A/N: Sad that I almost forgot how to do this...V.V Anywho, here's my submission for the International DP Day of Angst! What's the International DP Day of Angst? Well I'm glad you asked. It's a day for all us angst-inclined authors to flood the submission page with angsty one-shots to remind everyone of the power of the angst. A lot of us have noticed how there's not much on here anymore and that it's seemed to fade away, so we're here to not only remind everyone that we're still here and it's still a viable and lucrative genre, but to get all the angst writers' rears in gear (including mine...) to get those angst juices flowing again and actually put something up.

Speaking of putting something up...is everyone shocked I'm actually submitting something? I know I'd be...V.V Ah the wonders that treating this as a homework assignment will do for getting something written...I need to remember that trick from now on...

Anywho, I hope you all enjoy! It's a little short (okay really short) and it's not uber-angst like I usually do, but it's still angsty and good and actually from a different perspective than I normally write...than I think most people usually write... Just read and you'll see.

If Only

"If only you could know the things I long to say.
If only I could tell you what I wish I could convey.
It's in my ev'ry glance.
My heart's an open book.
You'd see it all at once if only you would look."

"If Only", Little Mermaid on Broadway

It was certainly a magnificent sight, one only seen by the select few that happened to fly over it low enough to see its grandeur. Snow-capped mountains towered over the lush countryside and crystalline creeks snaked through the trees and bushes, providing clear, cool water for the various wildlife roaming below. Even from the helicopter with the overpowering noise and metallic frame the scene was still impressive and breathtaking. It was the perfect scene to share with someone you loved, with some significant other, and Jack Fenton was doing just that.

"Ain't it a beaut Danny?" he asked his passenger with a wide grin. "Nothing like savin' the day with your old man, eh?"

"Affirmative, Father."

"Yeah…such a nice thing to share…" he sighed, only the slightest twitch faltering the usual grin present on his face. He kept his attention on the flight path ahead of him, occasionally looking at his wife's helicopter beside him to make sure he wasn't flying too close. Sometimes he'd look behind him, making sure that the long metal cable he was trailing across the globe was still falling and spreading itself across the gorgeous plains below not to ruin its beauty but to save it from the impending disaster on their world.

"I'm really glad you're here, spending time with me, especially with everything going on," he finally spoke up again. "I know you've got a lot of things you should be doing, 'specially with the end of the world coming about and all, but it does a father good to know that he can share some of his final moments with his only son," he smiled, tears glittering his eyes.

"Affirmative, Father."

Silence descended upon the cabin once again, the plains melding into mountain ranges covered in white. "You know" he spoke again, voice strangely quiet "we never really have time to do this kind of stuff anymore. You're always off with your friends or at school or just…doing other stuff. Kinda sad that it takes the end of the world to finally get some one-on-one time with you," he sighed. "Is it just some usual teenage thing where you don't want to spend time with your old man anymore or is it…is there something else?"

He took the silence as a confirmation so he continued on.

"So it is something else isn't it? Then what is it? You can tell me you know. I'm not going to get mad or anything. Is it something I did? Because if it is I can fix it; I promise."

He bit his lip, waiting in earnest for an answer, but it was an answer he knew would never come. His son wouldn't own up to it and he knew that, but that didn't mean he didn't hope it would happen…

"Come on Danny. You gotta tell me. If it's something I'm doing wrong you gotta let me know so I can fix it. Is it all the ghost stuff? 'Cause if it is I can stop. I can tone it down. I know you don't think I can, but I'll do it. Just please tell me," he practically pleaded.

He waited for an answer, waited for a long time but still nothing came. No hint as to what was wrong, no advice for how to fix their separation, no acknowledgement he was even talking. He still remained silent.

"Come on Danny, what happened to us?" he pleaded. "We used to be so close you and I. I was always the one you came to talk to when things happened. When Dash beat you up because you had a better teddy bear than him I was the one you cried to. When you were afraid you had to stop being friends with Sam because you thought she had cooties I was the one you went to for advice and guidance. And when things started changing well…I was the one you sought an explanation from. So why are we so different now?" he asked with a sigh.

He started off into the distance, the scenery holding no beauty for him anymore. Its snowy landscapes were no longer majestic and grand, but cold and chilly, just like his son sitting beside him.

