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Echoes of the Past



The wind rushed past, touching the strands of ebony and soothing the fevered skin of alabaster. She smiled in greeting, the corners turning up just the slightest bit.

But the eyes, those beautiful orbs of amethyst, were alive with gentle fire.

Burned by the violet flame, he came nearer.

And the smile turned into a charming grin.

'So brave you are,' his heart whispered. 'You think you can escape the echoes of the past, but you cannot. Your soul is yours, but you share his dreams and his desires.'

He stopped mid-stride, eyes shuttered and unreadable, so that once again his handsome face was cold and devoid of true emotion.

The whispers weren't finished.

'His dreams and desires are she,' whispered they who accompanied his thoughts. 'But is she yours?'

Taunting. Those whispers were always taunting.

'Tainted love,' the voices screamed now. 'Not true, at all. 'Tis tainted, filthy with the memories of the Master. You deserve better, new Master. Someone who is yours and yours alone.'

Her grin was gone and she was looking at him in confusion. A delicately winged brow arced itself and she tilted her head to the side, as if the gesture would be enough to ask him why he was not advancing.

For does he not always advanced, taking two steps forward when he should be taking the steps backward?

How brave was he?

If he ran, would that be a coward's action?

Or would the deed be courage masked in the cloak of defeat?




His eyes narrowed and she stood on alert, eyes widening at the sight of his anger. She opened her lips to ask what was wrong, but in a blink of an eye he was before her and the words never left her lips as he silenced her asking by kissing her.

'So brave, so brave our new Master,' said the whispers, as they spun around the striking couple. The whispers sounded broken, devoid of life. They still remembered the past, and mourned it still. But they were mere echoes and could not tell the whole tale.

He dismissed them in irritation and she saw that he was frowning. With gentle hands she smoothed his brow and gave him a playful pinch on the cheeks.

"What is wrong, Eriol?" she asked him, her voice even in speaking, was cadenced in melody.

He held her close to him, his arms locking her in a protective embrace. "You are mine," he said, his voiced deepened by love and fear. "This truth I know. Echoes will not deter me and push me to untruths."

He felt her move, but he did not loosen his hold. She sighed and placed her head to his chest, where she heard the beating of his heart. "Those are cryptic words, Eriol."

A moment, a heartbeat later, she spoke again.

"But yes, I am yours. I, too, know this truth."

Round them, the whispers returned, disdaining her words. 'Liar,' they said, 'you belonged to him, not to the new Master.'

But only Eriol Hiragizawa heard.

He heard the whispers clearly.

For after all, was he not, despite his reluctance, a mage of the past, in another form?

He closed his eyes, and held the woman he loved closer to him. 'Mine,' he said to himself. 'She is mine, Clow. She was never yours.'


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