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Echoes of the Past


He came back to them when everyone he knew in that quiet town had turned sixteen and seventeen. They met him in the airport, bright smiles and expectant faces all.

Sakura, of course, was there since it was to her that the message was relayed about him coming back. His descendant was present, too, along with Yukito and Kero, and lastly, there was her.

Daidouji Tomoyo of the violet eyes.

Each one was excited at the prospect of seeing him again, and his two guardians.

It turned to surprise when he showed himself at last.

T'was Sakura who found her voice first. "Eriol-kun…you- you look old." Wonder was in her voice and her eyes held a hint of disbelief. He knew what she was seeing. Everyday, when he looked at his reflection, he marvelled at the image himself.

"You look," she whispered, still awed, "Like my dad."

The laughter came, welcomed and unexpected. Had she forgotten that he was but half of the reincarnation? Or that her father was the other half? He looked at the chestnut haired girl and grinned, loving her the way a father loved his daughter.

It could not be helped.

Chosen she was from the very start, so that he loved her from the moment he realized what she meant to him. A father to a daughter.

The irony did not escape him.

And then, she spoke from behind the others.

The world, time itself, stopped moving.

"Welcome back, Hiiragizawa-kun," she whispered softly.

It felt like a dream when he turned to acknowledge the speaker.

It always felt that way.

Dreams of the past.

Echoes of the past.

The first he noticed was that her hair, whipped by the wind, was dancing in the breeze, the dark strands creating sigils in air, their own special brand of magick. He allowed himself to take notice of the pale skin, alabaster, smooth like silk, and baby soft to the touch, when everyone else where tanned and golden.

And her eyes, with their violet gaze, searing into his soul.

Sakura interrupted with her normal exuberance. "Tomo-chan," she said with laughter in her voice. "Doesn't he look like dad? Except…well, you know, just a little bit younger? Ne, why aren't you seventeen looking, Eriol?"

He smiled at the young girl, shaking his head. "It's a bit complicated, Sakura. You see, I was never the same age as the rest of you, way back then."

He said the words, directing them to the bubbly girl, but his eyes never strayed from that violet gaze.

From that violet flame.

Like a moth he felt himself drawn to it, so that it took a while for him to realize everyone was staring at him, waiting for him to continue.

He looked up, sheepishly, a blush almost staining his cheeks, and caught the speculative look in Yukito – nay…Yue's eyes.

It threw him off, caught him completely off guard.

What made Yue appear?

What did he see to cause such a speculative gleam in those icy blue eyes?

The answers came with Sakura's next words.

"Kawaii!" the young woman took hold of her best friend's hand and shoved her to Eriol's side. "You look like mom and dad now, in that picture of them, when they just started dating!"

Her dad, Clow Reed's other half. The man who looked disturbingly like him so that he was forced to don the body of a child the first time he came to Japan.

Her mom, Nadeshiko. Tomoyo's aunt whom every one claimed was her exact facsimile. They looked so much alike that even Tomoyo's mother was lulled to turning the lovely girl into the living doll that used to be Nadeshiko.

Except for the eyes.

Except for that violet gaze.

That was when the voices came and began their incessant whispers. 'Do not new master. We care too much for you to fall to an illusion of love. T'was the old master that loved her true…Not you…not you…'

On cue the wheels of fate moved and time was stirred back to its steady pace.

And he knew, Hiiragizawa Eriol knew, that something important took place that day; something he should have recognized way back when he first found himself gazing into those amethyst orbs.

He was not born into the world to test Sakura's strength to become the new mistress for the Clow cards. All that happened so long ago was an elaborate hoax.

He closed his eyes, hating fate, not liking the fact that he had no control with his life.

Did Kinomoto felt this when he saw Nadeshiko for the first time? Or did he truly love the woman as she was not the one the great mage was waiting for?

How kind of Clow Reed to provide his lesser reincarnation with the lesser woman. How considerate of him to grant his more powerful half of the real thing.

It was the eyes that clued him in.

It was Tomoyo that Reed wanted.

And because he was the stronger, more powerful reflection of the departed mage, it was to him that Tomoyo was directed.

Bitter thoughts swirled in his consciousness.

No, he did not get 'reborn' for something as absurd as testing Kinomoto Sakura's magical capability.

Eriol opened his eyes and stared eye to eye at the goddess before him. He was reborn in this body, in this time…to fall in love.

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