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"Strings Intertwined"
by Chronos Astral
Chapter 1 - First Meeting

Urashima Keitaro is met with unexpected visitors, all claiming to be someone close to him. Closer than he or anyone else ever imagined

Note: There will be slight references to the anime, but this fic will be based mostly on the manga.

Long have these three aged men walked the streets of Hinata, a common sight for the people who live there. They were considered a bit odd by the occasional passer-by, but many who knew them were aware of the wisdom and knowledge that was held in their cryptic words. They stood at the base of the long steps that led to the popular lodge of Hinata, contemplating on the magical energies that surrounded the ancient structure.

"The fates are being decided." said one.

"Yes. Very soon. The string unravels here." said the other.

"Hmmm... There is something coming." sensed the last.

"Yes. Something."

"No. Someone."

"Wrong. More than one."






They hobbled away, disappearing into the crowded streets.

The old but energetic woman stopped in her tracks, sensing something out of place. It was coming from her old lodge.

"What's wrong Granny Hina?" called her granddaughter in concern.

"Kanako-chan. Something is happening in Hinata-Sou." The aged woman frowned.

"Is Onii-chan in danger!?" Kanako started.

"I don't know. But I think it is best if you go there and make sure he is okay."

"Will you be alright by yourself?"

"I'll be fine by myself." Granny Hina assured the adopted Urashima.

"I understand. Stay safe Granny." While she was reluctant on leaving her grandmother to care for herself, she knew the woman was stronger than one would think. Besides, the thought of seeing her beloved 'Onii-chan' excited her far too much. One would wonder if her priorities were to the safety of her brother rather than her blatant attraction to him.

Meanwhile, somewhere deep deep inside what looks to be a cross between a laboratory and a rainforest, a machine whirred loudly, its meters going erratic and quick. The graph on its display showed abnormalities of high consideration. Or it would have if it were not smeared by banana residue.

The owner of said machine was clearly not very good at cleaning.

It was a relatively quiet day at the Hinata Lodge, which was quite abnormal considering its normal daily routine. Urashima Keitaro, owner and manager of the Hinata-Sou as well as recently three-time Tokyo University ronin, took advantage of the temporary peace to sweep the front of the dorm. He rarely gets any chores done what with the usual antics of the inn's tenants.

"Keitaro?" called out a brunette from the entrance.

"Ah, Narusegawa. What's up?" came his friendly reply.

"When you're done here, come up so we can study, alright? We have to prepare for the next exams as soon as now."

"Sure." He smiled as she retreated back into the dorm.

Yeah. Things were going smooth now. Despite still being a bit upset about failing the Todai entrance exams for the third time, things seemed well enough there. He thanked fate for this small but pleasant reprieve.

Unfortunately, fate was always one to be cruel, especially to the poor bespectacled ronin. Hinata-Sou's new visitors were going to be proof of that.

"Excuse me?" a voice called out from the direction of the stairs.

"Hmm?" Keitaro spotted an attractive young teen walking towards his direction. Oddly enough she looked very familiar to him. She was only a bit shorter than he was, with a curvy figure that fit well in her snug stylish jacket and small white skirt. Short wavy locks of dark-brown donned the top of her head, and gentle brown eyes stared hopefully at him. The image of a typical Japanese teenage girl. What was most noticeable besides her above average bust was the necklace she wore which Keitaro was sure he has seen.

Deja vu perhaps?

"Are you Urashima Keitaro?" She pushed her hair aside.

"Uh, yes. I'm Urashima Keitaro. Have we met?" He wasn't quite sure that he has seen this woman before but there was a familiar distinction about her. Was it the antennae?

"I've found you." There was a gleam in her eye and before he knew it, she launched herself at him, pinning him to the ground.

"What are you-!?" Keitaro was dumbfounded. This woman was certainly very forward.

"I found you! I found you!" She chanted it again and again as she embraced him, like a child who just won a hide-and-seek game.

While most males would find this experience much to their liking, Keitaro, on the other hand, was struggling with his own morbid questions. Who is this woman? Why is she hugging him? What would happen if Motoko or Naru find out? Will he live with all limbs intact and functional? Was he ever an ass in his past life? Why does life hate him so much? Such an act would have been made easier if the attractive teen's bust didn't happen to be pressed against him.

It was then, to his chagrin, that Motoko decided to show up.

Oh boy...

"Urashima. I heard a woman's voice." She spotted the woman snuggling against him.

"Motoko, wait! I-it's not what it looks like!" He'd flail his arms around if they weren't held in place by the woman's strong arms.

Once again his protests were left unheard. "Unhand that maiden you lecherous pervert!" She pointed her shinai at the two, obviously neglecting the fact that it was the woman who was pinning him down.

Her cry instantly attracted the attention of the other residents.

"What's the baka done now!?" Naru stomped over to Motoko's side with that menacing look she gets when her 'Keitaro's-Doing-Something-Perverted' senses are triggered.

"Who's that lady!?" Su eyed them curiously from the window.

"Ha! The dork's going to get creamed!" Sarah was, as always, expecting to be entertained by the poor manager's anguish.

"Keitaro! My, I didn't know you got yourself a girlfriend." Kitsune winked at them suggestively with her fox-like eyes next to Su.

"G-g-girlfriend!? S-senpai has a-a..." Shinobu was near fainting again.

"Ara? Kei-kun has a visitor?" Mutsumi decided to show up at that time, bubbly smile present, and watermelons at hand, followed by Haruka, who wore her trademark stoic expression.

Well... The peace was nice while it lasted... Keitaro thought grimly to himself. He knew what was coming next, and he didn't even bother to move away knowing that her ki blasts always hit their mark no matter what he tried. As if the blasts were so accustomed to launching him over the stratosphere that they unconsciously home in on him like a missle. It probably wouldn't even graze the girl that was currently on top of him.

"Prepare to die, wretched male! Shinmeiryuu-ougi!" Motoko held the shinai in an attacking form, focusing her ki into it.

The stranger suddenly stopped her snuggling and eyed Motoko. A gleam suddenly flashed in the girl's eye.

"Rock Splitting -urk!" Before she could her bring her weapon down to strike, she was met with a crippling punch to the abdomen, launching her into the wall.

After the debris cleared, Motoko lay there in a dizzy heap, swirls in her eyes, while the wall was reduced to smoking rubble. To say that the tenants plus Keitaro were surprised is a grave understatement.

"Holy hell! That's just as powerful as the Naru-punch! And Motoko didn't stand a chance!" Kitsune gaped at the newcomer. It was one thing to decimate a concrete wall like that, but to actually be able to do it to Motoko is a feat that could only be done by her older sister, Tsuroko. This was going to be a humiliating blow to her ego.

"Don't you dare touch Papa!" She screamed at the raven-haired girl who was still dizzy from the attack.


A pause...

"PAPA!!!??" There was a great shout.

"Keitaro! I didn't know you had it in you!" The resident fox's eyes were wide open in shock.

"W-w-wait! I-I don't even know this girl! I swear!" Keitaro waved his arms about in protest. Keitaro was positive that he could never have procured a daughter, considering how he wasn't exactly 'active' in that area and most girls tend to ignore him for his looks. Once again, however, his voice of opinion is discarded.

"S-s-senpai h-has a d-daughter!?" The poor girl could barely stand.

"Ara, when did you have a daughter Kei-kun?"

"What's a daughter? Does it taste good?"

"W-wait, this doesn't make any sense. I mean how could the dork..."

"Keitaro..." Naru's arms trembled, a dark aura emitting from her.

"N-Narusegawa! W-wait!" Keitaro backed away as quick as he could. The look on Naru's face made the devil seem friendlier.

"I'm gonna kill-!" She was cut off when arms wrapped around her from behind.

"Mama!" cried the beautiful newcomer as she nuzzled her cheek on the brunette's back.

... What the hell?

"What the hell!!??" Came another unified cry.

"You can't be serious!? You two!? So soon!?" The resident Konno's eyes were uncharacteristically wide open in shock. While the fox girl was expecting the two to end up together someday, she never imagined them to have already taken it this far.

"Th-this s-senpai a-and th-that s-senpai a-and..." The small bluenette lost consciousness.

"Hey, what's a daughter?" Su nudged the still dumbstruck Kitsune, unaware of the situation.

"Hey, what's going on?" Sarah tugged on the fox girl's side.

"Naru-chan! Such a wonderful daughter you and Kei-kun have!" Mutsumi smiled at the aspect of her two best friends finally getting together and that their daughter grew to be so lovely.

Urashima Haruka sighed, but made no comment. She could tell her nephew was not going to enjoy this.

The baffled gaping statue that was Naru, was too shocked to budge. Keitaro was found mirroring her expression, only with greater intensity. The mystery girl only continued to nestle her cheek in the nook of her "mother's" back.

Motoko shook out of her dizziness and stood once again, stepping away from the wreckage that was once the living room wall. She was disoriented, startled, and worst of all, humiliated. There was strength in the girl's attacks, as she'd already experienced first-hand. Perhaps she was trained? Nonetheless, despite her wounded pride, she was going to have a stern talk with the manager about him and his new friend.

Her thoughts were, however, cut-off when said girl lifted her head up to glare at the lady samurai, making her flinch.

"Look out Motoko!" Su cried out to her sleeping-buddy.

In the blink of an eye, the newcomer was directly in front of Motoko, her fist already poised to strike at her face giving her little time to react.

No! I was careless! The raven-haired teen thought to herself as she brought her shinai up to block the attack.

Then there was an explosion of energy that knocked the attacker away, followed by the gleam of the sun on steel.

"Yare yare. Looks like we've got a problem here." came the voice of another unknown girl.

What!? What is this!? This ki is so powerful! Motoko immediately directed her attention to the source of the voice.

After a brief gust of wind, the smoke cleared revealing a woman in her teens with a katana in hand, standing tall and arrogantly before the fallen girl. Her spiky jet-black hair was cut in a boyish fashion, making her look more masculine. Her apparel was also a good example of what one would call a street punk's attire. The collar of her black jacket was fastened on her neck but her arms did not occupy its sleeves leaving the whole article of clothing, sleeves included, to flutter with the wind. The only thing that covered her modesty was a thick layer of bandages, and her tight black jeans outlined the enticing shape of her slender legs and hips while holding a smooth scabbard to her waist. Her onyx eyes shone with determination and confidence as she gazed warily at her downed opponent.

The stranger smirked, moved moved her hips to one side, and rested her katana over her shoulder, as a show of arrogance.

The brunette recovered and stood before the katana-wielding girl with menacing eyes. "You... you're here for him too."

The onyx-eyed girl's smirk only widened, aggravating the brunette. She turned to Motoko. "Looks like I came here a little late then."

Motoko was amazed at the amount of ki this woman was emanating. It was as much as her own if not more. And was that the Rock-Splitting sword?

"Wow." The girl suddenly mouthed. "I never thought your ki was as much as mine."

Motoko didn't know if that was a compliment or an insult.

"But that's to be expected right now, ne Okaa-san?" The newcomer grinned at her.


She then turned to Keitaro who was still rattled from the first intruder's revelation. "Don't worry Otou-san. I'll make sure this thing doesn't bother you." she pointed her thumb at the other girl who seethed in rage.

"Teme! Don't call me a 'thing'! And he's my father not yours!" She got ready into her battle stance, which was strangely similar to Seta's Jeet Kune Do.

"Bring it on!" She poised her katana and clashed with the girl in battle, leaving the two girls and the ronin to their awe-struck states.

M-me and U-Urashima!? Th-that's ridiculous! That's just...

She called me her m-mom!? I-I don't remember anything about having a daughter!

N-Narusegawa... a-and M-Motoko-chan... Th-this is one messed up dream... I'd like to wake up now...

Keitaro chose this time to faint while his two self-proclaimed daughters continued to clash in battle.

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