everything.

Of course, Mum loved me too, and was hardly ever upset with me. I could relate to her in some ways, in ways Lucy hadn't begun to explore. However, Mum trusted Peter more than she did me. I was still her little girl.

Peter was my sweet, protective older brother. Being the oldest two, we got along in ways the younger two didn't get. And he always put us before him, in everything. He was my best friend. And honestly, he was the reason I woke up every day. I couldn't imagine life without him.

Edmund was wise for all his thirteen years. Though we had some things in common, Edmund and I weren't close in the ways Peter and I were. Edmund was my little brother, sweet, caring, and despite his previous experiences, he was a new boy.

And Lucy. Sweet, adorable, little Lucy. My baby sister. When she was first born, I pretended Lucy was my baby doll, and I used to dress her up. No matter what, I promised myself I would keep her safe.

Then there was me. Susan Pevensie. I was a normal child, with a normal family. I had dreams of becoming a dancer, and I had been performing in ballets since I was a child. But since the War, I had been unable to keep up my classes, and missed my chance to begin 'en pointe'. Though, as soon as the War ended, I'd begin. Studying to become anything other than a dancer didn't appeal to me, and besides, I was a girl. There was little I could do to change the world.

I had never met my grandparents. I had been told Dad's parents had died, and Mother's wanted nothing more to do with us. When I was younger, I wondered why they wouldn't want to know us. Why anyone wouldn't want to know us.

But I hardly dreamed my life would change so dramatically after Narnia, when Dad was due back from his time in the War. I never dreamed that he might not return. And my world would become so dark. Then again, one never considers that their nightmares will become reality.

For our story was a game of happy families…

It was a game of hide and seek…

It was a case of tender…loving…murder…

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