The Limericks of NCIS

There once was a guy named DiNozzo,

Who for three years behaved like a bozo,

But in year number four

He matured some for sure

And with that his appeal truly rose, no?

When super-spy Ziva arrived,

From Moussad her position derived;

She possessed super powers,

That she bragged on for hours,

Making some wish that Kate had survived.

Gibbs got blown up and retired,

But came back and then got rehired;

Though we're glad he's not dead,

He needs a smack in the head,

Cuz that 'I didn't quit' thing is tired.

Abby, the Goth, runs the lab,

Through forensics, any bad guy she'll nab;

Though she's easily roiled,

And a little bit spoiled,

Gibbs will cover her many-Caff-Pow tab.

McGee's book was an overnight hit,

His stories are now popular lit;

But his team's not amused

About their traits being used;

So Deep Six has left him in deep shit.

Ducky's the wizened old sage,

Who is younger, it seems, than his age;

Some find him boring,

His tales worth ignoring,

But he truly belongs on the stage.

Jenny's the boss, you can see,

She came on during season #3;

No more flashbacks we've got

Ever since our new plot

Is how she's related to La Grenouille.

Palmer and Lee risk their necks

Finding interesting places for sex;

If one day someone finds

Traces they've left behind,

Their reputations will truly be wrecks.

This group makes up our NCIS

How the season will end is a guess;

But we watch and are loyal

As plots continue to boil

Every Tuesday night on CBS!