"It's all because of the accident, isn't it?" he asked quietly, voice barely a whisper. "Everything's been weird since the accident. You've been more skittish, more nervous, more…more distant. What was it about the accident that changed you so much, son?" he prompted, leaving a silence like he expected an answer, even though his heavy heart knew it wasn't going to come.

Finally he was forced to continue on. "Danny…I'll understand. Really I will. I know you don't think I will, but you gotta give me some credit. Of course I'll understand. You're my son for cryin' out loud! No matter what I'll always love you! Please, just tell me," he implored him, tears brimming his eyes, his face looking more pained than it had since the day he thought his wife was leaving him. "You can trust me Danny! Really! Just please tell me!"

His pained cry echoed through the cabin, resonating the pain in Jack Fenton's heart. And yet still his son remained silent. Still he gave no answer to his father's plea. Tears glittered in the saddened father's eyes, trailing deep marks of hurt down his wounded face.

"Danny I know," he whispered quietly. "I know what happened. You think you can hide it from me like you think you can hide a lot of things, but I know. I'm not as clueless as you seem to think I am," he choked, casting a sideways glance at the passenger's seat before fixing his eyes ahead once again. "I've known it for awhile. Figured it out you might say. It just happened one night when I heard you come in late, trying to be all quiet. It just…it all just kinda fell into place. I just saw it all before me and I knew; I just knew. But listen to me: I don't care. I don't care!" he cried out, voice choking on his emotion. "I know you're Danny Phantom and yet here I am, still talking to you, not pulling any weapons out on you or anything because I know it's you! You don't have to hide it from me anymore! You don't have to be afraid or nervous or anything anymore! I already know and yet here I am, saving the world by your side!

"I know you've been afraid that I'd hurt you or hate you or hunt you or any number of things and I know I haven't really made it easy to think otherwise but I'm still right here! I'm still here!"

He stopped, biting his lip before continuing on, voice more controlled. "What I'm trying to say son is that you don't have to be afraid anymore. You don't. I know it's you and I accept that. I'm not going to pull an ecto-gun out on you or strap you to a lab table or whatever you think I'm going to do to you. I'm actually really proud of you for it. I know, hard to believe that ghost hunting extraordinaire Jack Fenton would be proud of his ghostly son" he chuckled slightly "but I am. Because you're still my son, whether you're human, ghost, or something in between. You're still my son and I still love you. And even more, you're my son that's a bona fide super hero! You save the town on a daily basis and now you're helpin' save the whole world! How could a man not be proud of that?!

"So can we…can we just put this whole fear of rejection thing behind us and just…go back to the way things used to be before everything? Back to when you didn't think I'd hurt you or shun you just because something happened? Back to when you'd come to me with a problem, no matter how big or small, and ask for my help or advice or for just a shoulder to cry on? Back to when you actually trusted me? Because I really want that back, more than anything. I want to be able to help you with whatever's bothering you, even if it's some ghost you just can't shake. I want you to think you can come to me for anything and not be afraid that I'll not understand.

"So whaddaya say Danny? Can we just go back to acting the way things were before all this ghost stuff and just be a ghost-powered son and his supportive dad?"

"Affirmative, Father."

He nodded, looking strangely forlorn despite his son's agreeing to something he'd wanted so badly for so long. It should have made him happy, should have filled his heart with more elation than he thought possible and brought his signature grin to his face to finally get it all off his chest and come clean, but still it felt empty: empty like the passenger seat beside him.

He sighed, looking dejectedly at the robot in the seat next to him. "Now if only I could tell the real Danny that…"

Hehe, I told you it was short... I really didn't intend for it to be this short but...kinda hard to carry on a one-person conversation without sounding too repetitive... It's not really an idea meant for a long chapter...at least that's my opinion and I'm sticking by it. Besides, I can't always post seventeen page chapters...right?

So anyways, I hope you all liked it and I hope it made you go "Aww" at some point or another. It wasn't really the cry/sob angst that I usually do but kinda the cute saddening angst, so I hope it's still good. I also hope it got you thinking about that scene in Phantom Planet more closely (yes, that's the scene in the helicopter if I didn't really make it clear enough...). I've had this idea actually since I finished watching that episode since I always thought it was ridiculous that Jack couldn't tell the robot was his son, so here's just a little twist on it XD I've always been one to think that Jack's a little smarter than everyone gives him credit for so here's my tribute to that.

Alright, enough rambling! Here's to angst! Especially in the DP Phandom!

DP Angst!