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Chapter 1

Dawn slid to the floor outside her new apartment. She was completely exhausted after hauling her many belongings to her apartment from the rented van in the street. Even though Xander and Buffy had been there helping her to unpack, it had taken several hours to get settled into her apartment. Her new apartment was exactly what she wanted it to be and more.

Speaking of her sister and Xander, she had just said good night to them and had seen them out of the apartment building. She was so grateful that her sister and her friends had managed to get her apartment for her graduation present. She had recently finished her final year at New York University. The only bad thing about her new apartment was the location. She loved Toronto, she did, but it was so far away from Rome. Rome had become a second home to the Scoobies after Sunnydale collapsed. Dawn took comfort in the fact that the Scoobies promised to visit.

Dawn tilted her head backwards and opened her eyes, looking at the ceiling. She sighed and realized she would have to start looking for a job the next day to keep up her rent. She looked at the door across the hall and wondered about her neighbor. She had yet to see anybody enter or leave the apartment building, her and her friends not included. She pushed herself up from the floor and was getting ready to head inside when she realized that she had locked her keys in the apartment.

Muffling a sigh of frustration, Dawn walked down the stairs. She always took the stairs instead of the elevator. No matter how many floors she had to walk up or down, she never took the elevator. Elevators held a very terrible memory for Dawn. She tried not to think of the elevator as she walked. 'Besides,' she thought, 'walking is good exercise.'

When she reached the lobby, she headed towards the front desk. Dawn saw that the man at the counter was the same friendly guy from earlier. Dawn slowed her walk, a little embarrassed to have locked herself out of her apartment on her first night there. "Hi. Ummm… I was wondering if you have keys to the apartments."

The door opened before the man replied, "Of course, Ms. Summers. Why?"

"I locked my keys in my apartment." Dawn mumbled her reply.

"Well here," he said, handing her a key. "Just bring it back down when you're done with it."

"Thanks." Dawn turned and walked back to the stairway, feeling eyes on her the entire time. Before the door closed she heard the man from the desk speak again. He told a Mr. Fitzroy that he did not have any messages. Dawn shrugged her shoulders in indifference. She didn't know who Mr. Fitzroy was. 'Maybe he's my neighbor,' she thought to herself.

When she reached her apartment, she unlocked the door and went inside. She found her keys resting on the table in the kitchen. "Exactly where I left you." She said to herself. As she picked up her keys a feeling of awe came over her. She stood in her kitchen, keys in hand, and realized exactly how lucky she was. 'This is exactly what I need,' Dawn thought, 'a place to start over. I can be whoever I want to be. I get to start over, which is the thing I've always wanted.'

Dawn left her apartment with a smile on her face and her keys in her pocket. For the first time in a long time she felt at peace. She was very happy. Though having no family in the city did scare her a bit, she felt ecstatic to know that she had a clean slate in Toronto. She jogged down the flights of stairs and into the lobby. She smiled at the man at the desk and handed him the key he had lent her. With quick thanks she left the lobby. When she reached her floor, she left the stairway. She saw the door of the apartment across from her own closing. 'I guess I'll have to wait to meet my neighbor,' she thought.

Dawn entered her apartment with a smile and decided to go to bed. She was still tired and was looking forward to starting her life in her new apartment. Even though she had a lot to do before things would be completely settled and normal, she was looking forward to helping it become normal. She had a strong feeling that her life would have a lot of changes for the better.