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Chapter 3

Dawn pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a soft sigh. Her first day of work had not been good. Earlier in the week she had managed to find a job as nurse at the local Toronto Hospital. She worked in the emergency room with a team of amazing surgeons. Along with working in the E.R., she also had to fill in for one of the triage nurses that failed to show up for work. The E.R. was something she felt prepared to deal with, she had been trained to work there. She had not, however, been trained to work as a triage nurse. Dawn would've most likely been fine except that the other triage nurses were slacking. They didn't help the people who needed help most; instead they helped whoever came in first.

Her work in the E.R. had been relatively fine, well…fine by E.R. standards. Dawn had mostly helped car crash victims. There were a few people who seriously injured themselves in their own home but they were few and far between. Dawn had helped to the best of her knowledge and ability. The last victim she saw in the E.R. had puzzled her though. A blonde woman had come in. She was having trouble breathing because she had been strangled. That hadn't bothered Dawn at all. She was more curious about the strange feeling that she had gotten when she was near the woman. Said feeling led Dawn to believe that the woman had been attacked by some sort of demon. She had made a mental note to talk to Willow about it later.

As she was walking to her apartment, Dawn realized how glad she was that she didn't live in a bad part of Toronto. She had discovered many dark alleys in Toronto and it would've just made things worse if she had to fend off demons as well as human thugs. Speaking of demons, she could sense one following her. Dawn made a quick decision and turned into a nearby alley. As she entered the alley, she pulled a stake from her purse. She turned and saw a vampire at the alley's entrance. Making sure that the stake was hidden from his view she said, "You know, it really isn't polite to stalk people. Most don't see it as a compliment."

"If I'd wanted my food to talk, I wouldn't have followed you into this alley." The vampire sneered.

"I guess you must like hearing yourself talk then." Dawn said with a shrug. After hearing the insult, the vampire lunged at Dawn. With one quick movement Dawn brought the stake up in front of herself and the vampire ran right into it. He exploded into dust, showering Dawn in small, grey flakes of vampire dust. "Gross. Now I have to clean blood and vampire dust out of my scrubs," said Dawn with a sigh.

Dawn continued down the street and smiled when she saw her apartment complex. She liked having her own place to go home to. She loved her apartment. Going home to it each day never got old. 'I might not have the boyfriend to go with the apartment, but that's okay.' Dawn, being so wrapped up in her own thoughts, didn't even notice that she was about to walk straight into another person. Dawn gasped as she fell into an old woman. Her right knee slammed into the ground and she spilled most of the contents of her purse. "Sorry," Dawn gasped out after hitting the ground. The old woman just huffed and looked down her nose at Dawn before striding away.

Dawn moved her knee and cursed. Falling had scraped up her knee pretty badly, despite her wearing pants. Being careful to keep her knee from touching the pavement, she turned and began to gather her stuff. She was reaching for her wallet when another, more masculine hand beat her to it. She looked up and saw the gorgeous, anonymous man from her apartment building. "Hi," she said staring into his eyes.

"I think this is yours," he said. He handed her the wallet with a small smirk on his face.

"Yeah, thanks. I dropped when I fell. I'm Dawn. You're in my building aren't you?" Dawn asked. Dawn realized that he had been looking at her intently while she spoke.

"I am. And you're my new neighbor. I'm Henry Fitzroy. I live across the hall from you. And unfortunately for my, I have to go somewhere so I can't help you back there." He said with a cross between a smirk and a smile on his face. Dawn nodded and he helped her to her feet. "I'll see you soon, Dawn," Henry said with a world of confidence. He gave her on final smirk before turning and walking down the street and, finally, out of her line of sight.

His power gave her the shivers and she couldn't tell if they were good or bad. Dawn knew that Henry was different. His looks were astounding and perfect but that wasn't what made him feel different to Dawn. He felt powerful and he exuded a slightly magical aura. She didn't want to jump to conclusions and say he was demonic but she would still be ready anyway. The next time they met, Dawn would be prepared for a demonic problem if one arose. She was looking forward to running into him again. With a smile, Dawn headed into her building.