So there we have it. That's my story. Hope I didn't bore you all too much.

Two years on, myself and Greg couldn't be happier. Dylan moved back into our old house - yes, now I live with Greg! - with Frank and their friend Jake. They now have full care of Rufus, too. Mom and Carl are still married, although I'm not sure how. I finally met Mrs. Sanders...she really, really liked me! Papa Olaf was great even though I was very nervous about meeting him. Then, he showed me a picture of his wife - Greg's grandma - and I absolutely nearly died! She looked just like me! Well, her hair was more coppery, but still! Her eyes, the shape of her face...just, wow.

Dad and Jimmy Mead are almost joined at the hip, going on cruises and whatnot. Dad also has a major hand in the golf industry. He's made a lot of money through that business. And poker! He's really, really good at poker.

Okay, okay...I hear you all shouting out and asking me what has become of the team. Well, fear not...our wonder couple - Grissom and Sara, obviously - are now living together, although it's only me and Greg that know it. Warrick and Tina are great. I think I may have sorted that one out for the minute. Tina seems nice, although Nick and her still have issues. Uh...Victor Smith is a really cool guy, I have since discovered. He's sweet, funny...very camp. But he does have a majorly good serious side whenever he's handling a case. He and Grissom get on well. Nick has since been seen out - at least four or five times! - with Antoinette. He hasn't said anything about it, though.

Greg? Well...what can I say? He's perfect. Oh, you mean how is he? He's been going out into the field more...his sister had a baby girl, Tallulah. Poor Greg is still trying to get over that one. It amazes me how good he is with babies. Well, she's one-and-a-half now, but she's still so tiny!

And...I suppose that's it. Oh, sure...I have absolutely loads more stories to tell. Oh, the door's opening. It's Greg! Oh, the stomach fluttering? Still there!

"Al, you coming in?" He asks. His hair is still short...but now he's gone blonde. Dirty blonde, I think he says. I smile.

"Yeah. Be there in a minute."

Then he comes over and sits besides me. I can't help but break out into a stupid smile. He ruffles my hair up a bit. "What are you writing?" He nods to the giant, pink book in my hands. I snap it shut quickly.


"Is that...porn?"

"Oh, Greg!" I slap him over the arm. "Mind out of the gutter, please." He snaps his fingers. "And, no. Nothing of the sort."

"Sorry...so...my mom wants you to come over on Sunday."

"Cool. Tell her we'll be there."

"No." He shakes his head. "You. Just you! It's like you're her favourite kid now." He pouted. So cute!

"Yes..." I lean over and plant one on him. By one, I of course mean a kiss...I've just been spending too much time with him. He puts a hand on my back, almost surprised. I pull away. "Is that...steak, I smell?"

"Uh...maybe." He smiles. Man, that smile could break and melt a thousand hearts per minute. I sigh. Then I get up and take his hand.

"Then I guess...we'd better go."

"Yep. Race you!" He flashes me another smile and runs back into the house. I've been training him to cook, you see. He really does have a knack for it, too. As I walk into the house I try and think on a way to end this story...Then it hits me: